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Friday, April 24, 2015

Trendy Crafts: My April Delivery from Paper Pumpkin (Stampin' Up) #Crafts #DIY

I just received my second delivery from Paper Pumpkin.  I couldn't wait to open my box to discover the monthly surprise. After all, last month's box was fantastic! (Read about it here.) This month's box includes a trendy kit to create cards that you tuck into a pocket with a bow. The attention to detail and opportunity to stamp your own design makes this an amazing kit.

The photo below shows the supplies, including everything that you need to create a set of 8 cards:
  • Love You a Lot Photopolymer Stamp Set
  • Crushed Curry and Pacific Point Classic Stampin' Spot ink
  • 8 card bases (4 blue and 4 yellow)
  • 8 white card stock pieces
  • 2 sheets of die-cut bows
  • 8 Kraft pockets
  • Yellow and blue baker's twine (2 yds. of each)
  • 50 dimensionals
  • 50 adhesive dots
My preschooler saw my kit and was dying to help me, so I let him join in the fun.  He put the pockets together. (Yes, they were easy enough for a 4 year old to assemble.)  I worked on the bows and then we added one to each pocket.  We worked together to measure the baker's twine and add a piece to each pocket.  We then created the trendy designs for our cards.  It was fun to have the opportunity to share our creative ideas with each other to construct beautiful cards. We created the best cards together! My favorite is the birthday card shown below that we made for a birthday party that we will attend this weekend.

Paper Pumpkin makes it easy to create from DIY projects. I love that they include everything that you need to follow a simple design that looks awesome. At the same time, the stamps allow you to create a customized design.  The flexibility is nice - stamp a Thank You card, Birthday card, Invitation, or more!

Do you enjoy DIY projects? Have you tried Paper Pumpkin yet?  

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Visit Paper Pumpkin to learn more about the trendy kit that we featured above!

It's National Moving Month: 5 Safety Measures For Moving and Adjusting to Your New Residence

May is National Moving Month.  I personally know how stressful it is to move and adjust to a new residence.  We moved to Texas a few years ago and I still remember the time and effort that it took to pack, drive a moving truck for two days, and unpack.  It was overwhelming!  We are currently shopping for a new home and preparing for another move.   Our move will my nearby this time, so that makes it a bit easier.  Still, I wanted to find tips to make life easier and that focus on safety.  Let me share some great tips that Master Lock shared with me.

Master Lock recommends these five safety measures when moving and adjusting to your new residence:

·         Secure All Valuables: Whether you’re moving your own belongings or have hired movers, it is important to pack all valuables in enclosed, secured containers. For fragile or breakable items, use an added layer of protection, such as bubble wrap or shredded newspaper. In the midst of moving mayhem, remember to lock your trailer with a Master Lock 379DAT Universal Trailer Coupler Lock that resists picking and prying when not in use or in between trips to avoid possible theft.

·         Inventory Personal Belongings: Label your boxes by room, number or color-code, and create a list of the items in each box. This will keep your personal possessions organized for when you begin the unpacking process. When you arrive at your new home, make sure to check each list to ensure all your belongings made it safely and securely. Investing in a Sentry Safe SFW123TTC Extra Large Digital Alarm Fire Safe will assure your most important valuables remain safeguarded and protected as you settle into your home. While you may have heavy foot traffic between movers, cable providers and other vendors setting up your new space, this Sentry Safe Extra Large Digital Alarm Fire Safe’s loud alarm will quickly alert you if there is suspected tampering.       

·         Install New Exterior Locks: Less than half (47 percent) of U.S. and Canadian residents changed or rekeyed the locks on their new home.** As a major safety precaution, you should change all the exterior locks on your new home either before or when you move in. Previous tenants, realtors and other unsuspected people may have keys to the current locks. Replacing these old locks with new ones, such as the Master Lock BCCO0615 Entry Door Lock with Single Cylinder Deadbolt, will provide additional security with peace of mind, and ensure you are the only person who has access to your home.

·         Change of Address: Before officially moving into your new home, make sure to visit your local post office or visit to fill out a change-of-address form. To avoid unintentionally giving strangers access to personal information, such as billing statements, credit card offers and insurance information, change your address before your move.

·         Explore Your Neighborhood: Once you’ve settled in, make sure to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Take a bike ride to meet your neighbors, locate the police and fire stations and find your local park district. Don’t forget to lock up with the Master Lock 8127TRI Keyed Cable Lock while exploring your new surroundings.

