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Friday, November 21, 2014

Win it! Trendy Changes at CiCi's Pizza are Fantastic! #BetterBelieveIt #DFW

The chefs at CiCi's Pizza recently gave their buffet a trendy makeover with new recipes that are cheesier, zestier, and tastier!  We recently visited the CiCi's Pizza location in Denton, TX and were impressed with all of the fantastic changes.  Let me share details about the changes and a few personal photos that are going to make you crave a visit to CiCi's Pizza.

The Pizzas - Everything is bigger in Texas
The most obvious change is that the pizzas are larger and have a different ratio of ingredients. For instance, the buffet pizzas used to be 12" and the new ones are 14".  You'll also notice that the crust size changed from 1" to 1/2".  This gives more room for the delicious sauce, cheese, and toppings.  My family loves the new hand-made crust that is brushed with a garlic butter sauce.
Other changes that you will notice as soon as you taste the pizza are  (1) the sauce is zestier, (2) the pizza is cheesier, and (3) the toppings are fresher.  The pizza sauce has a fresh tomato flavor thanks to the crushed tomatoes and Mediterranean oregano seasoning.  They nearly doubled the amount of cheese on each pizza.  Of course, they use 100% real cheese. Finally, the toppings are fresher. For instance, the pepperoni is spicier and thicker, creating a nice crisp texture. The sausage is bold and flavorful. The chunks of beef are bigger and meatier for us Texans that love good quality meat!  We love how generous they are with the toppings. They put more toppings per square inch on every pizza than ever before. 

The Salad Bar - Close to double the fresh choices
We have always loved the salad bar at CiCi's Pizza. The expansion is really nice since they include trendy new options such as sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans, pickle chips, and sliced beets (at select locations).  They make it so easy to eat healthy and to pack a variety of nutrients into your diet.

Guest Favorites
If you are like our family, we have our favorites that we can't resist.  CiCi's Pizza now offers dedicated spots on the buffet for guest favorites such as Classic Pepperoni, Sausage, Veggie, and Classic Cheese.  My son goes straight for the Classic Pepperoni while my husband scans for the Veggie pizzas.

New Menu Items
The list of menu items has expanded. CiCi's Pizza now offers Garlic Cheesy Bread and Flatbread Pizzas.  The Garlic Cheesy Bread is amazing, especially since they serve it warm.  The Flatbread Pizzas are also delicious and come in trendy varieties such as Meltdown, Pepperoni & Sausage, and Garlic Veggie.

We love that the chefs at CiCi's Pizza work so hard to impress us with their trendy recipes. It is always fun to visit because everyone in our family finds food that makes them happy. Personally, we visit a few times each month because it is one of our favorite family-friendly restaurants.

Do you have a favorite at CiCi's?

Win it!
One lucky winner will receive a $10 CiCi's Pizza gift card.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below. The winner must have a U.S. shipping address. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway  

We appreciate the complementary meals that we received. All opinions are honest and our own.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hot Mom... has a recipe featured on the Spa Week blog!

Our Pretzel Crusted Chicken with Creamy Honey Mustard Sauce is featured on the Spa Week blog!  Check it out here!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trendy Mom's Holiday Gift Guide #HolidayGiftGuide

The Trendy Holiday Gift Guide is our favorite project of the year. It is our largest project of the year as we seek to find recommendations for the perfect gifts for the special people on your list. This year’s gift guide includes a fantastic list of items for families, friends, and teachers. The list includes a combination of whimsical, practical, and luxury products for trendy gift recipients. We have tried out every item on this list. Let us share a trendy app that helped us with our holiday shopping and then our holiday picks.

Shopular: Before we share our holiday gift selections, let me tell you about a trendy app called, ShopularYou may have already heard about this app on the Today Show or other news outlets. It is extremely popular this year because you customize this app so that it knows your interests and favorite stores. It then pushes relevant notifications for deals that you may be interested in.  You can check it before you head out to a shopping mall or it has a really cool location-aware featuring where it will tell you about sales and coupons as you walk near particular stores.  

Let me share an example. I am slightly obsessed with Nordstrom, Gymboree, and Bath & Body Works. I also can't visit the mall without stopping by Starbucks.  The screenshot below shows that Shopular knows me well. I ended up scoring a Buy-One-Get-One deal at Starbucks to share with my husband. I also loved a Bath & Body Works coupon that it shared with me for a free lotion.  Shopular  knows me well and helps me to save with little effort on my end. Download this trendy app before you start your holiday shopping!

