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Thursday, March 1, 2018

We Accepted Pley's Hot Wheels Challenge!

My family accepted the challenge - the Hot Wheels Pleybox Challenge! My husband and I are both engineers, so this box was absolutely perfect for us to spend quality time with our son who is a mini version of us and a future engineer. If you follow regularly, you know that I am an advocate of STEM education and activities. I volunteer for to teach robotics workshops and volunteer at various STEM events whenever I am needed. In today's post, I'll tell you about our experience with this trendy STEM-themed box that helped to encourage my son's interest in engineering.

Let's start with a quick overview of the Pleybox subscription.  The box that I received is the second box in the Hot Wheels Pleybox subscription from Pley - a bi-monthly service called Hot Wheels ‘Challenge Accepted’. The box is packed with awesome Hot Wheels goodies, especially the early access car, the Cyber Speeder - it glows in the dark! The racing tracks, stunts, and exclusive Hot Wheels T-Shirt are so cool! There’s also a Hot Wheels activity book featuring fun activities and facts. What’s even cooler is it’s designed to construct, over several months, into a mega track designed exclusively for Hot Wheels ‘Challenge Accepted’ subscribers. (My son is psyched to build his tracks over time!) The total contents of this box would easily retail for over $45 but it sells for only $22.99!

The photo below shows the contents of this month's box. I think that the designers of this box are perfectionists and must have children of their own because they gave careful thought to every detail and also made sure that this box is a good value.  

The box contains:
  1. Cyber Speeder, an early edition car - get it months before its release to the market (MSRP: $1.99)
  2. Turn Kicker, a Track Builder extension (MSRP: $9.99)
  3. Exclusive Hot Wheels T-Shirt (MSRP: $15.00)
  4. Clamp (MSRP: $3.99)
  5. Awesome racing tracks (MSRP: $2.99)
  6. Additional cars (MSRP: $3.98)
  7. Activity Book featuring fun activities and facts (MSRP: $3.99)
  8. … and a customizable box that adapts to inspire 3+ exclusive stunt creations (MSRP: $7.99)
It is nice that they not only provide an engaging set with activities to keep our son busy, but they also provided a t-shirt that he is proud to wear. (He loves when people ask him about his t-shirt because he has an excuse to talk about his Hot Wheels activities!)

The play benefits associated with the elements in the box include:

My favorite thing about this box is that it was educational for my son and provided us with a fun family activity.  Our son read the booklet and set everything up for our family pley night.  He introduced us to the cars. They are all fantastic, but the new Cyber Speeder car with glow-in-the-dark wheels is his favorite. It's an early edition car that you'll receive in your Pleybox this month. It won't be released to the market until months from now.

The clamp, tracks, and box are critical components of this box. For instance, the Turn Kicker is shown below.  This toy converts potential energy to kinetic energy. In my son's words, this means that it provides a super fun boost for stunts!

The clamp is nice because it allows the cars to build speed as they go down the ramp. 

As I mentioned earlier, the designers of this box paid close attention to detail. They even made sure that the box is a multipurpose component of the set.  It serves as a ramp or tunnel!

Now, let's talk about some of the stunts. The opportunity to design stunts rocked our son's little world. He was quiet and entertained for many hours as he designed dozens of stunts. Our family also spent quality time together as we brainstormed various stunts. In the stunt below, our son created a design to make the cars knock over a bowling pin at the end of a ramp.

In the next stunt, we each picked our own car and then timed ourselves to see who traveled the fastest.  (Here's a tip - pick the heaviest car!)

In summary, our son loved this set and we enjoyed pleying with the Hot Wheels Pleybox as a family. It was fun to see our son's work ethic, creativity, and excitement. We spent hours together as we tried different stunts. We also interleaved discussions about physics into our fun.  I think that we will always treasure these childhood memories. Our family is already looking forward to next month's box so that we are able to add to our tracks and pley with new surprises!   If you want to learn more about Pley, visit their website here.

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