These are some products that are great for moving and new residences:
·         Master Lock 379DAT Universal Trailer Coupler Lock: A trailer lock that combines durability to resist rust and corrosion with an advanced locking mechanism to resist picking and prying
·         Master Lock BCCO0615 Entry Door Lock with Single Cylinder Deadbolt: A keyed alike entry door lock and single cylinder deadbolt combo pack that provides six-way (knob) and four-way (deadbolt) adjustability with ANSI GRADE 3 performance
·         Master Lock 8127TRI Keyed Cable Lock: A keyed cable lock designed with braided steel to provide maximum strength and flexibility and protective vinyl coating to protect against scratches – best used for locking up bicycles

Personally, we are excited about the trendy Master Lock 8127TRI Keyed Cable Lock set because we are planning to move to a neighborhood that is walking and biking distance to an elementary school and plenty of shops and restaurants.  The opportunity to walk with my jogging stroller or bike to school and local businesses is one of the best parts of the new neighborhood.  However, we realized that we need to be as safe and lock our jogging stroller and bikes up.  The Master Lock 8127TRI Keyed Cable Lock is perfect for our family of three since it has three keyed cable locks in difference colors. Mine is red, my husband's is blue, and my son's is green.  The keyed cable locks are great quality and easy to use.  If you happen to be moving to a bike-friendly area, we recommend these. They are <$20 for a 3-pack, which if you ask me, is worth the investment given the cost of bicycles, strollers, or scooters.

In addition, once we start our move, I think that the Master Lock 379DAT Universal Trailer Coupler Lock will be handy and provide some peace of mind since we will be transporting everything from our current home to a new home. I think that it is better safe than sorry and that one of these locks is important if you are moving valuables.

Finally, we always change the locks on a home when we move in. You never know who has copies of the key. For instance, at our previous house, three neighbors had copies of the keys. I actually didn't know this until a year later when I asked a neighbor if she could check my mail while I was out of town.  She said that she would be happy to and that the old neighbors had given her a key, so she could put the mail in the kitchen for us.  I was a bit surprised! The Master Lock BCCO0615 Entry Door Lock with Single Cylinder Deadbolt is a great idea for new residences so that you have peace of mind about knowing that no one else has extra copies of your house key!

Do you have tips for moving and adjusting to a new residence?

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For more moving safety tips and products, visit the Master Lock website or connect with Master Lock on social via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recipe: Grilled Fajita Pizza #GrillingRecipes

This is a sponsored post with DataRank, Kingsford, and Walmart.
This recipe is a family favorite for parties where we watch sporting events and grill outside. It can even be used for tailgating parties.  We put a Texan twist on pizza with by generously topping it with fajita ingredients. You may be surprised that we don't marinate the steak, but once you try it, you'll realize that this high quality steak from Walmart has a fantastic taste that shouldn't be minimized by marinade in this recipe. In preparing this family recipe, we grill over the iconic Kingsford Charcoal that our parents also used when we were children.  We hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!
Recipe: Grilled Fajita Pizza
  • 1 pound of high quality New York Strip Steak (thin slices) from Walmart
  • 2 pre-made thin pizza crusts
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 1 sweet red onion
  • 1 to 2 ears of corn
  • 1 8-oz. can of tomato paste
  • 1 8-oz. bag shredded mozzarella
  • Optional: 1/4 sliced avocado

1. Prepare the grill using Kingsford Charcoal and allow to preheat for approximately 5 minutes.

2. Grill New York Strip Steak, corn, and bell peppers until thoroughly cooked. This is approximately 8 to 10 minutes for the New York Strip Steak, 8 to 10 minutes for the corn, 6 to 8 minutes for the bell peppers.
3. Remove items from the grill, chop, and set aside.

4. Prepare the two pizza crusts by spreading half of the tomato paste and cheese on each. 
5. Top the pizza with the avocado slices, grilled steak, and grilled veggies.
6. Grill each pizza on a pizza stone for approximately 8 minutes.
7. Remove from heat, allow to cool, and enjoy!
This is a sponsored post with DataRank, Kingsford, and Walmart.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Tips for Wine Novices #Wine

In today's post, we will share five tips for wine novices to help find the perfect bottles of wine. Even if you are already an expert at selecting wines, perhaps you'll still learn something from this post!

5 Tips for Wine Novices
1. Try wine "by the glass" at restaurants.
Many restaurants have excellent staff that will give you advice on different wines. Don't be shy to ask questions. Take advantage of the option to purchase a small wine flight to sample different wines or order by the glass instead of committing to a single bottle.