Trendy Moms:
Dyson: This trendy floor-to-ceiling vacuum is incredibly lightweight, yet as powerful as many full-size vacuums that you plug into the wall. We love the flexibility of this trendy vacuum that makes it easy to clean. Check out our more detailed review here. We also featured it in this post with tips for managing allergies around the holidays.

Crocs (shoes): We love the stylish and comfortable shoes from Crocs this season. Personally, I have a few trendy pairs of my own. The Women’s Mammoth Flat is my go-to pair of winter shoes. These fuzzy flats have a simple look on the outside and a luxurious fuzzy lining. The Women’s Angeline Flat is another favorite of mine because these lightweight shoes are perfect for casual looks. The comfort is unbeatable! The Women’s Duet Busy Day Mary Jane shoes are another one of my favorites. These are soft-shell and breathable shoes offer versatility and comfort. Check out our more detailed review here.

The Nutri Ninja - Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ: It's so tempting to eat too many rich foods throughout the holiday season. The Nutri Ninja makes it easy to incorporate healthier foods into your lifestyle. For instance, we love daily green smoothies that are packed with nutrients. We also use our Ninja Blender DUO with Auto IQ to prepare hummus, batter, and even dough. It's the ultimate kitchen appliance for this holiday season that is sure to please any trendy mom! Click here to read more about our experience with this trendy kitchen appliance!

Miss Naughty Brownie:  delivers all over DFW and ships nationwide.  What sets them apart from other brownies is that  they are uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has three layers: a cookie dough, an Oreo cookie and finally a layer of “out of this world brownies”.  They have fun combinations such as Yin &Yang, Junk N' The Trunk, Fiery Brunette, and Lady in Red Naughty Brownies.  The owner that created these recipes is a perfectionist that not only has the best recipes, but also pays close attention to every last detail down to the trendy packaging. The unique combinations are fantastic and sure to impress gift recipients!  Visit  Miss Naughty Brownie to learn more and order trendy treats.

Calphalon: Cookware has come a long way over the years. I wish that my grandmother were here to experience the trendy Calphalon Contemporary Cookware set. Not only is the non-stick surface fantastic, but also we no longer have to wash our pots and pans by hand! This trendy cookware is dishwasher safe on the top rack. This is a big timesaver! Check out our more detailed review and some recipes here.

Swiss Colony: Trendy Swiss Colony products have been a tradition in our family for many years. While you are probably familiar with their sausages, [list], we are focusing on their bakery items this year. We love their classic Petit Fours, [add list]. Personally, our holidays are not complete without special treats from Swiss Colony. Check out our more detailed review here.

Vitabath: We love the trendy skincare items from Vitabath that are loaded with vitamins. Not only do we love how soft our skin feels thanks to their luxury skincare products, but we also love the trendy holiday scents such as Sweet Pink Peppermint and more! Reach more here.

Chuao Chocolatier: We love the all-natural ingredients and trendy recipes that Chuao Chocolatier uses in their trendy chocolate bars and Bonbons. Unusual flavor combinations are at the heart of Chuao Chocolatier’s unique experience. Examples include Firecracker, a chipotle caramel fudge truffle with popping candy, a hint of salt, and dark chocolate and Salted Chocolate Crunch, a dark chocolate bonbon filled with roasted Panko bread crumbs and olive oil ganache with a touch of sea salt. Read more about our favorite flavors from Chuao Chocolatier here.

HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Cushion with Heat: This trendy Dual Shiatsu offers 12 massage nodes that move up and down the back for a relaxing massage. The massage cushion not only offers up and down movements, but also 2 massage styles, kneading and spot, for a deep and focused massage. The chair targets the three main massage zones (upper back, lower back and full body) allowing you to always reach your deepest aches and pains. This is product is really great for when I have lower back pain. Learn more about here.

Brylane Home: Aspiree Bath Set: We love the luxury products and great prices that Brylane Home offers on a variety of products. In particular, we chose their Aspiree Bath Set for our Holiday Gift Guide because we love how thick and luxurious they made these bath towels. Our entire family uses matching Aspiree Bath Sets and loves them. Click here to read more about these trendy towels.

CW by CorningWare: Many trendy moms enjoy cooking throughout the holiday season. We love our trendy CW by CorningWare set that includes 4 colorful pieces in different sizes that are perfect for our family. Whether I want to prepare a large family meal or a date-night dinner for two, this set has pieces that work. This is a great holiday gift for trendy moms that enjoy baking! Click here to learn more.

