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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My Experience with the Dr. Mom Otoscope

In today's post, I want to tell you about the Dr. Mom line of Otoscopes. As a mom of children who have experienced many ear infections, and one who even has tubes in his ears,  I recently had one of those moments where I felt surprised because several other moms told me that they own an otoscope. I had never thought about owning one! I didn't know that this was "a thing." So, I thought that this would be a good post for today since many of you may not have known that these products exist for moms. Even if you are aware of them, you may not realize that they come in a variety of price ranges, so let share some details!

Let me start by sharing some details about the Dr. Mom LED Pocket Otoscope (4th Generation).  I have the pediatric specula tips, but they also sell adult ones. Here is a snippet from the Dr. Mom brand website:
"An otoscope that is built to last a lifetime. It uses a larger OPTICAL quality glass lens that has a scratch resistant coating and 5X magnification. Handle is built from a heavy grade aircraft aluminum metal. We use a heavy duty Gunter brand on/off switch which is the best of the best in switch manufacturing for long term reliability. The amount of light produced for visualization inside the ear and the clarity of vision is second to none on this otoscope. I have been an ER Physician for 25 years and have used many different otoscopes throughout my career. In my honest opinion I can see the tympanic membrane as clear with this otoscope as I can with Welch Allyn models costing much more. We offer a no risk 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Give it a try I think you will be very impressed with what you get for not much more money than the cost of a simple Welch Allyn Halogen bulb. Not to mention this otoscope uses an LED module on circuit board with a DC/DC boost converter and voltage regulation and will probably last a lifetime without ever needing a bulb replacement. Even if the LED ever does go out our replacements are only $5 not $25-$30. Batteries will also last and last sometimes up to 6 months to a year being reported by our customers. If you are a medical person and have used otoscopes in the past and have realistic expectations on what you are normally able to see inside the ear you will be especially impressed with this otoscope I guarantee. ******* We did have a problem with the nose cone on our first production of this model otoscope. We sold several thousand of these before we realized there was a problem. If you got one of these models please contact us and we can send you a new metal nose cone which will immediately resolve this issue.Large OPTICAL Quality Scratch Resistant GLASS lens - See the difference a larger optical quality glass lens can make
Proprietary Bright White Full Spectrum LED module with DC-DC Boost converter
5X Magnification plus Insufflation Outlet!
A NOSE Cone that allows for easy on off removal of our standard disposable specula
30 High resolution eardrum photos and detailed use instructions provided via a weblink
Here is a photo of the Dr. Mom Otoscope package after I opened it and inserted the battery.

Now, let me share my personal experience. I don't know what it is about my family, but I had tubes in my ears as a baby after chronic ear infections. My oldest son had tubes in his ears due to ear infections. His ENT recently told us that they should have fallen out by now, but we could wait a few more months. If they don't fall out, then he'll need surgery to remove them. Say, what?? Another surgery with anesthesia? Nooooo! Of course, as a mom, I'm stressed out about this and can't help buy wonder on a daily basis about whether they have fallen out yet. At my son's annual exam at his pediatrician, he told us that the tubes were kinking. I didn't know what that meant, but it meant that was a good thing that they may possibly be working their way out. Now, let's hope, fingers crossed, that they fall out!

As you may have guessed, I am anxious to know if and when these tubes fall out of his ears. I can't keep paying to visit his pediatrician or ENT to ask for sneak peeks while I wait for his ENT appointment in Fall. That's where the Otocscope from Dr. Mom has come in to help this anxious mom! As mentioned above, I have a 4th Generation Dr. Mom LED Pocket Otoscope and a pack of disposable Specula Tips that let me take a peak whenever I want. The clarity is amazing - the tubes are bright blue and are easy to spot. I am now able to monitor his ears and see whether anything is happening with those tubes.  It's pretty cool, right?

I also have a toddler that seems to pick up germs easily.  I also love having a Dr. Mom Otoscope to peak into his ears before we go to his pediatrician.  It helps me to better advocate for my child if I notice something. I really like the examples on the Dr. Mom box (shown below). Of course, I am not a medical professional, so I rely on my pediatrician's professional advice (as should everyone), but, as a mom, I really like being able to peak at my son's ears and use any of my observations to help advocate for him. After all, it's tough since he isn't old enough to talk and tell us how he feels. 

So, am I the last mom to know about the Dr. Mom Otoscope?  I was blown away a few weeks ago when I learned that several other moms that I know have one! They were actually surprised that I didn't have one.  It's such a cool little invention to keep in my medicine cabinet.   Even better, let me tell you that Dr. Mom offers several variations in different price ranges from approximately $15 to $50.  Here are some links to check them out.  (The first link is the one that I have.)

Disclosure: I have no medical training. Please always consult your child's pediatrician for medical advice when your child may be sick or have an ear infection. However, please feel welcome to take the information that I shared to your pediatrician if you think that any of it is helpful for discussion.

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