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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Visit Fogo de Chão for the Newest Summer Offerings and a $15 Weekday Lunch

In today's post, I'm going to share a glimpse into the internationally-renowned steakhouse Fogo de Chão that is located at Legacy West in Plano.  This trendy restaurant is not only a perfect date night destination, but we also found this restaurant to be family-friendly when we visited for a Sunday brunch. They have something for everyone. Personally, my husband and oldest son love the perfectly prepared meats while I was obsessed with the unique salads at the Market Table.  Let me share an overview of the restaurant, photos from our visit, and details about specials and summer offerings.

Fogo de Chão (pronounced fogo-dee-shown) is a trendy Brazilian steakhouse, or churrascaria. Fogo de Chão uses the centuries-old Southern Brazilian cooking technique of churrasco. That is, they roast high-quality cuts of meats over open flames and then have Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs carve the meat at the tables. 

Fogo de Chão stands out beyond their iconic churrascaria. They also offer a seasonal Market Table and Feijoada Bar that contains seasonal salads, soup, fresh vegetables, imported charcuterie, and more. 

Personally, we visited Fogo de Chão on Sunday and had a lovely brunch. Let me start with the Market Table and Feijoada Bar that offers a nice variety of options, including many that are nutrient rich. Personally, I eat a lot of salads and became obsessed with the Market Table because it offers a fantastic variety of unique salads, veggies, cheeses, and meats.

My favorite salads were the Butternut Kale Salad, Chickpea Salad, and Watermelon Feta Salad. The Butternut Kale Salad is a regular offering and shown below.  (I'll share photos of the seasonal Chickepea Salad and Watermelon Feta Salad later in this post when I give an overview of the seasonal offerings.)

We also enjoyed a colorful variety of veggies.  It's hard to find Belgian Endives in the DFW metro, but you will find them at Fogo de Chão!

They make ordinary vegetables such as beans and carrots special as shown below.

They also know how to prepare good asparagus!

We loved their special sweet potato dish shown below!

In addition to all of the fabulous salad and veggie options, the Market Table offers a nice variety of meats and cheeses.

Of course, the Market Table also includes delicious breads such as the one below. (My toddler adores this bread!)

As I mentioned earlier, we visited for Sunday brunch.  They have extra options for brunch as shown below.

 They offered fresh waffles and made-to-order omelets.

Once you return to your table, you'll notice that they deliver some signature items such as the Pão de Queijo below. My entire family enjoyed these. They especially rocked the world of my toddler who would probably eat them all day if we let him.

The second signature item that they bring to your table is garlic mashed potatoes as shown below. 

The third dish is a combination of polenta and plantains.

Once we returned to our table, we also ordered Mimosas! The Mimosas are perfect for Sunday brunch.

Of course,  Fogo de Chão has a fantastic selection of wine.

Now, let's talk about their iconic selection of meats.  Each member of your party receives a coaster that is green on one side and red on the other. Simply flip your coaster to green when you are ready for the parade of meat to begin.  Once you are full, flip it back to the red side.

Fogo de Chão offers 32 different meats.  Some examples include:
  • Picanha. Prime Part of the Top Sirloin 
  • Filet Mignon. Beef Tenderloin 
  • Beef Ancho. Rib Eye
  • Alcatra. Top Sirloin
  • Fraldinha. Bottom Sirloin 
  • Costela. Beef Ribs
  • Medalhoes Com Bacon. Bacon-Wrapped Steak
  • Cordeiro – Lamb
  • Costela de Porco – Pork Ribs
  • Frango – Chicken
  • Lombo– Pork Loin
  • Linguica – Pork Sausage
I really like the transparency and clean look of their open kitchen area with skewered meat.

Here are a few examples of meat that was served at our table.

The chicken below was excellent.

The ribs were delicious too.

While we didn't have room to try all 32 options, we certainly enjoyed the meats that we tried. The high quality meat and talented chefs made our meal memorable.

We tried two desserts. The first is the Papaya Cream. This is their most popular dessert in both the U.S. and Brazil.  They blend papaya into vanilla ice cream and top it with a black currant liqueur. 

The second dessert is the Molten Chocolate Cake. This warm chocolate cake has a fudge center. It is served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Personally, I noticed the top quality ingredients such as chocolate and vanilla beans. 

I'm sure that you are craving food from  Fogo de Chão now that you have read this post!  While  Fogo de Chão is perfect for date nights, it's also a nice lunch spot.  If you visit soon, Fogo de Chão has a nice lunch special:
The $15 Weekday Lunch includes the seasonal Market Table & Feijoada Bar plus family-style service of Brazilian side dishes. Guests may choose to add a single selection of fire-roasted meat for under $25, or indulge in the Full Churrasco Experience.
This special offer is perfect for a daytime date with your husband or even a Mommy-and-Me date with your children.  Personally, my children love the opportunity to dress up and go out to lunch with me.  Fogo de Chão is a perfect restaurant for us to visit and create happy childhood memories. I'm a boy mom, so the opportunity to let my little gentlemen practice their manners is always nice. Plus, they adore the food at Fogo de Chão!

Fogo de Chão also has some new summer offerings:

Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella – Ripe red and yellow heirloom tomatoes are layered with fresh Buffalo mozzarella and topped with extra virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper and basil.

Chickpea Salad – This protein-rich salad features chickpeas mixed with summer basil, fresh parsley, red onion, and red bell pepper, then is dressed with a house-made lemon Dijon vinaigrette.

Watermelon Feta Salad – Refreshing watermelon is tossed with feta, summer basil, fresh mint and cracked black pepper making this the perfect summertime salad.

Watermelon Fresca (Non-Alcoholic) – This mocktail is back by popular demand! It features fresh watermelon blended with pure cane sugar, lime and mint, and is served over crushed ice.

We hope that you have the opportunity to visit Fogo de Chão for a date night or summer lunch date.  For an inside look into the history and heritage of the gaucho culture, watch the NBC Olympic Games vignette “The Gaucho Way” or visit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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