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Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Dinosaur Obsession: More Dinosaur Toys that We are Obsessing Over

You've probably noticed that my children are obsessed with dinosaurs lately!  The latest Jurassic World movie is coming out soon, so I bet that your children will be obsessed too if they aren't already.  Get ahead of the curve with the trendy toys below that will provide many hours of fun!

My baby loves the Dolce Dinosaur. Not only is he extremely huggable, but this dino also provides opportunities for him to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. He loves to shake, crinkle, and pull on his little dino friend. My baby is in a phase where he partially explores the world by chewing on things and this trendy dinosaur is no exception. He is teething on the little orange tag on the side and it seems to be soothing to him.  We love this little guy!

Here is the product description:
Dolce Dinosaur
Dolce Plush Dinosaur is perfect for stimulating your child’s tactile and auditory senses. This cute Dino character has its own Dolce teether, bright contrasting colors in unique fabrics, brightly-colored ribbons, crinkle feet and a dragonfly friend. Designed specifically with newborns and young children in mind, Dolce Dinosaur has a soft velour body that is perfect for cuddling. As your child holds the Dino, they will look at it in a loving and caring way! The waterfall rattle in Dino’s tummy and ribbon neck help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Pull the Dinosaur’s dragonfly friend and feel the gentle vibrations.
MSRP $29.99; all ages 

The next dinosaur toy is the popular T-Rex Stuffed Animal from Wild Republic. This T-Rex may look familiar because the #FindRexy contest is currently active. My boys love to browse the #FindRexy hashtag on Instagram to watch the contest entries. If you haven't entered yet -- enter now because it's fun and easy for your kids to color the special coloring sheet and then you share it on Instagram. Get the full details here

My children each have a Rexy and love him. Not only is he adorable, but he is excellent quality.  Rexy 1 belongs to my oldest son and Rexy 2 belongs to my youngest son. Both Rexy's must be accounted for before bedtime or neither of them are able to sleep. It's adorable that they love these dinosaurs so much! I'm glad that we have Wild Republic versions of these T-Rex stuffed animals because they are excellent quality and should hold up to all of the "love" that my children have for them. As we all know, good stuffed animals are family members for around 10, 20, or 30 years. I'm pretty sure that my children are going to secretly take their Rexy dolls to college with them.

Here are the product details:
T-Rex Stuffed AnimalThis ferociously fierce T-Rex is the perfect stuffed animal for dinosaur lovers of all ages. With spotted skin, sharp white teeth and small front arms, this stuffed T-Rex has all the same characteristics as its prehistoric predecessors. And with a huggable coat of fur, he’s also great snuggle partner.

The next toy is the Dino Tego 20Pc Set from Magformers. This set has provided many hours of entertainment. If you aren't familiar with Magformers, let me tell you that you need to run to Target or visit Amazon asap because they are amazing! My kids love them.  They've played with the basic sets up until now, so the new Dino Tego set was a hit at our house.  The combination of Magformers and dinosaurs is perfect for their big imaginations!

Here is the product description:
Dino Tego 20Pc Set from Magformers
Watch out! Magformers Dino Tego is ready for action. Click, connect and create this Jurassic beast using new Magformers Tego accessories. This super cool Stegosaurus comes with Magformers squares, rectangles and dinosaur accessories, allowing kids create a moveable dinosaur! MSRP $49.99 

Finally, dino dig kits are sure to create happy childhood memories.  I ordered a dozen dino dig kits for my oldest son's birthday party a while back and they were a huge hit. (No pun intended!)  We had a backyard style birthday party with a dinosaur theme and the kids loved them. 

Thames & Kosmos has the best kits because they are easy to use and include good quality tools relative to other kits that we have tried. 

Here is the product description:
T. Rex Excavation Kit from Thames & Kosmos 
Use the hammer and chisel to go on a hunt for Tyrannosaurus rex, the dangerous prehistoric giant. Excavate the skeleton relief from the surrounding soft plaster block.
$12.95, 7 and up

We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into some of the best dinosaur toys for kids!   These are sure to be a hit in a few days after the latest Jurassic World movie is released.

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