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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge is a Game Changer!

How often do you go on a walk, run, or bike ride with your phone, but want to leave your keys at home?  Chamberlain understands the wish for simplicity.  My runs are more enjoyable now that I am able to leave my house key at home and just slip in and out of my garage with the help of the MyQ Home Bridge and Siri.  Plus, as a busy mom, I love that it notifies me when my garage door.  This products sells for $69.99 on the Chamberlain website and was easy to install on our own.

Let's start with an overview of the trendy features:

  • Works with Apple HomeKit
    • Activate Siri voice control for your garage.
  • Smartphone control for Chamberlain openers
    • Check the status of and control your garage door and myQ lights with the myQ App.
  • Easy set up
    • Wirelessly connect to your home network in minutes.
  • Real-time alerts
    • Get notified when your garage door opens and closes.
  • Daily schedules
    • Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day.
Here is a photo of it after we pulled it out of the box and before we installed it. 

With the list of features, it's easy to see why this is a good fit for busy moms!  Let me share a few examples of why I love it:
  • Easy installation: Let's start with the basics. This was easy to install! In less than an hour, we were up and running, including installing the device and downloading the app. Score!
  • Be a minimalist on runs: As mentioned earlier, I love going on a run with my phone to listen to music while leaving my key at home.  My husband is actually home when I go on runs, but it's nice to be able to let myself in without interrupting him. When I get home, Siri voice control makes it easy-peasy to open my garage door.
  • Stop worrying about whether you forgot to close the garage door: We've all done it, right? We pulled out of our garage and began driving somewhere to then second guess whether we closed the garage door and then return home to check.  Chamberlain's myQ Home Bridge has you covered! Just pull over and check the app to see if you closed the door. How is that for those days that you feel like you have a foggy memory?! Even better, you are able to close it remotely even if you did forget to close it!  (Thank you myQ for having me covered, especially on those mornings when I am forgetful after being up all night with a fussy baby!)
  • Knowledge is comforting: Do you ever have a bad feeling and wonder if you home is ok? I really like that this device will notify me when our garage door opens and closes. I am able to check the status at any time. This knowledge is comforting to me!
  • Daily schedules: I like that it's easy to preset times for our garage door to close or to turn lights on/off.
If I could only choose one smart home device, this would be it.  (Sorry, thermostats and lightbulbs that play music -- I love you too, but the Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge is the best!) This is a must-have device for all busy parents.  Visit Chamberlain here.

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