2. Try a wine club that hand-selects wines from award winning wineries.
There are many wine clubs out there that will send a small shipment of wines each month.  We really like wine clubs that have relationships with award winning wineries with good reputations. For instance, my California Wine Club shipment this month had two fantastic wines that we absolutely loved.  The first bottle in our shipment was a Campus Oaks 2011 Lodi, Old Vine Zinfandel. This wine has rich fruit aromas and dark fruit flavors. It is a 95-point rated Zin. This line has also received a gold medal from the California State Fair and 12 Gold Medals since 1996.  We paired this bottle of wine with a lasagna and really enjoyed it.  The retail price for this wine is $19, but our wine club allows us to reorder it for $12.99/bottle. (Score!)  The second bottle was a Campus Oaks 2012 Pinot Grigio. This wine hasn't yet been entered into competitions yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if it wins awards soon. It pairs well with seafood such as grilled salmon with a light cream sauce. It retails for $17 and our wine club allows us to reorder for $10.99.  We love wine clubs like this because it makes it easy to try new wines that experts recommend, plus they make it easy to reorder our favorites at a discount. Click here to learn more about the California Wine Club.

3. Try a wine club with a replacement guarantee.
Some wine clubs offer a replacement guarantee where they will send you a new bottle if you do not like one of the bottles in your monthly shipment. For instance, the wine club that we mentioned above, California Wine Club, currently has a generous policy in place where they will send you a new bottle if you are unhappy with any of the bottles that they shipped to you. You don't even have to return the old bottle.  This is nice for both wine novices and even experts. Who doesn't like a guarantee when trying something new?!

4. Stock up on your favorites.
When you find a good wine that you love, stock up and save the bottles for special occasions. Personally, I look for guidance on how long a bottle will be good and then stock up accordingly. For instance, my California Wine Club delivery this month included information the hold time for each bottle. The Campus Oaks 2011 Lodi, Old Vine Zinfandel is listed as "Drink now or hold up to 7-8 years" and the Campus Oaks 2012 Pinot Grigio is listed as "Drink now or hold up to 4 years".

5. Take a wine tour.
There are many wineries that offer tours and generous samplings.  This is a great opportunity to try a variety of different wines. Many tours also offer educational activities to help you learn more about wines. One of my favorite tour activities is to attend a fancy meal where they provide wine pairings.

Do you have tips for wine novices?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Travel Organization Tips: Stylish and Functional Advice for Trendy Moms #Travel

In today's post, I will share Family Travel Organization Tips for trendy moms.  We integrate practical tips and trendy styles into the post, including showing off our stylish bags from Thirty-One Gifts.  My son has time off from school in the summer, so we spend a lot of time traveling to various attractions in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro. We also plan weekend trips when my husband has time off from work.  Here are our trendy tips!

Travel Around Town
Are you planning a trip to a local water park, amusement park, or other family destination?  If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, you have probably noticed the trendy moms that seem to look glamorous and organized with their bags from Thirty-One Gifts. Customized bags from Thirty-One Gifts are so popular that even my husband has picked up on them. He doesn't usually notice fashion trends, but agreed with me that trendy bags from Thirty-One Gifts are everywhere! Let me share two of my favorite items for this summer that are stylish and functional - the Fresh Market Thermal and Large Utility Tote

Don't let the heat hold you back - simply use a thermal bag!
The trendy thermal bag comes in several colors and may be customized with your name, initials, or a phrase using different fonts and colors. Personally, I have the Thirty-One Gifts Fresh Market Thermal in Black Playful Parade embroidered in True Turquoise Style 12.

This trendy thermal is perfect for summer, especially since we experience extremely hot summers here in Dallas.  You will see many trendy moms carrying one of these around at parks, pools, water parks, and amusement parks. Personally, I think that it is a great investment because Thirty-One Gifts uses high quality material and construction so that their products hold up well. This thermal provides generous room and great insulation so that you are able to pack food and drinks for the entire family.  Most water parks and amusement parks in the area permit you to bring this trendy thermal into their establishments. This is a great way to save money on drinks and food.  My husband will add that the best part is that it allows us to bring healthy food into parks so that we aren't stuck eating fried foods. 

Keep a utility tote packed and ready for spur of the moment trips!
The trendy utility tote is my secret to being ready to go to a park or other destination on the spur of a moment.  I use the Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility Tote in the trendy Black Playful Parade print and embroidered in True Turquoise Style 12.   This trendy utility tote is generously sized and made from a flexible fabric that makes it easy to store on the floor of the back seat of my car.  We keep beach towels, sunblock, a change of clothing, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and bottles of water in it.  These are all items that we may need on the spur of the moment, so I keep them packed and ready to go! We frequently use this tote and love all of the compliments that we receive.

