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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recipe: Cranberry Chia Juice #Recipes

Recipe: Cranberry Chia JuiceThis recipe is packed with protein and fiber. We love the texture of the gelled Chia seeds!
1. Create a Chia Gel by mixing the water and Salba Chia Seeds for 30 seconds. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes before. Remove and stir again. This mixture will stay good for several days, so prepare a larger batch if you want to add some to your juice or smoothies each morning.

2. Mix the Chia Gel with your cranberry juice.

Enjoy Trendy Family Time During the Holidays With Netflix And Festive Mocktail Recipes! #StreamTeam

The holidays are here! My little boy is off from school and my husband has vacation time. It's wonderful to have quality time to spend together.  We just returned from our trip to Orlando and are happy to have time to relax at home. One of our favorite ways to relax is to prepare fun recipes and watch Netflix together.  Let me share some of our favorite shows on Netflix for you to check out this holiday season. We will also share a link to some mocktail recipes that are fun for the holidays!

Top Pick:
Do you have trendy children that love to dance?  If so, they will love the new release of  All Hail King Julien on Netflix! The first five episodes are now out and will cause lots of giggles.  This trendy character is from the Madagascar franchise. King Julien takes on the jungle's craziest adventures in the new comedy series, along with his loyal sidekicks Maurice and Mort plus a whole new cast of colorful animals.

Click here to check out a sneak peek!

In addition to this trendy series, here are some other fun shows to enjoy during the holidays with your family.

More Great Movie Picks:
These are some fantastic Madagascar movies:

 Here are a few more fun holiday movies:

These are great for older kids:

Finally, as you enjoy these holiday movies, check out recipes for trendy New Year's Even Mocktails here.

What are your favorite movies on Netflix for the holidays?

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dallas/Fort Worth to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL #DFW

One of the best things about living in the DFW metro is that we are able to take a quick 2 to 3-hour flight in any direction to visit other climates and attractions. Those of us that are lucky to live in DFW are able to hop on a flight to visit beaches, islands, ski resorts, amusement parks, amazing hiking destinations, and more.  One of our recent quick hops was to Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL.

If you live in the DFW metro, you will want to hop onto a quick flight to Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is super close to Disney World. This flight is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. There are currently more than a dozen non-stop flights from DFW to Orlando each day. We recommend taking an early flight so that you are able to get there by the time that the park opens at 8am.  If you are only visiting for the day, there are late night flights back if you want to come back the same evening. Of course, it's easy to find a hotel to stay longer if your schedule and budget permits. 

If you prefer to drive, it's not that bad of a drive since you drive through beautiful scenery.  We typically split the drive across two days and stop in Mobile, AL.  Alternatively, it is also fun to drive near the coast, especially in Mississippi. 

The routes between DFW and Orlando include regions with some of the lowest gas prices in the country. For instance, we used GasBuddy to estimate the cost of gas for our car between Dallas and Orlando. As of today, 12/19/2014, the gas estimate for our car is just under $75 for each direction.

If you have a tight schedule or are impatient about waiting in line, you'll want to look into the Fast Pass option. We used the 3 Fast Passes that came with our General Admission. It was easy to use my iPhone to schedule the 3 Fast Pass rides for our family.  We loved the luxury of scheduling our arrival times and quickly hopping onto the rides. Learn more about tickets here.

Personally, we flew to MCO because we had a tighter schedule. It was an wonderful trip that created amazing memories. The Disney magic opened my son's eyes to a world that he had never experienced. He participated in "Enchanted Tales with Belle" where he played the part of a plate and his dad was a knight; traveled around the world on the "It’s a Small World" ride; received pixie dust before taking off "Peter Pan’s Flight" that goes through Neverland; and more! This is the ultimate family vacation.

We started our day by taking a ferry to the Magic Kingdom. Our son loved the grand entrance of arriving by ferry!

My son’s favorite ride was, “It’s a Small World”.  This iconic ride let us travel around the world to experience different cultures. To our 4-year old, this was absolutely amazing!  He was mesmerized as many cultures that he had read about in books came to life while we floated through the experience.


Another fun ride is the iconic "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" ride. This ride has changed since I was a child. Waiting in line was a fun part of the experience as we quickly moved into an indoor play area that was under a big tent.  They gave us an electronic ticket to hold while our son played. Once it buzzed and lit up, it was our turn to go back outside to enjoy the "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" ride.  I love that they made this a fun experience both before and during the ride!