Candy Club: We love This trendy site offers a subscription service that delivers monthly treats. The box is packed with several different types of candy in trendy packaging. It is a fun gift that is actually fits everyone on my holiday list! Check out the recent Candy Club package that we received here.

Trendy Dads:
Crocs (shoes): My husband will tell you that his Men’s Stretch Sole Loafers are stylish and comfortable. He wears them almost everyday because he loves the comfort. Check out our more detailed review here.

Sweet Maria's Green Coffee Sampler: Sweet Maria's is our favorite green coffee supplier.  My husband has been roasting his own coffee for over a year now and has sampled many different brands. He started by purchasing green coffee from local coffee shops, but later switched to ordering online from Sweet Maria's after we found the fantastic variety of beans and great prices that they offer.  We love their trendy Green Coffee Samplers not only for those that want to get started with roasting, but also for holiday gifts since many home coffee roaster enthusiasts love to find new favorites.  You choose regular, decaf, or espresso and the size sampler that you want. For instance. the photo below shows the 4lb. sampler that we received.  We love the trendy variety of green coffee that they sent us recently from Ethiopia, Columbia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.  Check out the trendy Sweet Maria's sampler here! Click here to read our DIY Coffee Roasting Tips for Beginners.

Dyson: As mentioned above, this trendy vacuum is perfect for moms that want a lightweight and powerful vacuum. We are cross-listing it on our list for trendy dads because we have found that my husband loves using it too. He helps out around the house, but also uses it to vacuum the cars and garage. He raves about how great it is for sucking up cobwebs in our garage. When you live in Texas, it’s nice to be able to vacuum some of the giant spider webs that we come across too! Check out our more detailed review here. We also featured it in this post with tipsfor managing allergies during the holidays.

Swiss Colony: As we mentioned earlier, Swiss Colony treats are a tradition in our family. We featured them above, but also want to mention that they are fantastic for dads as well. My husband is slightly obsessed with their trendy bakery items. Check out our more detailed review here.

Candy Club: We love This trendy site offers a subscription service that delivers monthly treats. The box is packed with several different types of candy in trendy packaging. It is a fun gift that is actually fits everyone on my holiday list! Check out the recent Candy Club package that we received here.

Camelbak FORGE Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs: Trendy Camelbak FORGE Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs are the ultimate bottles for warm beverages. We love that they are ultra insulated to keep your drink hotter, longer. They say that these trendy bottles will keep your drink warm for 4+ hours! The impact-resistant cap is designed to minimize breaks if dropped, which is great for those that often juggling too many items!  Trendy FORGE Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs are available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes. They are available in a variety of colors. Learn more here

Trendy Children:
Pound Puppies: We loved Pound Puppies back in the 80's and love that these retro cuties have made a comeback!  Your children can rescue a puppy and give them a new home this holiday season. Each adorable puppy comes with a fun fact card and a heart shaped dog tag.  Your little one is able to write their puppy's name on the tag and then visit the Pound Puppies website to print an official adoption certificate. These pups are available in trendy breeds including Beagle, Labrador, Bulldog or Poodle. They come in three sizes including a 12-inch plush, 6-inch plush, and 3.5-inch plush key chain. Visit here to learn more about these trendy puppies that make perfect holiday gifts.

Nerf: We love the trendy Nerf bows that are out this holiday season. Personally, we have been rocking the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with purple arrows and Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster. We have burned a lot of calories working out while having fun running around outside with these trendy toys! Click here to read more.

Kyocera Hydro Life Smart Phone: This trendy phone actually makes a great gift for moms, dads, and children. We love that military grade design that offers a lot of protection against accidents. Not only is this a great feature if you are purchasing a phone for your child, but it's also nice for trendy parents that often juggle too many items and sometimes drop their phones. In addition, the affordable no-contract MetroPCS plans are a big plus with this phone. If you are purchasing a smart phone for your child this year, check out our 10 rules for young children that use cell phones here.

ALEX Brand Toys: You will notice a trend throughout this gift guide that we love hands-on toys that allow children to be creative. ALEX Brand Toys offers many sets that provide ample opportunity for children to have fun while exploring their creative side. For instance, we love the Build and Roll Car, Fantasy Forest Shrinky Dinks, and My Tape Town sets. Click here for our review of these trendy sets.

