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Thursday, February 16, 2017

(Win it!) Chuck E. Cheese Celebrates 40 Year + Enter for a Chance to win a trendy Skylanders Trip

Chuck E. Cheese was a memorable part of my childhood. I love that it is still around and offers more excitement than ever for my own children.  Chuck E. Cheese is iconic for the millions of birthday parties that they have provided, but now they are celebrating their very own: their 40th birthday. Of course, even though it is Chuck E. Cheese's birthday, they are sharing the presents with all of you!

During the Rip It, Win It promotion Chuck E. Cheese will make sure every kid receives a gift with every large cup purchase through February 26.

Rip Into 40 years of fun! Each participating cup will contain a rip off tab that can be torn open for the chance to win tickets, tokens, and large prizes. Prizes include a VIP trip for 4 to the studio that created the Skylanders video game.   (Wouldn't that be amazing to win?!)

You can also win gift cards from Michaels® or Fandango®, a pizza party for 40, or 40 tickets or tokens! Every cup wins!

Win it!
One lucky Trendy Mom reader will receive a gift card that is good for (1) Large Pizza, (4) Soft Drinks and (30) Game Tokens. This is a $30 value. Enter using the Rafflecopter below. The winner will have 72 hours to respond to our email with their shipping address. Otherwise, we will select a different winner. The winner must have a U.S. shipping address. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Skylanders for sponsoring this giveaway.
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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Rockin' Refuel Sweeps for a VIP Ski Getaway to Steamboat Springs, CO #Sweeps

Are you in need of a trendy getaway? Rocking' Refuel has been reading your mind as they are offering a chance to win a VIP ski getaway to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for two on March 23-26, 2017. The prize includes two VIP tickets to the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR National Championships, roundtrip airfare for two, three nights lodging in the Steamboat Grand hotel, three days of lift passes for two, chance for meet and greet with top U.S. skiers and snowboarders and enough Rockin’ Refuel to keep you fueled all weekend long.

The sweeps is scheduled to run through February 22, 2017, so make sure to get your entry in! You and your followers can enter the sweepstakes here or via Rockin’ Refuel’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Good luck! We hope that one of our readers wins an amazing getaway.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Collection of Whimsical Fairy Garden Craft Ideas

In today's post, we'll share a collection of fairy garden projects that are fun and easy for birthday parties, class projects, or community events.  We used fairy garden supplies from Oriental Trading. They have a great selection of craft supplies that allow little ones to use their big imaginations!  We'll share three projects: (1) Fairy Puzzle with Gems, (2) Fairy Garden House, and (3) Fairy Garden Door.

Fairy Puzzle with Gems

1. Give each child a puzzle and supplies to decorate it, including stamps, crayons, or markers.  

2. Give each child a glue pen and access to a bowl with the gems.  Emphasize the importance of placing the gems in the centers of puzzle pieces so that they do not overlap onto multiple puzzle pieces.

3. Allow to dry and enjoy!

Fairy Garden House

1. Take the paper, cardboard, or card stock to fold it into a rectangular shaped house such that the width and length of he house will allow you to place a cupcake wrapper on it as the roof.  Decorate it with a door, windows, and the flower glitter shapes before gluing it into the final shape.

2. Take the second piece of paper, cardboard, or card stock to create the "ground" for the house to sit on.  Glue the house to the ground.  Add the glitter jewels as stepping stones that lead up to the front door.

3. Top the house with a cupcake wrapper roof. You may either glue it to the top of the house or simply let it sit on top of the house without glue.

4. Allow the glue to dry and then use the fairy tale finger puppets to play at the fairy garden house.

Fairy Garden Door

1. Take 4 craft sticks and line them up next to each other.

2. Apply a sticker as a door knob on the door.

3. Add a luck ladybug somewhere on the door.

4. Cut one of the craft sticks in half. Take the two 1/2 craft sticks and glue them across the other 5 craft sticks.  Optionally, smear extra glitter glue on the door so that it looks like fairy dust.

