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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Learn New Tips During Children's Dental Health Month: Tips to Prevent Cavities and Inspire Healthy Smiles

February is Children's Dental Health Month.  This is a great time to schedule dentist appointments for your family. Personally, we take our son to Jefferson Dental twice a year for his dental cleanings and exams.  In today's post, I'll tell you about our experience and then share tips for preventing cavities and inspiring healthy smiles.

Let's start with how to select a dentist for your child.  In my experience, it's important to ask around for recommendations so that your child has a good dentist and experience.  We took our son to a few different dentists before we found his perfect dentist.  He visits Dr. Patel at Jefferson Dental in North Richland Hills.  This location has been fantastic because they are somehow able to work their magic to calm our little boy for thorough cleanings and exams.  We have been to other dentists where they didn't get x-rays or weren't able to do a filling because they said that he wiggled too much and they didn't want to upset him. It was always stressful to me. We were thankful to find Dr. Patel and his amazing staff at Jefferson Dental because they have been able to get everything done without any drama or problems. We always leave with a happy child. Actually, after one of our visits, my son told us that he wanted to be a dentist!  I used to feel a lot of stress about my son's dental care visits, but Jefferson Dental changes that for us. I'm grateful for the good care that my son receives and that he doesn't have anxiety about visiting the dentist.  Not only has his anxiety disappeared, but I have less stress too!  (We've been visiting Jefferson Dental for a couple of years now. Now that our son in 7-years old, we will look into orthodontics soon.)

Now that I've shared our tips for finding a good dentist, let me share some tips to help prevent cavities and to inspire healthy smiles:
  • Model good dental care habits yourself – healthy smiles should run in the family!
  • Follow the 2X2X2 rule: visit your dentist TWO times a year. Brush and floss your teeth TWO times a day for TWO minutes
  • Cut back on the sugary treats and sodas that your child consumes
  • Schedule a dental visit for your child as soon as they start to develop their first tooth
  • Children as young as age 7 can see an orthodontist to prevent common dental problems and to put a stop to habits like thumb sucking and nail biting

We hope that you enjoyed this post and that you also find a wonderful dentist for your children so that they maintain healthy and beautiful smiles!

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