Radio Flyer: This iconic brand has been around for as long as I can remember. They are known for their high quality products that are a classic part of childhood. This year, we love the trendy Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1. The engineers that designed this trendy wagon have thought of everything. The wagon offers three different seating options that are handy. Check out our more detailed review here.

Pom Tree Kids: We love gifts that provide fun and creative opportunities for children. Pom Tree Kids has a variety of fantastic craft kits that fit children of different ages. For instance, they have extensive craft supply kits and then specific projects for children to build. They have projects that fit a variety of ages. Check out three fun products that we tried here.

Crocs (shoes): Crocs is a great brand for children's shoes. They have everything from their iconic clogs to stylish boots and casual shoes for the season. Everyone in our family wears trendy Crocs shoes. My son will tell you that his Kids'CrocksLights Star Wars Darth Vader Clog are the best, including the fun Star Wars character Jibbitz that look cool and make sounds. We also love the Baya Lined Kids’ Clogs that have an incredibly soft and warm lining that is perfect for the holiday season. We also love his Dawson Easy-on Shoes because he isn’t quite old enough to tie his own shoes yet, but these shoes have a nice strap that makes it easy for him to put his own shoes on. Check out our more detailed review here.

Crayola Washable Art Supplies: We love low-mess art supplies for our son. Crayola has fantastic products that are low mess thanks to their Color Wonder technology. For instance, check out our DIY Air Brushed Gift Tag Craft and several gift suggestions for parents that love low-mess art supplies that will keep children busy for many hours.

K’Nex: We love toys that exercise little minds. Many K’Nex building sets offer hours of fun. For instance, my son has the Raptor’s Revenge Roller Coaster Building Set (Item # 51432) and the Titanfall IMC Atlas Titan/ Militia Ogre Titan Assortment Item (#69815). These trendy sets are engaging and keep him focused. My son has spent hours and hours playing with these sets which is what bumped these toys to the top of our list. Click here to read more.

LeapTV: Our four year old is in love with LeapTV. We love this trendy video game system that makes it fun for him to actively learn. I literally mean "actively learn". For instance, he loves the trendy games that let him dance or play sports while focusing on educational problems. Learn more about our experience with this trendy system here!

CHARM IT! at Gap Kids: Trendy celeb moms such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Klum are fans of this trendy jewelry line. CHARM IT! offers jewelry that makes it fun for girls express themselves thanks to their extensive line of charms. For instance, the trendy bracelet below is just one of their many creations.  My favorite charm on this bracelet is the one that says, "Girls Can Change the World". The positive messages and unique charms make this a perfect gift this holiday season. Visit your local Gap Kids store to find their necklaces and bracelets ($5 to $14) and trendy charms ($5 each). You may also want to visit the CHARM IT! website.

GoldieBlox: Women are underrepresented in Science & Engineering, so I love the positive message that GoldieBlox sends to kids, particularly girls. They have different trendy sets but that include trendy pieces such as pink ribbons, various purple building pieces, adorable animals, and even have a female action figure. GoldieBlox has expanded their line recently, so you should check out their trendy sets that are perfect for your future Scientists and Engineers! Check out their fantastic website here.

Family-friendly Video Games: We enjoy family-friendly video games together. This year, we wanted to include one that helps you to be active and a couple that are personal favorites for my son. Zumba World Party is a lot of fun with the music and opportunity to move. Gardening Mama 2 and Cooking Mama 5 are personally recommended by my son. They are follow on releases to previous smash hit games and exceed our expectations! Click here to read more.

Mega Bloks: SpongeBob Square Pants Krusty Krab Attack Set: This trendy set is for ages 5+ and provides hours of entertainment as it has 400+ pieces and then lets children use their imagination to play with the set after they build it. Not only is the building fun, but the micro action figures and accessories are a lot of fun too.  This set lets them build the famous dining establishment and use the launchers to help SpongeBob send plates and patties flying toward Plankton and his two buildable robot minions! Mr. Krabs and Squidward come to the rescue, knocking the Krusty Krab sign down to stop Plankton in his tracks. Build an exciting adventure in Bikini Bottom with this action playset!  We love this set as a holiday gift for children that you want to keep busy since it is such an entertaining set.  Click here to learn more.

The Spirit of Christmas: A Giving Tradition: This trendy book is one of my son's favorite. One little boy has the opportunity to fill a "Giving Bag" with items to help others during the holiday season. Click here to read more!

