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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tips for Working Exercise Into Your Family's Daily Routine

If you follow regularly, you know that we try to keep our family active and healthy.  We enjoy running, biking, swimming, and many sports.  We want our children to have a healthy lifestyle that feels natural, so we try to find ways to incorporate exercise into our family's daily routine. However, this takes some thought, especially when you have multiple children of different ages. For instance, we have an older child and a toddler that are at very different skill levels, so it took some serious thought to figure out how to accommodate everyone. In today's post, I'll share some tips for ways that we incorporate exercise into our daily routines.  I will also tell you about the Hamax Outback that changed our day-to-day lives.

1. Cleaning drills.

If you have two or more children like us, you know that it's a challenge to maintain a clean home. At our house, no one seems to enjoy cleaning on their own. However, we have 15 minute cleaning drills where we turn on music and run around to clean as much as possible in 15 minutes. We scale the tasks based on ages and burn serious calories by sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning baseboards, running things upstairs/downstairs, scrubbing, and more. After 15 minutes, we stop and go on with our day.  

2. Evening walks to a park.

We often take evening walks to a nearby park. This is a great time for our family to bond on the walk and then a good outlet for our children to release their extra energy!  

3. Ride bicycles to and from school.

My oldest child is like me as he needs exercise to feel his best. A few years ago, we found that by having him ride his bicycle to/from school, he was happier and calmer throughout the day.  I think that many people are like this and find exercise to be therapeutic. Our house is over a mile from his school, so my husband and I take turns riding bikes with him and our toddler.  The ride is too far for our toddler, so we use the Hamax Outback bike trailer twice daily so that he is able to accompany us on our rides.   We highly recommend this trendy bike trailer because it has transformed our lives by making it possible for us to go on bike rides as a family and work exercise into our daily routines.  Let me tell you more about this trendy bike trailer.

Here is the quick overview that I found on the Hamax website:

The Outback is a breeze to use with a host of safety and convenience features ideal for active families. Top of the line safety features, a durable aluminum frame, and a sleek, aerodynamic design make the Outback a standout in the multi-sport carrier category. The trailer is easy to fold and transport, versatile in use for all kinds of terrains, and is very easy to transform into a stroller or jogger.
Safety features include an adjustable 5-point harness and reflectors/reflective material on the front, rear, and sides for maximum visibility.
Some of the important features include:
  • Easy Multi-Sport Conversion: The standard model includes a stroller and  a biking kit. 
  • Quick-Fold Feature: The cabin and adjustable push bar collapse easily for convenient transport in a car.
  • Quick-Release Rear Wheels: It disengages quickly for even flatter storage.
  • Roomy and Open Cabin: It has wide, UV-protected windows maximize visibility and comfort. Includes sunshade, bug screen, and rain cover. Generous XL- sized cargo space offers ample storage for supplies or interchangeable kits.
  • Adjustable Shock Suspension: It has a smooth and comfortable ride for passenger and driver.
  • Padded, Relaxed Seats: The contoured seats hold passengers in comfort with padded 5-point harness and ergonomic, adjustable Head Rests.
In our personal experience, we absolutely love the Hamax Outback. I feel like it's an important part of our family's memories because it makes it fun and easy to include our toddler in our daily activities. We use it for both runs and bike rides.

Let's start with runs. If you live in North Texas, you know that mosquito season is approaching. Mosquitoes are scary because of the viruses that they may carry.  The Hamax Outback is really nice because we zip our toddler into it while we are in the garage and then take him on a run without having to worry about mosquitoes attacking him.

The 5-point adjustable harness and seating area is really nice for him.

Another thing that we love about this stroller is that he is able to take his toys and books with him and then we zip the cover closed without worrying about any toys or books falling out. (Actually, my favorite thing is that we no longer lose his shoes!  Isn't it the worst when your baby loses one shoe when you are pushing them in a stroller or shopping cart?) 

The stroller has a nice design that makes it comfortable to push on runs with good suspension that is appreciated by me and my toddler.  Personally, my husband and I run everyday, so this stroller receives a lot of use and the good suspension is a big deal to us.  

The handle bar is adjustable for each of us and is easy to grip.

We especially love it at this time of year when the weather changes quickly.  We try not to run if we think that it is going to rain, but if you live in Texas, you know that this is sometimes difficult to predict. The Hamax Outback has a nice Rain Cover that is quick and easy to secure on the spur of the moment.  We like that the rain cover works well, is easy to apply without any gaps, and doesn't interfere with the safety flag. We accidentally tested the rain cover yesterday when heavy rain seemed to come out of nowhere.  I didn't think that it was going to rain, but I guess that is how it often goes for us here in north Texas. I was about 5 minutes away from home when it started to rain, but was fortunate that the rain cover was quick and easy to use so that my toddler stayed dry. I started to secure it while it was lightly sprinkling and had it completely secured just before the heavier rain came.  (My toddler found the situation funny!  I guess that a wet mom is part of toddler humor.)

Now let's talk about using the Hamax Outback as a bike trailer.  This is a standout feature for us. We call our son the King of the Castle when we go on bike rides because he is snug and cozy in the 5-point harness with his adjustable head rest. He often receives special attention when he exits the Outback with comments about how happy he looks and that it is a great idea to take him on bike rides in our beautiful weather!

It took a couple of practice rounds for my husband and I to each get used to the bike trailer.  It adds a bit of weight, but we both found the extra weight to be an easy adjustment. Then, of course, we were worried about how it would handle turns and braking with our toddler in it.  We both tried it out without our toddler in it for a few rides in order to feel comfortable.  I would recommend practicing without your child at first so that you gain experience on how it handles as you pedal, go around turns, brake, and go up/down different inclines without feeling completely paranoid. Once we had our practice runs, we both had an easy transition to using it with our toddler.  I think that the transition was fun for our toddler because he is used to being pushed much slower in a stroller. The bike ride is faster and has better scenery which is fascinating to him.

We hope that you enjoy our tips for ways that we incorporate exercise into our family's daily routine. If your children are like mine, they thrive when they get a good amount of exercise and get to spend time outside, so the daily routines make all of us happier.

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