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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 Tips for Helping Your Child to Stay Fit

I never thought that I would be a Boy Mom.  Prior to having children, I never watched Star Wars, sat through an entire football game, or even ran through mud. My children have since changed my view of the world and made me see it through the lenses of little boys.  It has been amazing, scary, fun, messy, and joyful!  We all seem to learn from each other. In today's post, I'll share five tips for helping your child to stay fit that merges our different views of the world in fun ways. I'll also tell you about our latest obsession -- turning off our electronic devices and spending time outside together on Razor scooters.

1. Limit television, iPads, and video games.
Let's get the toughest tip out of the way first. It's funny that not doing something is actually the hardest tip on the list.  My little guys would spend all day and night playing video games if I allowed it.  However, the problem is that they are missing out on the world around them when they are attached to the iPads.  As a result, we limit screen time to 15 minutes/day. They are allowed to save their time up during the week and cash out whenever they are ready. 

2. Walk, Run, Scoot, or Bike in the morning or evening.
Try to find a time that works with your schedule for daily exercise. Personally, we wake up early to ride bikes, scooters, or go on runs.  The biggest reason that this works for us is that it feels natural. It's part of our daily schedule and we are used to going outside to spend time together.  We recently switched things up and got a Razor Scooter for my son.  He absolutely loves it! It's a win-win that it's fun to use and helps him to stay active and fit.  

Razor scooters appealed to me because my husband and I grew up with this brand.  They have a track record for trending gear, but also appeal to families that want to spend time outside and escape the rut of being attached to screens. They offer everything from electric scooters and skateboards to hoverboards.  Personally, we are loving their simple scooters for fun family time outside.  They make it fun and easy to stay fit together!

3. Join a sport.
There are many benefits to playing sports. I'm a strong believer in teaching children to be team players, so soccer has been a good fit for my children.  Not only does this sport keep them physically active, but it also helps them with their social development.

4. Plan active vacations.
My husband runs marathons and loves hiking, so we try to incorporate physical activity into our vacations. When we visited Disney World last year, we actually didn't need to plan physical activity since walking around the park is a workout!  However, when we visited Las Vegas, we not only planned to see some good shows, but we also registered to run in the Santa Claus Fun Run.  This was a nice opportunity to enjoy a morning run!

5. Speed cleaning.
If you follow regularly, you know that I am a fan of speed cleaning. The way that it works is that we set a timer for 15 minutes and then clean our house as quickly as possible. We get a workout as we speed clean baseboards, vacuum, dust, and more.  It's a fun and practical way for us to exercise and keep our home clean!

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