The "Tomorrow Land Speedway" was another highlight. My son has always wanted to “drive”. This was his first experience behind the wheel. It was cute to watch him over-steer. We took this cute photo of him having the time of his life. His smiles are contagious!

The "Mad Tea Party" was a lot of fun. Our family loved this iconic ride as we had fun spinning and giggling together.  My son loved the little mouse that periodically popped out of the tea kettle in the middle of the ride!

"The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" ride brought our son's Winnie the Pooh storybooks to life. My son has been a Winnie the Pooh fan since he was a baby, so this was a unique and special experience. He loved the exhibits in the waiting area where he could actively engage in fun activities while we waited for our turn on the ride. The colorful characters that we saw on this ride amazed him. It was funny that he had a serious look on his face until we started bouncing with Tigger. Tigger made him giggle non-stop!

The "Adventureland" area immersed us into an exciting world where we met pirates and experienced an amazing water ride.  I loved the charismatic actors that interacted with us in the "Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial". They gave a great show. Of course, the "Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas" ride was also fantastic!  We enjoyed the rushes of excitement throughout the story and ride.

The Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction was another one of my son's favorites. We started in a workshop where they showed us inventions that were created by Belle's father.  We were then whisked into an interactive story where a talking dresser greeted us and several children were assigned roles. My husband and son were selected to be a part of the show. My husband served as a knight while my son was a plate character. After the roles were assigned, we entered a room with  Lumière. He looked very life-like. Belle also joined us. My son couldn't stop smiling the entire time. The show was a lot of fun as the happy participants were enthusiastic in their roles. At the end, Belle personally talked to my son and presented him with a bookmark. He felt special and he still raves about the experience!

There are numerous restaurants and shops throughout the Magic Kingdom.  We had lunch at "Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe" and dinner at "Pinnochio Village Haus".  Lunch was fantastic as we sat in a space age area to enjoy our meals and listened to Ray (the alien) perform.  Our son had a kids meal with chicken nuggets, grapes, a cookie, and milk. I had an adult meal with chicken nuggets, apple slices, and a Diet Coke. My husband had a pulled pork sandwich and grandma had a turkey sandwich. We had delicious Pepperoni Flatbread and chocolate cake at Pinnochio Village Haus. 

After dinner, we headed over to Cinderella’s Castle to watch in change colors and to enjoy the "Frozen" show. During the show, the castle became coated in ice. It was spectacular!  

Finally, we took the Monorail back to our car and smiled as we talked about our favorite experiences.  Our son said that the trip to the Magic Kingdom was the best day of his entire life. He couldn’t believe the magical experiences and characters that he encountered.  The quick flight to Orlando and our day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom was amazing. It’s an easy trip for those of us in the DFW.  Personally, we consider this to be an iconic trip that everyone in DFW should make since it’s relatively close. Depending on your schedule and budget, you could hop on a flight to visit for a day, weekend, or week.

Do you have a little one that would love to experience the magical rides and characters at Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

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Dallas/Fort Worth to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL #DFW

The DFW metro is a great place to live because we are able to hop on quick 2 to 3-hour flights to visit many different attractions in various climates.  We recently hopped on a quick 2 1/2 hour flight to Orlando and then drove approximately 1 hour to Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center.   Depending on your schedule and budget, you could make this a day trip or extended weekend trip. There is a lot to do. If you make a day trip, you’ll want to fly out early and return late at night since there is a lot to do at Kennedy Space Center.  The Google map below shows the approximate flight time to Orlando (MCO).   

While our 4-year old son has attended Space Camp in Houston and visited the local Perot Museum in Dallas many times, the Kennedy Space Center offered a completely different experience for him that was well worth the trip!  We saw the actual Atlantis Shuttle, explored space through a 3D IMAX experience, learned subtle Physics while launching Angry Birds and hopping through a laser maze, flew on a Space Simulator, met a real Astronaut, and saw many interactive and educational exhibits.    

Our first stop was the IMAX show. We learned about the Hubble Telescope as we watched the 3D and interactive show that was narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. It was fun to see my son reach out to try to grab stars as the experience was new to him and seemed life-like.

Our next stop was to visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The tour guides and movie were fantastic. We were able to see the shuttle up-close and also explore several exhibits, many of which were hands-on. While we were not allowed to take photos on the flight simulator, I have to tell you that it was amazing. This is an extra fun ride for little ones. My son wasn’t sure if we had really gone into space. It was sweet that he asked me whether it was real or pretend!