Trendy Teachers:
Sister’s Gourmet: The trendy cookie mixes from Sister’s Gourmet are a wonderful treat that tastes and looks beautiful. The gift-worthy glass jars of cookie mix are beautiful. One thing that bumped this gift to the top of our list is that one of my son’s teachers commented how this was her favorite gift last year. She said that she received so many treats that she couldn’t eat fast enough. It was nice to have the cookie mix that didn’t have to be consumed immediately. She made the cookies on an icy winter day for her family and raved about how good they were! Check out our post here.

Burt’s Bees: Natural beauty is always trendy. Burt’s Bees has several fantastic holiday sets with everything from their iconic lip balm to trendy products for manicures and pedicures. Check out the list here.

Swiss Colony: We featured the trendy Swiss Colony items above, but of course, they are great for teachers too. They have many pre-packaged gifts that are perfect for teachers. In addition, if you have a large number of teachers and assistant teachers to purchase small gifts for, we recommend ordering a large box of petit fours and cookies and distributing them into festive boxes. Check out our more detailed review here.

bodycology: We recently found the trendy and affordable bodycology brand at Target. These trendy gifts look and smell pretty. It’s fun to give teachers these luxurious little gifts to pamper themselves. If your children attend a school like my son, you have a director, head morning teacher, head afternoon teacher, lunch teacher, and a few assistant teachers. The list is long. These bodycology products let you give everyone glam gifts for modest prices. Check out our more detailed review here.
Candy Club: We love This trendy site offers a subscription service that delivers monthly treats. The box is packed with several different types of candy in trendy packaging. It is a fun gift that is actually fits everyone on my holiday list! Check out the recent Candy Club package that we received here.

Trendy Stocking Stuffers:
Walkers Shortbread: We love trendy Walkers Shortbread for the holidays. These homemade-in-Scotland cookies are a tradition in our family. We look forward to them every holiday season.  These are great for holiday gatherings and also make great stocking stuffers. Some trendy moms even put these out for their children to decorate.  Their festive shapes and imprints help make these easy to decorate!  Personally, the boys love decorating these trendy cookies as much as they enjoy eating them! Click here to learn more.

Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds: We have an annual tradition of stuffing our son’s stocking with trendy Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds. We love these trendy snacks that are packed with protein. They come in many varieties – salted, unsalted, shelled/unshelled pistachios, and more. They even come in festive holiday packaging. Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds are easy to find in grocery stores nationwide. Click here to learn more.

Band-Aid: We have another tradition of adding Band-Aid bandages with fun prints to stockings. For instance, you can see in the photo that we have camouflage bandages for Dads and Boys. These bandages not only look cool, but each purchase results in a donation to help support our veterans. Here in Texas, many of our family, friends and community members have served in our military. We love that this purchase helps to support our veterans! You’ll also notice fun bandages with heart patterns for girls. Sometimes a trendy bandage with hearts can cheer someone up. We love them! Finally, fun cartoon prints are must-haves in our house. My son loves having a variety of Band-Aid bandages to pick from. For instance, we have Mickey Mouse, Monster’s University, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Ninja Turtles, Winnie the Pooh, and Muppets bandages. These often help to “ease his pain” when he has a boo-boo as he often focuses on selecting a trendy bandage rather than his pain. Click here for our full post.

Johnson & Johnson: We have used Johnson & Johnson products for many years. We love their products for new moms and children. For instance, we love their Baby Lotion, Baby Head-to-Toe Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Shampoo & Conditioner, and Baby Soothing Vapor Bath. You can’t go wrong with these classic products that people use on a daily basis. Personally, we love practical gifts like this that we know people will use. Add a basket, ribbon, or other holiday packaging to glam up a fun gift with these classic products! Click here for our full post.

Nocciolata: This trendy chocolate and hazelnut spread is delicious. We eat in crepes, on toast, and even straight from the jar.  This makes a fun stocking stuffer. Click here to learn more.

ShaveMOB: Razors add up throughout the year. We love the service from ShaveMOB ( that offers relatively inexpensive razors that are shipped to your door. This is one of those items that makes a lot of sense to order online because the prices are fantastic. For instance, a 3-month supply of “The Purist” razor is just $17.99. Order a 3-month or 6-month supply that makes a great stocking stuffer. The photo below shows that these are easy to tuck into a stocking! Click here to visit ShaveMOB. If you order by December 17, 2014, they will arrive before Christmas.