Road Trips
During the summer, we usually take several road trips to Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, and more. We actually reuse the same trendy products that I mentioned above for our road trips, but use them in slightly different ways.

Pack the utility tote for in-car necessities and hotel essentials.
We love the versatility of the utility tote.  It has become a staple for our road trips and is our go-to bag.  We pack it with items that we will use in the car and essentials for our hotel room so that we don't have to dig through luggage. For instance, in the car, we pack a blanket, change of clothes, pajamas, small toys, bottles of water, and snacks.  It's nice to know where everything that we need is located!   We also pack hotel essentials that we often want to access quickly. For instance, if we arrive to our hotel late at night, we often want to brush our son's teeth and put his pajamas on so that he is able to go to sleep while we finish unpacking.  We store everything that we need for bedtime in the utility tote so that we are able to provide our son with the most peaceful car-to-bed transition possible.


Pack the thermal bag with healthy snacks!
If you have driven throughout Texas, you know that it is a large state and that many of our largest cities are 4 hours or further from Dallas.  Healthy meal and snack options along the routes are rare.  Further, when you have a young child, you know that rest stops often add a lot of time to your trip and it is nice to minimize having to stop too often. Our trendy thermal bag is awesome because it allows us to pack healthy meals, snacks, and drinks that are easy to access.  We pack string cheese, wraps, milk, water, fruit, and veggies.  My husband even included small containers of ice cream as a surprise on one of our trips. It's really nice to have this good quality thermal bag that allows us to keep food cold and easily accessible on our trips.

Travel by Airplanes
We travel by plane approximately 6 to 8 times per year. Flying is challenging, especially with young children.  Staying organized is critical. These are some tips to help you to stay organized:

Plan ahead.
  • Visit the TSA Traveler Information website before you leave. The rules sometimes change, so be sure to check this site before each trip.
  • Give yourself adequate time and organize your route. Arrive early since children often slow you down when traveling. Having extra time will reduce your stress. Use a map to locate the children's play area of the airport so that your child is able to have fun until you need to be at your gate.
Eat healthy and save money.
  • If you want to eat healthy and save on airport food and drinks, take a thermal bag packed with snacks, empty water bottles, and drink mix power packets.  Again, check the TSA page before you leave, but they usually allow you to bring food with you.  Liquids are not allowed, but empty water bottles and drink mix packets are allowed. Of course, breast milk and formula are also permitted. Again, we reuse our trendy Fresh Market Thermal Bag when we fly. It's great that this thermal bag is so versatile! We also use it when we land as it is handy to have in rental cars.
Stay organized
  • Pack a Utility Tote into your luggage so that you are able to quickly pull it out and organize important items to put into the rental car.  Similar to our road trips, we put our essentials into our utility tote so that we have a change of clothing and toiletries for our son in order to make the transition as easy as possible from the car to his bed.
How do you stay stylish and organized when traveling with your family?

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The trendy products in this post are from Thirty-One Gifts. Visit them to find trendy travel gear that is perfect for family travel.

What is your best travel trip to help your family to stay organized?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY: Create an Astronaut Photo Booth for Birthday Parties

We recently had the opportunity to host an Astronaut Birthday Party for our son. Thanks to an awesome online store, Shindigz, we were able to create an awesome Astronaut Photo Booth. Shindigz made it easy to find everything that we needed in just one location. To my knowledge, their extensive inventory is better than any local store. Let me share our DIY Astronaut Photo Booth and other fun supplies that made our party awesome!

Project: DIY Astronaut Photo Booth
1. Place the Solar System Peel N Place set on a wall (or use a poster board if you prefer not to stick these to the wall.)

2. Create the balloons by filling them with helium, tying a ribbon to the base of each balloon, and drawing alien faces on the balloons.

3. Add a chair, the costume(s), space helmets, and a basket of Astronaut Ice Cream. 

In addition to the DIY Astronaut Party Booth, we also followed the Astronaut theme for games, food, and party supplies. Shindigz has an extensive selection of astronaut, space, alien, and rocket ship party supplies. One of my wish list items was Astronaut Ice Cream. I found some at a local store, but they charged $3.99 for each pack, or $63.84+tax for 16 children. On the other hand, Shindigz sells the same exact Astronaut Ice Cream for $2.49 per pack, or $39.98. That was a savings of $23.86 just on Astronaut Ice Cream alone.   As you start adding birthday party supplies to your cart, you realize that not only is it awesome that Shindigz offers an extensive inventory, but they also that all of the savings add up.  After all, buying party supplies for 15 children and 25 adults for our party added up quickly. Check out the list of Astronaut Party Supplies on Shindigz here.