5. Place the fairy door on a tree or other location where the fairy may visit.

Thanks to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post. 
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I Had Melanoma: Tips That I Now Follow To Try to Protect My Family From Skin Cancer

If you follow regularly, you know that I recently had my beautiful baby boy.  Something that I haven't shared until now is that I had Melanoma. It was caught early and I am fine, but it was a scary experience that changed my view of the world.  In today's post, I hope to connect with you to give you tips to protect your family because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

My Story

During pregnancy, I noticed changes in my skin.  I thought that it was unfortunate that my skin was dry and that I had light brown patches on my face (called Melasma). I also had changes in moles and seborrheic keratoses on my back. I thought that these were just cosmetic issues related to hormonal changes during pregnancy.  I actually skipped my annual skin exam by rationalizing that my OB wasn't worried.  After all, I've had annual skin exams for years and a dozen moles removed without any reports of skin cancer over the years.  I thought that even if there were patches of skin to remove and test that I wouldn't want to have the local anesthesia to remove them while I was pregnant. 

After my baby was born, I scheduled my annual skin check. Honestly, I only scheduled it because I met my deductible for the year and wanted to fit every medical visit possible into the calendar year since my insurance would cover everything at 100%. (Does this sound familiar? We are all busy and take our children to their annual exams, but often procrastinate on our own exams unless there is a motivation such as surpassing our deductible.)

On the day of my visit to the dermatologist, my skin check was the secondary thing on my mind as I was anxious to ask for my dermatologist's advice about whether photo facial and hydra facial treatments would remove the brown spots on my face and make my skin look more radiant.  However, this quickly slipped to a lower priority during my exam when my doctor identified two areas on my back that looked suspicious.  She removed two skin growths. One was a large shave biopsy while the other was a larger area that required some stitches.  I remember telling my husband that I wasn't sure about the doctor because she removed such a large patch and even commented about how she had to stitch the sample of skin that she removed to hold it together.  I was mainly disappointed that I had stitches in my back. 

A few weeks later, the results came back. The area from the shave biopsy was fine, but the larger area that she removed was cancerous. In addition to having the skin removed, I then had suspicious lymph nodes surgically removed.  In general, none of this was too painful. The worst part was having general anesthesia and waiting for results. I was lucky that everything went well and I received a clean bill of health. I feel fortunate for early detection.  My dermatologist and cancer geneticist recommend that I now have skin checks every six months for the rest of my life because I am high risk and skin cancers are easier to treat when caught early.  I happily schedule these preventative appointments because I know that early detection is key!  In the remainder of this post, I'll share tips for how I changed our family's lifestyle after my experience with Melanoma.

Tips That I Now Follow To Try to Protect My Family From Skin Cancer

1. Visit your dermatologist for regular skin exams. 
Take your family for annual skin exams.  It's much easier to treat skin cancer in early stages. Your doctor should look you over from head to toes. My doctor takes photos and notes the sizes of moles so that she is able to monitor changes over time.  This makes it easier to notice suspicious changes.

2. Don't assume that changes to your skin are harmless and due to pregnancy.
I thought that all of my skin changes were due to hormonal changes from pregnancy.  However, I was wrong.  Some changes were due to pregnancy, but I also had a patch of Melanoma that could have killed me if it wasn't removed.  Early detection saved my life.  Never make excuses for skipping your annual exam!

3. Wear UVF 50+ Swimwear.
In addition to wearing sunscreen, my entire family now wears trendy UV protection swimwear.  Personally, we wear SnapperRock swimwear that provides UV protection from 98% of all harmful rays. My husband and I wish that we would have had SnapperRock protection as a children because it could have prevented a lot of our sun damage. 

We love that SnapperRock's swimwear is extremely comfortable. They use lightweight, breathable, and quick drying fabric.  As a mom of two young children, it's sometimes challenging to convince them to take a break to reapply their sunscreen. The UVF 50+ swimwear is nice because it cuts back on the amount of skin that I need to slather sunblock. UV protection clothing covers a lot of their skin, so it is easier to quickly reapply their sunscreen and let them get back to playing quickly.  My husband and I feel more carefree thanks to the UV protection that SnapperRock provides.  I recommend SnapperRock to all of our friends and family because it's such a simple and powerful way to protect your family's skin.