The Angry Birds Space Encounter was a hit. Our son plays this game at home, so it was fun to see it come to life.  He had fun using slingshots that were bigger than him. He giggled as he launched Angry Birds at the targets.

We competed in the Angry Birds Encounter laser maze. This was a lot of fun. You may select Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert level. The goal is to make it through the maze to touch 4 golden eggs on the walls without touching the laser lines. We each gave it a try on the Medium level.  It was fun to take turns and compare scores. I have to say that this trendy mom had fun walking like a crab, jumping over laser lights, and even crawling on the floor in creative ways to make it through the maze without touching the lasers.  This was definitely not our “average day” and it was fun to experience something interactive like this!

We also played several fun Angry Birds games on iPads.  We loved the variety of activities that are perfect for little ones like my son!

The employees at Kennedy Space Center seemed to love their jobs. We stopped several times to chat with employees that enthusiastically shared information about the shows and exhibits. One of the shows that made an impact on our son was, “Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted”.  The woman that talked during this show was fantastic as she shared information about what was going on at NASA. I loved that they encourage both girls and boys to pursue careers at NASA. My son liked that she said, “Who knows – maybe some of you will work here when you grow up!”.  He took that seriously. As a parent, I love their emphasis on positive role models, providing a fun and educational environment, and telling children that they may be part of their world!

Since our son is 4 years old, it was nice to stop in a play area to let him release excess energy.  He had a blast playing in the areas shown below.  

There are a few restaurants to visit for food such as the Rocket Garden Café and Orbit Café. We had lunch at the Orbit Café. We ordered two Freschetta pizzas, a sandwich, and salad.  The quick and child-friendly food options were great. It was also nice that they had healthy salads.

Our final stop was the Nature and Technology Center. This indoor walking loop was fun for my son. He enjoyed checking out the historical items, animals, and learning more about the local area. The collage below shows a few of the animals that were on display.

We ended the day with Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches that we found in a gift shop. My son raves about these treats!

The Kennedy Space Center also offers a bus tour to see the launch pads and more. We didn’t have time to go on this tour since our son was amazed by each exhibit that we saw and we probably spent more time than the average visitor because our son is 4-years old and was mesmerized.  If we followed a stricter schedule, I think that we could have visited everything. There are so many amazing exhibits that we could have easily spent two days there!  Either way, depending on your schedule, this is a perfect day trip or weekend trip for those of us in the DFW metro. It’s so easy to hop on a quick flight and drive over to the Kennedy Space Center.

Do you have time to schedule a quick trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Center this year?
Learn More

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dallas/Fort Worth to Sea World in Orlando, Florida #DFW

The DFW metro is a great place to live because you are approximately a quick 2 ½ hour flight from beaches, skiing, hiking, or amusement attractions. Our southern location in the middle of the country makes it easy to take a flight in any direction for a quick day trip or weekend getaway.  We recently hopped onto a flight from DFW to MCO (Orlando) and within 2 ½ hours were soaking up the Orlando sunshine and good weather.   We visited Sea World of Orlando and could have even flown back the same evening, although we decided to stay longer.  Sea World of Orlando is an amazing experience, especially for young children like my son.  The park offers fun and educational experiences for visitors. My son was mesmerized throughout our visit. Let me share some highlights.

First, let me show a quick flight map so that you are able to see how quick and easy it is to fly between DFW and Orlando.  Google Maps shows that the flight time is 2 hours and 20 minutes.  Flight times may vary slightly by airline and schedule. Personally, we took a direct flight and had a smooth ride.

Of course, driving is also possible. It is a fun road trip to drive from Dallas to Orlando, especially if you enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. We usually take two days to make this drive and stop overnight in Mobile, AL.


It took us approximately 30 minutes to get from the Orlando International Airport to Sea World. In comparison to other large cities, we found it easy to navigate thanks to the roads that are in good condition and the clear signs.

We arrived in time to experience the holiday season. The streets of Sea World currently include festive displays and decorations. Holiday music adds to the experience.  You'll probably even see parades throughout the day!  It's a wonderful time of year to visit.

Our first stop was the show at Dolphin Cove. In the beginning of the show, they discussed how Sea World has helped to rescue thousands of sea animals. They also work with scientists and have gained advanced knowledge about Orca whales and many other sea creatures. My son thought that this was really cool. He may be a future marine biologist thanks to the inspiration that Sea World provided at his young age!

