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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

(Win it!) 5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety and How Headspace Changed Our Family's Daily Routine

In today's post, we'll share some tips for coping with anxiety as a family. Personally, my oldest son and I have to consciously take steps to try to minimize our anxiety. My husband is generally free of anxiety, but he sometimes struggles when he is stressed out at work with deadlines.  We've found that it helps each of us to acknowledge our feelings and to support each other. In today's post, we'll share some tips that are helpful to our family.

1. Seek counseling.

I'll start by recommending counseling because a highly trained specialist will be able to understand your individual situation. Some health insurance plans will even cover a certain number of visits each year, so take advantage of that benefit if you have it!

2. Exercise regularly together.

If you follow regularly, you know that my family is very active. We bike, run, swim, and walk on an almost daily basis. Exercise helps to ease our anxiety. We notice a difference when we skip our daily exercise. For instance, we cut back on exercise during the recent heat wave and quickly realized that our daily exercise routines added peace to our lives and the disruption was rough. We are happy to have resumed our morning runs.

3. Minimize caffeine.

My son and I are not big fans of coffee, so cutting out caffeine is easy for us. However, my husband is obsessed with espresso.  However, he is very conscious about cutting back on the caffeine when he knows that he has upcoming deadlines for work and is prone to anxiety.

4. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet, especially cutting out sugar.

Let me start by telling you that we are not perfect. We still love sugar. However, a while back, we took a 2-week hiatus from sugary snacks and substituted them with string cheese, hummus and crackers, and other snacks that were not packed with sugar.  While I thought that we would want to binge after the 2-week trial, we actually lost most of our cravings for sugar. We also felt calmer.  Again, we aren't perfect and I'm not suggesting that you never eat a cookie again, but cutting back made a difference to us.

5. Meditate with Headspace.

As a former skeptic about meditation, let me tell you that a trendy app called Headspace changed my mind and taught me to reduce my anxiety through meditation. Actually, my entire family uses it together in the evening. Let me talk about each of our views and experiences:

  • My husband has been doing yoga since he was 2-years old and loves to meditate. He quickly latched onto Headspace and can't go a day without using it. 
  • Personally, I used to be the skeptic. I found yoga classes to be boring and never enjoyed them. However, through the Headspace app, I've learned that I actually love meditation and thrive when I meditate. I think that the fact that I am a visual person and that I also like numbers such as seeing the status/time of my progress in combination with the calming lessons is part of why Headspace clicked with me.
  • My son also loves Headspace and looks forward to our evening sessions.  There are even times during the day when he will say that something was stressful and will ask us to use Headspace with him.  

Let me share some examples of the app.

Headspace gives a great introduction to the fundamentals of meditation through easy to grasp analogies.  Even better, the analogies are frequently supported by whimsical animations that help get the point across to meditation novices.  For example, this screenshot illustrates a scene from a video that likens thoughts to passing cars.

The uncluttered app interface also serves as analogy for an uncluttered mind.  First, you select a program from a very large library, with options to suit everyone.

Then, to start a program, the process is very simple.  Just follow the on screen prompts and select the right duration for you.

After finishing your meditation, check your stats and get ready for next time. 

We absolutely love Headspace! It was a game changer for our family's routine. We found the ability to create more peace in our lives.

I hope that these tips help your family!

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