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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Haircare Tips That You Need to Know in Your 40's - Including Brunettes!

In today's post, I'll share haircare tips for brunette's over the age of 40.  We'll focus on key problems that 40 year old women with brunette hair experience, including dryness, dullness, thinning hair, and gray hair that contrasts with brown hair.

1. How to deal with dull hair in your 40's.
As you age, your diet and haircare products need to be stellar for your hair to look it's best. Make sure that you are eating a well balanced diet and stay hydrated. This is important for your entire body, including your hair. This is a time in life when many women experience off-balance hormones and other issues that sometimes impact them from the inside-out.  It's a critical age to make sure that you are staying on top of your annual exams with your physician to focus on optimal health and to catch health problems as early as possible.  I've also found that it helps to be careful about how you blow dry your hair. It's quicker to dry your hair on a hotter setting, but this damages your hair in the long run.  Use a cooler setting. If you are impatient like me, try Powerdry.ME because this product reduces the time needed to dry hair while it may also offer benefits such as heat & UV protection, frizz control, smoothing hair, and conditioning hair. It's easy to use as you just mist it onto damp hair from your roots to the ends and then dry and style. I'm a big fan, especially since drying my hair is a part of my morning routine.

2. How to deal with dry hair in your 40's when you have brunette hair.
As mentioned earlier, beauty begins from within.  I want to add to this though that as you enter your 40's, you shouldn't wash your hair everyday.  This is habit dries your hair.  I use a dry shampoo on the days that I skip washing my hair. In particular, I use one for brunette hair called the Quickie.ME DARK dry shampoo. It's easy to use. Shake well. Spray 6-8 inches from dry hair. Let dry, massage and brush out.  If it weren't for this product, I would never be able to make it through a day without washing my hair. Actually, I washed my hair once or twice daily for my entire life until I entered my 40's and experienced dry hair, so this product has been a lifesaver.

3. The best haircare product for women in their 40's for important workdays or events.
In addition to what I mentioned above, my favorite haircare product as a 40-year old brunette is the Design.ME 18-in-1 Hair Product. This product offers 18 benefits, many of which I have come to rely on in my 40's!  Here is the list:

DEFENSE1. Colour fade protection
2. Split end smoother
3. Breakage prevention
4. Free radical and heat damage protection
5. Revitalizer for hair’s natural protective layer
6. Protection against environmental damage

CONTROL1. Detangling
2. Enhanced manageability
3. Reduced blow-drying time
4. Static reduction
5. Frizz control
6. Porosity control

FABULOUSITY1. Light conditioning
2. Shine and luster
3. Hydration
4. Hair strengthener
5. Enhances volume
6. Silky feel

4. How to color brunette hair in your 40's.
This is a tough question because the amount of gray hair varies by person. Personally, I have approximately 5% gray hair and won't was my hair daily to avoid drying my hair, so I use a semi-permanent hair color.  My hair stylist recommended this approach since the amount of gray hair is enough to bother me, but it still fairly minimal.  He encourages me to get highlights once the grays reach a 10% threshold.  You'll want to find a coloring routine that is fairly minimal to avoid over damaging your hair.

I hope that these tips help you with your haircare routine! It's definitely an adjustment to age, especially in terms of haircare routine adjustments in your 40's when you have brunette hair.

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