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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner. In today's post, I'll share trendy gift ideas in a variety of price ranges for moms that love fashion, cooking, crafts, or simply relaxing. I think that this covers every type of mom out there!

Yankee Candle offers trendy gifts for Mother's Day. This brand is iconic for Mother's Day gifts since their designers are perfectionists when it comes to home fragrance. Everything from the designs of their jars to scents are perfect.  This Mother's Day, we are most excited about the 
2018 Limited Edition Mother's Day Tote. This trendy tote is packed with some of their best products and is only $27.99 with a purchase of $50 or more. (The tote and contents are a $100 value!) This tote includes one Lilac Blossoms Large Classic Jar Candle, one Color Me Happy large Tumbler Candle, one Peaches & Cream Samplers® Votive Candle, one Lilac Blossoms Samplers® Votive Candle, one Coconut Beach Fragrance Spheres™, one Wine Glass Charming Scents Charm, one Pink Sands™ Novelty Car Jar® Ultimate, and one Optic Blue Glass Votive Candle Holder. The 2018 Limited Edition Mother's Day Tote is fantastic because it contains many different products and fragrances which moms will love. Visit Yankee Candle for this limited time offer.

The Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ is four appliances built into one: a slow cooker, a stove top for searing and sautéing, a steamer, and an oven for baking.  This versatile kitchen appliance is amazing, especially for busy moms in Texas because it's so easy to prepare a wide variety of recipes. (We've even used it on our patio on hot days.) The Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ allows moms to choose from more than 80 pre-programmed recipes – just add ingredients, select a recipe from the included cookbook, and let Auto-iQ handle the rest.  Personally, I have had a hectic work schedule on top of being a mom of young children, so I was thrilled when the SharkNinja Family sent me this trendy cooking system. I've been using it a lot to steam cauliflower that we then top with cheese. We've also used it to cook a turkey breast with stuffing. We first used it to cook the turkey breast and then added stuffing mix to the drippings at the end.  We've also used it to cook Balsamic chicken and a creamy chicken with rice. The options are endless, but best of all, it's so easy to use and clean!  Learn more by visiting the brand here. You'll also want to visit here for trendy recipes. (Please check back soon because we'll share personal recipes that we make in our Ninja Cooking System with Auto-iQ too!)

DYNAMIKOS sunglasses are trendy, but there is also a fantastic story behind the brand. DYNAMIKOS is a project of pure passion by industry veteran, Dayna Lee Cornelius. After working globally for 20 years in the fashion and accessories manufacturing industry, she was inspired to combine her ability to deliver quality products with the gift of giving back. Not only will moms love the trendy sunglasses, but they will also love knowing that 20% of the net profits are donated to world renowned charities combating childhood blindness, malnutrition, and preventable diseases. 

Visit DYNAMIKOS here.

Photo credit: Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha & Marley Spoon is a perfect gift for moms that love to cook. Let Martha & Marley Spoon do the hard work of finding new recipes and sourcing pre-portioned ingredients that are delivered to mom's doorstep. The way that it works is that you browse the ten weekly meals and then select two, three, or four for your family. As a mom who loves to cook, I appreciate the fabulous recipes and top quality ingredients that arrive in the Marley Spoon packages. Something else that separates Marley Spoon from competitors is that their boxes
offer tried-and-true recipes from Martha Stewart's extensive archive and artisanal ingredients to prepare the meals for my entire family. The prep time of 40 minutes and the portion sizes is perfect for my family of four.  For instance, we recently enjoyed the Grilled Steak Fajitas and Spring Chicken Grain Bowl. Visit Martha & Marley Spoon here.

Sweet Maria's offers trendy green coffee beans that will change your views on coffee. Nothing is better than a drink that is prepared with freshly roasted coffee or espresso beans from Sweet Maria's.  Many coffee roaster enthusiasts will tell you that Sweet Maria's sources the best green coffee beans at competitive prices. If you are new to coffee roasting, check out their roasting resources here. This is a great place to get started because their guide is comprehensive and considers many factors such as how much coffee you drink, preferred roasts, and more.  Personally, we are currently enjoying a Green Coffee Espresso Sampler that includes several varieties.  This is a fun gift for moms, especially those that enjoy cooking and appreciate a perfect cup of coffee or espresso.  Visit Sweet Maria's here.

