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Monday, November 12, 2018

(Win it!) Weird But True!: National Geographic Kids Makes Reading Fun!

If you follow regularly, you know that one of my top priorities is that my children read for at least one hour everyday (minus special occasions).  This accomplishment is only possible because they think that reading is fun!  One of my tips for making reading fun is to pick the right books. In today's post, I'll tell you about the the National Geographic Kids Weird But True! book franchise that my children love.

My oldest son became hooked on National Geographic Kids books when he was 3 years old. Over the years, this has been his favorite line of books.  These are books that he reads cover-to-cover at bedtime and that have been read multiple times.  This week, we found some new books in the  National GeographicKids Weird But True! series that rocked his world. Let me tell you about this line of books because your children may love them too!

The National GeographicKids Weird But True! book franchise is considered the gold standard in educational, entertaining books for kids. With over 5 million copies sold, published in over 15 different languages, and featuring a broad range of topics from science to food to pop culture, Weird But True! books nab kids’ attention and get them reading. I love that there books engage my son to actually think about what he reads.

Let's start with a snippet from one of their books:

Here’s a very weird — but completely true! -- fact…. 99% of people can’t lick their elbows — but 90% of people who read this will try!
I have to admit that everyone in my family falls into the 90% as we have tried to lick our elbows, yet we clearly fall into the group of 99% of people who cannot lick their elbows.  It sounds silly, but if you have an 8-year old child like mine, you know that books like this make them think.

While you may laugh at how weird this fact is, you'll notice that it's something that made my son stop to think about what he was reading.   This is a big deal. Similar to many 8-year olds, my son sometimes "reads", but doesn't do the best job of synthesizing the material and making sense of it.  His recall of what he read is lacking at times. These Weird But True! books are fantastic because he takes the time to think about the material that he reads.  I definitely recommend them if you are looking for engaging books.

Here's a quick overview of the latest books:

  • Weird But True! 10 (ages 8-12, $8.99) is the latest release in the main Weird But True! series and books 1-9 has been refreshed and expanded to include 50 MORE facts than the original releases (that’s 350 facts per book if you are counting!)! Did you know that ears are self-cleaning, or that itching is contagious? It's all totally weird ... but true! Each of the ten books of this main series contains 350 surprising and amazing facts about topics like science, space, weather, geography, food, pop culture, and just about everything else under the sun, presented with fascinating photos and illustrations. 
  • Weird But True! Know-It-All Greek Mythology (ages 8-12, $12.99) - The newest in the WBT book family, WBT Know-It-All focuses on a specific topics structured into profiles. Weird But True! Know-It-All Greek Mythology includes everything kids need to know about all their favorite Greek gods, heroes, monsters, quests, muses, and famous philosophers. From who gave mankind fire to famous fatal flaws to who stood guard at the Underworld, this book includes all the iconic Greek myths and key characters — and then goes one wonderfully weird step beyond.
  • Weird But True! Cool and Crazy Sticker Doodle Book (ages 8-12, $12.99) - Get ready for even more DO-IT-YOURSELF weirdness in the latest Weird But True! Sticker Doodle title. With each turn of the page kids learn new information and get to try new wacky activities, from doodling prompts to crosswords, mazes to picture puzzles. This bookunleashes kids' creativity in a uniquely Nat Geo Kids way. Discover amazing weird facts and then doodle, draw, or color away right on the page. Did you know that some American soldiers once rode camels instead of horses? Draw some other unexpected animal mounts! Did you know that some ice-cream trucks serve scoops just for dogs? Create some other gourmet masterpieces for your canine companion. Enhance your wacky masterpieces with 150 fun stickers included in the book. Let your kids’ creativity run wild for hours on end in this perfect boredom-buster for rainy days, car rides, or any time.
  • Weird But True! Christmas ages (8-12, $8.99) - A bit different than the main Weird But True! series, this title is focused on one theme — spreading holiday cheer with festive far-out facts about Christmas! Makes a terrific stocking stuffer. 
I hope that your children have the opportunity to read these trendy books.  If they are like my son, they will ask to stay up past their bedtime to continue reading.  

Win it!
One lucky winner will receive a National Geographic Kids Weird But True! Mega Prize Pack which consists of a total of THIRTEEN books and a tote bag (ARV $130): Weird But True! books 1-10; Weird But True! Know-It-All Greek Mythology; Weird But True! Cool and Crazy Sticker Doodle Book; Weird But True! Christmas and a handy Weird But True! bag to carry groceries, toys, or this big haul of books! The winner must have a U.S. shipping address. No P.O. boxes. The winner must reply to our email with their shipping address within 48 hours. Otherwise, we will select a new winner. Good luck!
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