The photo below shows the cake and ice cream at our party. The Astronaut Ice Cream was the biggest hit of the party.  There is something magical about eating the same food as Astronauts. The children loved it!

You will also notice the Alien Cake Topper. This was another score from Shindigz for just 73-cents.  Again, you can't beat the customization to our theme and the price!

While we are on the topic of the candle above, I'll also add that we found matching invitations and thank you cards on Shindigz. Again, it was tough to find space-themed cards at local stores, so it was really nice to find them on Shindigz, and again, at a reasonable prices. 

We hope that you enjoyed insight into our party and tips for creating your own amazing Astronaut Birthday Party!

Do you have tips for children's birthday parties? What are some of your favorite themes?
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Visit Shindigz!

Recipe: The Best Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream #Recipes

Recipe: The Best Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Ingredients & Supplies:

1. Whisk the heavy whipping cream, pure vanilla extract, pure peppermint extract, and sugar by hand until well mixed.  Slowly stir in the mint chocolate chips. 

2. Pour the mixture into the electric ice cream maker or ice cream maker ball and prepare according to the device instructions. For instance, we prepared the ice cream in the photo with an ice cream maker ball. We filled the ice compartment with ice and ice cream salts. We rolled the ball for approximately 10 minutes, opened, stirred, and rolled the ball from another 10 minutes.

3. Serve immediately or freeze leftovers.

Thanks to Nielsen-Massey for providing complementary samples of their extracts.  We purchased the other ingredients on our own.  All opinions are honest and our own.

Recipe: Orange Chocolate Chip Pancakes #Recipe #Pancakes #Orange

Recipe: Orange Chocolate Chip Pancakes #Recipe #Pancakes #Orange
1. Preheat frying pan to low-medium heat.

2. Whisk the dry pancake mix, water, and orange extract until full mixed.

3. Stir in the mini chocolate chips.

4. Add 1/4 cup of the mixture to the frying pan and cook until the bottom is golden brown.

5. Flip the pancakes and flip until the other side is golden brown.

6. Allow to cool and enjoy!

Recipe: Easy Black Bean Quinoa #OnePotRecipe #Recipe

Recipe: Easy Black Bean Quinoa (Only one pot and three ingredients)
  • 1 cup of Quinoa
  • 1 can of Black Beans
  • 2 cups of water minus the amount of liquid that you drain from the black beans
  • Optional: chopped kale
  • Optional: orange and lemon slices for garnish
1. Drain the liquid from the black beans into a measuring cup.  Fill the remainder of the measuring cup with water until your total liquid is 2 cups.

2. Add the liquid and quinoa to a pot and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce the heat, and allow to simmer for approximately 15 to 20 minutes until the liquid is absorbed.

3. Stir the black beans into the quinoa. Let sit for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Optionally add chopped kale and garnish.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coming to Theaters: Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara #HotPursuit

Warner Bros. Pictures
In theaters May 8, 2015

Two of my favorite actresses are teaming up for the release of Hot Pursuit - Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara!  Let me share a quick overview, trailer, and some links where you are able to get social and follow along with the release.

Here is the overview:An uptight and by-the-book cop (Reese Witherspoon) tries to protect the sexy and outgoing widow (Sofía Vergara) of a drug boss as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.

This film stars Reese Witherspoon, Sofía Vergara, John Carroll Lynch, Rob Kazinsky, and Richard T. Jones. It is directed by: Anne Fletcher. The film is rated PG-13

Check out the trendy trailer:

Get Social with the HOT PURSUIT social media websites - #HotPursuit
Follow on Twitter, Instagram & Google+
Like ‘Hot Pursuit’ on Facebook


Are you excited to see this trendy movie?

Friday, April 17, 2015

(Win It!) Special 2015 Offer for Six Flags: “Wish I had a Wet Ones”

This is a sponsored post for the Wet Ones and Six Flags campaign, “Wish I had a Wet Ones”. We are part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are honest and our own.

If you ask my little boy, "Where do you want to go?", his answer is undoubtedly, "Six Flags!"  We visited Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX last year to check out the Bugs Bunny Boom Town rides for little ones. The experience rocked his world!  It has been several months since our visit, but he still talks about his fun visit.  My husband and I have to agree - it is one of the trendiest destinations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro!  The rides, games, and food provide a memorable experience.  

