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Friday, October 9, 2020

A Review of Imperfect Foods + Limited Time $20 Off Coupon for Imperfect Foods

This is not a sponsored post. I just ordered from this company and am sharing my thoughts. 

We ordered from Imperfect Foods this  week using a coupon. I was intrigued by the concept of low priced produce delivered to my door for a flat rate delivery fee where no tip was needed.  Here is my review and a $20 off Imperfect Foods coupon.

I ordered a Medium Box which they say contains 10 to 12 pounds of produce for $16 and two bags of rice for $3 total. Delivery was a flat rate of $4.99.   I had a coupon that reduced the price. For instance, if you use the $20 off Imperfect Foods coupon, the total is around $15 with delivery and tax included. (There is a small box for $11 or larger boxes that are reasonably priced too.) Other companies encourage you to tip delivery drivers, but Imperfect Foods says that they pay a good wage to their drivers, so I guess that a tip is not expected. I actually wasn't home when they dropped it off. They texted when it was delivered, so I knew to bring it in when I got home. I give them an A+ for good delivery being a flat rate and that I wasn't expected to tip! (I watched them deliver it on my Ring doorbell and they did a good job.)

I ordered the medium produce box and grain add-on in this order. The system opens on Monday at 1pm in Texas such that you are able to see the contents of your box and swap items. I'm a BIG swapper! I have my favorite things. Don't we all?  I ventured out of my norm a bit by adding plums and nectarines since they were inexpensive. We like them, but I usually buy strawberries and bananas each week. It was fun to switch things up.  As for the grain add-on, it was initially filled with rice noodles and rice. I swapped the rice noodles out for a second bag of rice. It was pretty easy to swap things around. However, I have to admit that I signed up on a Friday and was completely confused about how their system worked until Monday at 1pm.  They don't show you the contents of the box or the options for swapping until Monday afternoons. I guess that this is because they have to source the inventory and figure out what is available.  It makes sense now, but it didn't make sense to me until I saw the options on that first Monday afternoon.  In my haze of confusion, I googled about the company and found a lot of nice reviews about their customer service. I read many comments that they are generous about refunds if you are unhappy with something. I personally didn't complain about anything, but I like hearing that a company is easy to work with in case a problem comes up. 

I felt like the order itself was hit or miss, but I would give it an A for value.  Some of the items were fantastic, including the mangoes, zucchini, snap peas, and potatoes.  

Some of it was just okay. The rice was fine. I thought that it was a competitive price at $1.50 per bag. I'm not a rice connoisseur, but this was exactly what I needed and I was happy. I'm not sure that I would ever particularly cheer about dry rice other than it was a good price.

The carrots were a little odd shaped, but once I cut them up for a stir fry, they were fine. The tomatoes were very ripe and I felt like I should use them the same day while they were still good. The plums were the largest ones that I had ever seen. I didn't know that they grew so large.  The avocados and nectarines are smaller than what I would have picked out at the store. I was a little disappointed there. At least, on the nectarines, I paid by the pound, so I guess that it works out. The avocados were per unit (not weight), so I was slightly disappointed. I would hesitate in ordering avocados in the future if it lists size as an imperfection. I'd call it a mild disappointment. The rest of the box and price balanced out my happiness with the box. 

So my opinion is that I would recommend ordering with the $20 off Imperfect Foods coupon because that makes it a pretty good deal and gives you a chance to experience it at a good price point. I ordered a Medium box, but they also have other sizes. I also have to say that the $4.99 delivery fee without the need to tip is nicer than Instacart. I know that some friends use "free" Instacart at Costco and tip 20%. I just don't want to tip 20% on grocery delivery. I prefer the flat rate model. I felt like the delivery pro who delivered my order today was great.

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