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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fun Facts and Summer Toys: Splash Play, Sand Play, & More

In today's post, I'll share some fun facts and summer toys that are a blast! (Pun intended!) Let's start with watermelons. 

Fun Fact: Have you ever heard that water melons are comprised mainly of water?  It's true.  They approximately 92% water. They are delicious and help you to stay hydrated. Now, let's tie that into a toy.  

Fun Toy: Mega Melon Sprinkler Ball   Ages 4+, $19.99, Target and
Kids will have a JUMBO good time this summer with the new Mega Melon Sprinkler Ball. Standing 3 feet tall, this giant, inflatable melon ball of fun, spouts water from four different fountains. It’s the super soaker inflatable of the summer.

Fun Fact: The origin of Hot Potato is unknown.

Fun Toy: Splash Out is a fun toy that reminds me of a fun twist on Hot Potato. (Yes, literally, a twist!). Let me share the details.

Splash Out   Ages 6+, $14.99, Spring 2018 at Toys R Us, and other major retailers
Far Out Toys puts a new twist on the splashing fun of this all time favorite.  With more than ten million units sold, Splash Out is all new this year and gets even more engaging with the featured Challenge game.  Answer quickly or you Splash Out! Players pick a category from the 20 water-resistant cards included and must give examples before turning the ball over as the timer ticks down to the big splash! There’s a way to play indoors, now, too! The new version comes with a small balloon adaptor cup that contains the splash for indoor fun.  There’s also a special adaptor nozzle that makes it easy to pour in any kind of liquid – soda, slime, juice and more.  The new set also comes with ten reusable Quick-Seal balloon clips to make it even easier to play.

Fun Fact: There are squirt guns with continuous blasting mode.

Fun Toy: If you want an ultimate water toy this summer, the Tidal Storm Battle Monster has two modes - a Constant blasting mode where you hook it up to a hose and a pump action mode. Here are the details.

Tidal Storm Battle Monster   Ages 6+, $19.99

Getting the upperhand in competition has never been easier with this SuperMax Power Water Blaster.  The pressurized water blaster action will send water soaring up to 38 feet! The Battle Monster has two blast modes – Constant Blasting with hook-up to a garden hose, and Pump Action. Also comes with adjustable spray nozzles.

Fun Fact: Every seashell is unique.

Fun Toy: Spend the day at the beach having fun in the sand and looking for perfect seashells. There are two trendy toys that are fun for the beach - the American Plastics 20 piece Deluxe Beach Basket and their Seashell Roller. I really like this set because it is an amazing value. Here are the details.

20 pc Deluxe Beach Basket    Ages 1 ½ +, $15
Little ones can pack up all their beach essentials in one handy, stackable beach basket that has it all, as the lid doubles as a sieve! This roomy basket holds everything kids can imagine for an endless day of sand building play. The basket includes two boats, three hand tools, a pail, three large sand shapes, four medium sand shapes, three castle molds, a large character shovel, and a sprinkling can. 

Seashell Roller   Ages 1 ½ +, $3
The sand is kids canvas as they can roll this sturdy, wooden-handled, ocean-themed roller and decorate the sand. Kids can press and roll it over damp sand to make imprints of starfish, carbs and seashells. Perfect for a day of some fun in the sun for the little ones.

We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into our favorite toys for summer!  

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