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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

My children are my world and add meaning to my life. I love them more than anything.  As a mom, I know the amount of work that it takes to care for them which makes me the first to notice that their teachers also work incredibly hard to take care of them too.  I strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child because we all share our different gifts to help shape our children. Teachers are part of our village, so we like to let them know that they are loved and appreciated by our family throughout the school year. In today's post, I'll share some inexpensive gift ideas for teachers.

Let's start with the basics. I posed a question in a Facebook group of moms to ask for gift idea recommendations for teachers.  There were 1,000+ moms in the group, including many teachers and family members of teachers, who generously shared their opinions. Not only did I learn nice ideas, but I also learned about things that teachers may not be thrilled about. Gift cards, practical items such as organizational supplies, and personalized items were at the top of the list.  On the flip side, several teachers tried to convey in the nicest way possible that they had less preference for coffee mugs or homemade food items, especially if they had food allergies. A few people shared that some teacher gifts should be special for the teacher rather than for the classroom.  In any case, there was a running theme that it's always nice to be appreciated and that handwritten notes and artwork by children is appreciated too.  Thanks to the enthusiastic responses of the moms who shared their feedback, I realized that we all want to do nice things for teachers and that large gifts of kindness are always appreciated, but we sometimes need some inspiration.  In today's post, I'll share some trendy gift ideas for teachers that range from $2 to $45. You may even pick and choose from the list of ideas to fill a large customized caddy.

Let's start by talking about a few of the top items that other moms recommended - gift cards, personalized items, and organizational supplies.  I found a great way to combine organizational supplies and personalization thanks to Thirty-One Gifts.  You probably know of Thirty-One Gifts thanks to their iconic utility totes that people carry around in trendy prints that are also embroidered with names or phrases. For instance, if you visited a waterpark or soccer game this summer, they were everywhere!  Thirty-One Gifts offers a fantastic variety of products, but the one that I want to tell you about today is a special treat for teachers - the Little Carry-All Caddy that you may customize with their name, initials, or a thoughtful phrase.

Personally, I chose Little Carry-All Caddies for our teachers in a variety of patterns and customized them with unique designs and the phrase, "Thank you!"  They are a great size for gifts and then teachers are able to reuse them for organizational purposes at work or home.  Let me show a few examples.

The first is the Ditty Dot print with a Dandelion Meadow design and "Thank You!" in the White Curled font.

If you turn it around, you'll notice that it has the perfect mesh exterior pocket for you to place a card. 

The next is Sparkling Squares pattern with a Daisy design in Hot Pink with the text, "Thank you!" in Navy Blue Curled font.

Again, all of the Little Carry-All Caddies have a mesh exterior pocket that we love for cards.

The next two Little Carry-All Caddies are for preschool teachers. We love the Forest Friends embroidered with, "Thank you!"  

I love the whimsical characters and the Curled font.

These trendy Little Carry-All Caddies start at $14 and are easy to personalize with names, initials, or phrases.  I think that the special touches make a difference to teachers. It's always a nice feeling to know that someone is thinking of you and that you are appreciated!

Now that I've told you about the trendy Little Carry-All Caddies, let me share some ideas to give as individual gifts or to combine into a caddy:
  1. Fill a large mason jar with mini candy bars and then wrap twine or ribbon around the jar.  (The ones in the phone below cost $2/each for all of the supplies, candy included. I made two dozen of them since we have so many individual teachers such as math, science, music, etc.)
  2. Hand soaps are a popular gift that teachers may keep in their classroom or use at home. Sometimes teachers like an alternative to the soaps in the dispensers at school, especially if a hand soap helps to moisturize their hands since they wash them frequently. (I watch for sales and think that $3/each is a good price to stock up on hand soaps.)
  3. Hand sanitizers are useful for teachers, especially during cold and flu seasons.  There are many fabulous scents. (I just bought some for $1.75/each.)
  4. Travel packs of sanitizing wipes are nice for home or school. Personally, I keep them in my purse to wipe off restaurant tables or other items.  Many teachers are germaphobes too since they know how quickly germs spread, so these are always handy. (I paid $1 for each travel pack.)
  5. Candles are a relaxing gift for teachers to take home.  There are a variety of scents and sizes, so it's easy to find something for any budget. (I paid $5 for small jar candles and $15 for larger jar candles.)
  6. Snacks are another great gift, especially prepackaged snacks to eat during the day. When I buy snacks for my family's lunches, I sometimes set some aside for their teachers too.  For instance, I recently sent individual size bags of popcorn, cookies, and rice cakes with bottles of water for their teachers.  If you add the snacks to a Little Carry-All Caddy, teachers will have fun picking snacks to eat throughout the week.  (I paid less than $5 total for the snacks that we recently sent to our son's teachers.)
  7. Hand cream is nice because teachers wash their hands often. I typically buy a variety pack of hand creams and then tie ribbons around them for teachers. (I paid approximately $5 for each small hand cream.)
  8. Donuts or donut holes are another inexpensive gift idea. Personally, some of our teachers won't commit to a full size donut, so the donut holes are more popular.  (I paid $4.99 for a container with 25 donut holes.)
  9. If you budget is a bit higher, The Get Creative Case from Thirty-One Gifts is another product that we love and that is easy to customize. Here is a quick description, "Transport your projects, crafting supplies and large tools or hobby equipment on the road with this portable craft storage box that unfolds into a flat workspace mat. Plenty of compartments store and organize paints and brushes, paper crafting supplies, sewing items, toy building blocks, electronic equipment, tech devices and more. The sturdy construction of the craft box supports stackable storage, and side handles make the case easy to transport. Personalization is available."  This product is $45 and makes it easy for teachers to organize many of their school supplies. Many teachers transport things between work and home, so this is a really nice gift idea.
  10. Finally, gift cards are a popular gift option.  Personally, our teachers complete surveys that list their favorite things, including restaurants. We like to pick up gift cards for their favorite restaurants.  

In summary, I hope that we provided you with some inexpensive teacher gift ideas.  It's always a wonderful feeling to show gratitude throughout the year and to let others know that you appreciate them. 

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