Vitabath is an iconic brand for Mother's Day as they have been popular since 1957.   I am a big fan because Vitabath products contain a unique Vitamin and Antioxidant complex. Each of these Vitabath products include a special blend of Vitamins A, B3, C, E & Pro Vitamin B5 and their unique Superfruit blend of Acai, Goji, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea & Mangosteen that helps to nourish and revive skin.  I also love the clean scent of Cool Spearmint & Thyme.  I find it really soothing.  I love the body wash for daily use and then extra special things for Mother's Day such as the Foaming Bath Bomb, Bath Fizzies, Epsom Salts, and Mineral Soaks.  It's nice to combine these special treats into a basket for a lovely Mother's Day gift! Visit Vitabath or Ulta for these trendy bath products.  
eShakti offers customized fashions that mom will love. Every mom is unique so eShakti provides trendy tops, pants, skirts, and dresses that are customized to each individual based on their preferences. For instance, I ordered the Linear Floral Eyelet Cotton Belted Dress for my mom, but customized it to her height of 5'10", changed the neckline to a Deep V, changed the sleeves to capsleeves, and then lengthened the tunic length to mid-calf.  She was truly thrilled with the trendy dress that was altered to her figure and preferences.  My mom used to say that it was hard to find the perfect dress until we found eShakti where she was able to make every dress the perfect dress! Visit eShakti here.

Sugru is a unique wonder material that moms will find invaluable for fixing things around the house and even for use with craft projects. Sugru is soft-to-touch moldable, flexible, durable, and grippy. Sugru bonds permanently to ceramics, metal, gass, woods, most plastic, some fabric, and even flexible material. For instance, we used the white Sugru to fix my iPhone charging cable. I don't know if your children are like mine, but they often yank cords out of our iPhones and iPads causing the cords to eventually break.  Well, I recently felt like Super Mom when I realized that I could fix a cable with Sugru. It was super easy and worked like a charm. (Find the full directions here.)  In addition to fixing things around the house, we also use Sugru for craft projects. For instance, we recently created our own customized stamps.  (Find more craft ideas here.)  Visit Sugru here.

Photo credit: Ethel M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates offers decadent treats for Mother's Day. If you've visited Las Vegas, I'm sure that you recognize this popular brand and may have possibly even visited their factory for a tour.  Ethel M Chocolates are the finest, most gourmet chocolates with the Mars chocolate brand portfolio. We recommend the Spring Sampler for Mother's Day since it has an amazing selection of their popular gourmet chocolate candies. It comes in a nice tin for Mother's Day so you don't even need to wrap it. Plus, it's easy to order online here

National Geographic’s Welcome Little One: A KeepsakeBaby Book by Kristin Baird Rattini is a memorable book that moms and children will treasure. I have a book like this for each of my children and they go through phases when they want to read it with me. It's an important part of their childhood memories and is something that they will keep for their lifetime. In a time when one’s Facebook feed has become the de facto substitute for a baby book, it’s now more important than ever to make sure baby’s first step, first word, and first haircut are captured in a way that will stand the test of time. Welcome Little One focuses not only on baby’s firsts but also special family memories that, in the rush (and sheer exhaustion!) of the baby’s first year, are all too often forgotten. This title is big, very beautiful and made to last. Each page is filled with color illustrations and National Geographic’s renowned photographs of adorable baby animals and their parents from nature’s nursery. In addition to having ample room for personalization and stylish removable stickers to commemorate monthly milestones, Welcome Little One features inspiring, comforting and practical sayings, poems and words of wisdom from a varied collection of personalities, including Ann Landers, Maya Angelou, Jody Picoult, and English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The included “milestone” stickers commemorate not only precious moments like first steps and first haircut, but also some of the more unique but equally memorable events like baby’s first road trip and first play date! Welcome Little One is gender neutral and is suitable for families of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a parent-to-be, a first time parent or pregnant with baby 2 (or 3! or 4!), Welcome Little One will not only help keep important once-in-a-lifetime firsts recorded, but will serve as a family heirloom enjoyed and pored over by generations to come.

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil and Avocado Oil Spray is perfect for moms that love to cook. I recently started cooking with these products and have become hooked. Before using these products, I researched them and learned that not only do many people love the flavor, but avocado oil may be heated up to 500-degrees. The Chosen Foods Brand of avocado oil and avocado oil spray stood out to me as it was recommended by friends. The Chosen Foods avocado oil has 4.9 stars from 450+ customers on Amazon.  The Chosen Foods avocado oil spray has 4.2 stars from 100+ customers on Amazon.  After trying the products myself, I personally agree with the rave reviews and am hooked on these products!  Visit Chosen Foods here.

spa810 Dallas is a trendy spa with two locations here in Dallas - Preston Center and Uptown. If you follow regularly, I have been chronicling my experience with laser hair removal at the spa810 in Preston Center.  Laser hair removal has been on my wish list for a while, so it has been exciting to start the process. It seems like a game changer that will improve the quality of my day-to-day life.  I think that laser hair removal is a fantastic gift for Mother's Day. If you want to give it a try before adding it to your wishlist, spa810 offers a free session for a large area so that you are able to try it before committing. They use the Alma Soprana ICE laser.  (Read more about my first visit here and then check back as I share updates.)  Visit spa810 here.

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