In today's post, I will share information about the “Wish I had a Wet Ones” campaign. I will share a few photos from our visit with my 4-year old son, tell you why we pack Wet One's on our trips, share the details for a trendy deal for you to receive a FREE kid’s ticket with purchase of a full price general admission ticket weekdays (up to $51.99 value) or $10 off one (1) full price general admission ticket weekends, and give you the opportunity to enter for a chance to win 4 Six Flags passes for your trendy family!

Six Flags has trendy attractions for the entire family. While my grown siblings will tell you that it is all about the roller coasters and fast rides, I will tell you that it is all about the kid's rides that elicit adorable smiles and giggles.  Let me share a few personal photos from our last visit.  

Every Six Flags location has a great selection of rides for children. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, our Six Flags has Bugs Bunny Boom Town. The design is nice for both parents and children. They provide a covered area for parents to sit which offers views of their children in line and on the rides. There is a nice playground area for children to release energy. There are also great rides such as a train, small roller coaster, Texas Tea Cups, and more.

We learned that my son loves roller coasters. He rode the little roller coast shown below several times! It is great for preschoolers.

The Cloud Bouncer was another one of his favorite rides. You'll even notice that he put his hands in the air as it bounced. (He is much braver than I was as a child!)

Finally, another one of his favorite areas was the playground.  They have an extensive playground area where he spent almost an hour running, climbing, and exploring.

Of course, for a preschooler, the fun is not complete without making a mess of some sort. Check out his ice cream face below. Let me tell you that this trendy mom was prepared with a change of clothing and Wet Ones to quickly clean the mess!

Personally, we love Wet Ones.  The “Wish I had a Wet Ones” campaign is one that I am able to get behind because we have integrated Wet Ones into our day-to-day lives since my son was just a toddler. They have been a great investment to keep in my car and bag. We are OK with my son being messy because it is age-appropriate and as long as we are prepared, it is not a big deal.  We keep a 40 count canister of Wet Ones in our trunk and a 15 count travel pack in my glove box and purse.   Let me share a brief overview of Wet Ones:
  • Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are the 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes and kill 99.99% of bacteria when soap and water aren’t available.
  • Wet Ones Wipes are hypoallergenic and contain aloe and lanolin so they’re easy on skin for even the littlest of hands. 
  • Wet Ones come in convenient sizes that can be used in and out of the home like discreetly tucked away into purses, brought onto airplanes, or used whenever a sink is out of reach.
    • 40 count canister, which is designed to fit into a standard car cup holder
    • 15 and 20ct travel packs
    • 24 count box of individually wrapped single wipes 

  • Wet Ones are available in mass retailers, grocery and drug stores nationwide.  For more information, visit

I will be sad when my son is grown and I no longer have to carry Wet Ones in my purse, but then again, once you start using them, you realize that they are handy for many unexpected messes beyond those that you child creates!

Has there ever been a time when you wished that you had Wet Ones?

Six Flags and Wet Ones Savings 
As I mentioned above, let me share the details for a trendy deal for you to receive a FREE kid’s ticket with purchase of a full price general admission ticket weekdays (up to $51.99 value) or $10 off one (1) full price general admission ticket weekends
  • Offer:
    • FREE kid’s ticket with purchase of a full price general admission ticket weekdays (up to $51.99 value) or $10 off one (1) full price general admission ticket weekends.
  • How it Works:
    • Consumers must take these steps to redeem the offer:
      1. Purchase a Wet Ones product (excluding travel and trial sizes)
      2. Snap a photo of the receipt
      3. Text WETONES to 811811 for submission instructions
      4. Once receipt upload is verified, consumers will be taken to the registration page on to provide their information to receive their free ticket voucher via a personalized email (to avoid duplications)
      5. On the registration page, consumers will also have a chance to enter to win the ‘Wish I Were a Six Flags VIP’ trip, which will allow the winners to choose which park they would like visit

Win it!
One lucky winner will receive four (4) tickets for a reader giveaway that are valid for the 2015 operating season only. The winner must have a U.S. shipping address. No P.O. boxes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to our email with their shipping address. Otherwise, we will select a different winner. Good luck!

Learn More
Visit the Six Flags Wet Ones site to learn more. Also, visit Wet Ones!

This is a sponsored post for the Wet Ones and Six Flags campaign, “Wish I had a Wet Ones”. We are part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are honest and our own.