The photos below are from Dolphin Cove. The show was packed with fun surprises that included dolphins, birds, and high divers. You could tell that the trainers loved the dolphins and had a close relationship with them. My son says that he wants to be like them when he grows up. He would love to hug the dolphins.  I love that the shows gave such a positive message and that the trainers are good role models for him.

 We also watched the show in Shamu Stadium.  The Orca whales are so beautiful and amazing, especially in person!

Our next stop was Antartica: Empire of the Penguin. It was exciting that they offered a fun and exciting experience that included a fun ride, educational insight, and an up-close look at the Penguins.  My son watched them for the longest time.  We giggle that a penguin popped up out of the water and splashed him at one point in time.  (Really, isn’t it amazing that you could hop on a flight and spend the day at Sea World in Orlando, including getting splashed by a penguin?! It’s a fun escape to enjoy better weather and see new things.)

There were plenty of rides for adults and younger children.  My son was a bit too young for the Atlantis Splash ride shown below, but we’ll definitely plan to visit when he is older.

The children’s rides in Shamu's Happy Harbor were a hit. They had several fun rides.  The Shamu Express (roller coaster) was a particular favorite!

He also rode several other fun rides in this area. His other favorites include the Flying Fiddler and Swishy Fishies. Click here for the full list of rides.

After our busy morning, we stopped for lunch at Captain Pete's.  The lunch station was nice because they were fast and friendly so that we could quickly eat our lunch and then resume our activities. My son enjoyed a chicken nugget kids meal with fries and watermelon. They had the cute Shamu cup below that he loved.  Similarly, the Shamu crown that came with his kids meal was a hit!

After lunch, we stopped by the area with sea lions.  The opportunity to feed a sea lion was fun.  We've seen sea lions in the wild, but it wasn't safe to look at them too closely. It was nice to have an up close here at Sea World.  They were fun to feed as they enthusiastically moved around and made noises. We also loved the birds that watched as we tossed the food.

Finally, we visited the Shark Encounter. We really liked that they had a moving walkway that took you through a glass-enclosed tunnel where you could view the sharks and other sea life. I’ll always remember the look on my son’s face as we went through this tunnel. He didn’t say a single word. He just soaked in the experience with a look of awe.

Sea World has so much to offer! We could have easily spent a few days going back to visit the park with our four-year old because it was so large.  This was a vacation that we felt good about because it was educational and let our son see that the world is bigger than what he sees in the DFW metro.

Would your family enjoy hopping on a flight to go from DFW to Sea World of Orlando?

Disclosure: Thanks to Sea World for providing complementary passes. All opinions are honest and my own.

Trendy Jabra Headphones from Best Buy are perfect for your New Years Resolution #JabraHeadphonesBBY

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

January 1st is my favorite day of the year because everyone around me is motivated to improve their lives in different ways.  Continuous self improvement inspires me to always push myself further.  This year, one of my resolutions is to better manage my allergies and to push through rough patches by still working out. We moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth metro almost three years ago and I found that I have terrible seasonal allergies here.  I manage my allergies by taking daily allergy medicine, using an air purifier, changing air filters frequently, and avoiding excess time outdoors.  I tend to decrease my exercise routine when I suffer from allergies which is a bad habit that I plan to fix in the new year. I purchased an exercise bike for our house and joined an indoor gym so that I am able to exercise in comfort during allergy seasons. I'm looking forward to maintaining a healthier life with more consistent exercise, especially during the allergy seasons when I tend to slack. 

One of the trendiest accessories for those that similarly plan to exercise regularly in the new year is the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless. These trendy ear buds are an all-in-one training solution that combine an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, good quality Dolby Digital sound, and real-time voice coaching. It's amazing that these sleek ear buds offer so much! They even have U.S. Military grade durability certifications to inspire runners, cyclists, and everyone that works out to beat their best performance. The built-in intelligent app, Jabra Sport Life, helps you to plan, track, and evaluate each workout.  I love this feature because I feel great when I know that I am always pushing myself and improving my performance.  It is so easy to use Jabra Headphones during a workout to test fitness levels and aerobic capacity, adjust heart rate zone levels to optimize training, and set goals based on distance, time, or calories burned.  I predict that these will be one of the trendiest accessories in the new year!

Finally, let me share that these Jabra Headphones (Jabra Pulse - SKU 8954664) are compatible with smartphones with BT capabilities. They are available at Best Buy. You will also find many other trendy fitness accessories at Best Buy to help you to achieve your resolutions.

What are your fitness goals for the new year?