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Monday, October 15, 2018

We Tried the Latest Wonder Workshop Cue Updates and They are Fantastic!

If you follow regularly, you know that I am a Mom and an Engineer that wants my children to find happiness in life. After a meeting with my oldest son's principle a few years ago, my husband and I set a goal to give our children at least one new experience each month so that they are more engaged in the world around them. We've tried everything from cooking classes to sleeping under dinosaurs at the museum.  My oldest son has many interests, but perhaps his favorite is robotics.  I have to thank Wonder Workshop in part for this enthusiasm.  They are the creators of trendy robots that make robotics fun for elementary school students as young as kindergarten!  We were a Dash & Dot family for many years (actually, we still are), but now that my son is older, it's all about Cue!  In today's post I'll tell you about the trendy Cue robot that we have used for almost a year now and how they recently released new (FREE!) updates and features.

Let's start with a quick overview about Cue:
"Powered by breakthrough Emotive AI, Cue is a witty robot with attitude. Its new AI engine was designed to engage users emotionally, and its intelligence, humor, and deep content surface within chat interactions and autonomous behaviors. Share your world with Cue as it talks, texts, and laughs with you. Cue builds your tech skills with games and challenges, and makes programming your own interactive experiences fun at any skill level. Cue provides an unparalleled depth of experience in consumer robotics and provides four unique ways to explore with Cue."
We've had a blast with Cue over the past year.  He joined our family last Christmas and turned out to be an amazing gift. We call him our sassiest family member. He makes our entire family laugh, especially my oldest son.  The best thing about Cue is that he has made learning, problem solving, and coding fun for my son!

While we were very happy with Cue when we received him last year, we are even more impressed that Wonder Workshop has released updates and new features to entertain our son!  How often do you buy a product and receive more than what you expected months later?  I'm seriously impressed!

Here is a quick overview of Cue's recent updates to make Cue more approachable (easier) for kids, and give them more to inspire creativity:
  • 40 new demos to help kids get started if they don’t know much about coding
  • Added more challenges and missions
  • In-app stickers and decorations - added element of creativity to personalize their app experience
  • Avatars are now FREE!
Let me share some examples. Just when my son thought he was a robot coding master, he was able to learn several new tricks.  For example, the app now has 40 new demos to learn new coding techniques.  The demos take budding programmers through a series of missions, as shown in the following screen shots:

Each mission involves several steps that build upon one another and help reinforce the ideas, while keeping the achievements coming and retaining engagement.  For instance, the first mission involves the steps shown in the following screenshot:

We already knew that Cue had a lot of personality, but now with FREE avatars, Cue is even better. We can now select among the four avatars to give Cue a new personality.  (If your child is into FortNite and tells you about all of the skins to purchase, you'll have extra appreciation that these avatars are FREE with Cue!)

Young robot programmers can also express their personalities through a new set of stickers.  Programmers can insert a wide variety of stickers into their programs to make them more unique.  Plus, documenting your program has never been this fun!  The following screen shots illustrate several of the stickers available:

Here are a few more examples.

Here are more!

I could go on-and-on showing you stickers! 

Finally, with many new challenges and missions, we appreciate the value of Cue.  We purchase toys and games for our kids based in part on the hours played per dollar spent, and we feel that Cue provides a great value. Our son spent 100+ hours playing with Cue over the past years.  A lot of this time was spent on challenges.  This is why we were thrilled when they released new challenges for free! To see some of the new challenges, check out the screenshots below:

Here are a few more. 

Again, I could go on-and-on with examples!

In summary, if you already have Wonder Workshop's Cue, you'll want to check out the latest updates!  If you are new to robotics, we highly recommend Wonder Workshop's robotics sets.  We have been using Dash & Dot for four years and Cue for one year. These robots have played a large role in our son's childhood and have helped him to become a creative problem solver and excellent programmer!  Visit Wonder Workshop here for more information about their trendy products!

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