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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ten Examples of When I Needed Purell Hand Sanitizer This Week (Yes, all in one week)

As a Boy Mom, my children never surprise me.  In today's post, I will share some funny times this week that made me glad that I carry Purell hand sanitizing products. I'm sure that some will make you laugh.

Ten Examples of When I Needed Purell Hand Sanitizer This Week (Yes, all in one week)

1. My 1-year old picked up a dirty lollipop stick off of the floor at Grapevine Mills Mall and we were not near a bathroom to promptly wash his hands. Thank you, Purell.

2. We went to the park and my 8-year old ran to pet a dog and then came back to eat an ice cream cone that I bought for him. Thank you, Purell!

3. My 1-year old took his shoes off and put them on the table in the middle of lunch. Thank you, Purell!

4. We bought pretzels at Grapevine Mills Mall, but as we walked past the Hermit Crab kiosk, someone offered to let my 8-year old touch a crab. Of course, he quickly touched it before I could remind him that he was eating his pretzel. Thank you, Purell!

5. Let's talk about slime. Why are there so many events to make slime lately? My 8-year old made slime, left it in the hot car, and played with it on our next car ride. Not cool.  Thank you, Purell for the hand sanitizing wipes!

6. My 8-year filled his pocket with snails during his day at camp and announced this in the car ride home as he was showing them to his brother. Thank you, Purell!

7. I volunteered for an event where the kids put beads on string to make a bracelet. A little girl asked me to help tie hers. I quickly realized that she had been spitting on the end of the string to make it easier to put the beads on it. Thank you, Purell!

8. At the same event that I mentioned in #7, a child literally sneezed right into my hand when they were handing me their bracelet to tie. Thank you, Purell!

9. We had to run to my son's pediatrician to pick up a copy of his vaccination records to enroll him in daycare.  My 1-year old ran to the "sick area" and touched toys and books while I waited for the form. Thank you, Purell!

10.  The grand finale this week is that my children went to the library to see a show with snakes and reptiles. Of course, they were among the first in line to touch them after the show. Thank you, Purell!

I love my little boys and never know what they are going to do next. However, I know enough to carry Purell hand sanitizer and Purell hand sanitizing wipes everywhere that I go. I  bring the big bottles and the little spray bottles when I volunteer at events with kids because I know that it's always convenient.  The school year is just around the corner, so I will also send a good supply to our teachers who similarly know the importance of keeping Purell products on hand.

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