In addition to the practical features of SnapperRock swimwear, I also love their stylish designs. As a mom of boys, I have always been a bit envious of matching mother-daughter outfits. Thanks to SnapperRock, I was actually able to find coordinated swimwear to wear with my baby boy!  Check out the outfits below. My outfit includes the Women's Capri Short Sleeve Rash Top and Women's Waiheke Stripe Triangle Bikini Bottom. My baby's outfit is the Navy Hampton Fish Short Sleeve Sunsuit.

My baby is so cozy in his little outfit. I'm trying my best to keep his skin safe from the sun, so it's nice that he likes his SnapperRock outfit.

My husband and oldest son also look stylish in their board shorts and rash guard tops. My husband wears the Men's Hampton Fish Board Board Shorts with a Men's Navy Long Sleeve Rash Top. My son wears the Boy's Red Hampton Fish Board Board Shorts with the Slate & White Short Sleeve Rash Top.  Their coordinated looks also complement the fashions that I wear with my baby.  

It's fun to have trendy fashions that also offer such powerful UV protection.

4. Protect your skin year round with sunscreen. 
A common mistake that people make is to skip wearing sunscreen during cold weather. The sun is still strong and capable of causing skin damage even if the temperature is cold.  Wear your sunscreen all year round. 

5. Avoid peak hours of the sun.

Whenever possible, try to plan your outdoor activities for early in the morning or later afternoon when the sun is not as strong.  The UV light is strongest between 10am-3pm during standard time and 11-4pm during daylight savings time.

Finally, my experience was not bad thanks to early detection. Let me point you to some other personal stories of others who have had a variety of experiences: American Academy of Dermatology - Personal Stories, - True Stories, and - Patient Stories.

Learn More

Some of the websites that I recommend for you to visit include: SnapperRock,, and  

If you are concerned about skin cancer and need someone to talk to, please feel welcome to email me. I'm not a medical professional, but I am a mom who is a good listener and sympathizes that it is a stressful experience.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

6 Valentine Gifts for Moms with Young Children

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because my husband and sons always center this special day around me.  They say that it is a "girl holiday" where boys are extra nice to girls.  This always makes me laugh and I happily accept their dedication to me every February 14th. In today's post, I'll share six Valentine gift ideas for moms like me who have young children.

1. Dinner at home.
As I mentioned earlier, my husband and sons center Valentine's Day around me. I hope that my boys grow up to be wonderful husbands like their dad.  Incorporating them into the preparation of a special dinner not only sets a great example for them, but it is also fun for all of us.  One of my favorite Valentine dinners was when they made heart-shaped pizzas that my husband grilled.  This allowed my little ones to be heavily involved in the food preparation and they were proud of their festive creations.

2. A family photo.
Valentine's Day is a great time to take a family photo for mom.  Little ones grow so quickly and it is nice to capture photos along the way!  

3. Home spa essentials.
It's exciting, but exhausting to take care of little ones.  Home spa essentials are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day so that mom is able to pamper herself.  Personally, I am excited about the Miracle Skin Transformer Home Spa Essentials Kit.  This trendy kit includes a Microsonic Facial Brush, Hyrdoactive Cleanser, Triple Active Night Treatment, and Miracle Revival Mud.  This limited edition kit is a $100 value that is on sale for $59.  

This kit is a nice gift for mom, especially since nothing is better than having beautiful skin. I'm not a big make-up person, but rather focus on healthy skin and natural makeup that protects my skin.  I only recently started using the Microsonic Facial Brush with the Hydroactive Cleanser from this Miracle Skin Transformer kit.  It's really nice because my skin feels softer and it looks more radiant. I notice a big difference in my t-zone where my pores need extra help.  I also love the Miracle Revival Mud. I have dry skin, but still suffer from large pores.  This is a great product that makes my skin look smoother. I think that the word "revival" in this product name is a great description!  Finally, while I use the other products on Friday nights when I have special time to pamper myself, I actually use the Triple Active Night Treatment every other evening.  My skin is dry and has fine lines.  This treatment has helped to make my skin to have a more even tone.

4. Skincare that protects.
As I mentioned, I'm not a big makeup person. I rarely wear bright eye shadows or lipsticks. However, I am very dedicated to my skin.  My one makeup splurge is Miracle Skin Face with SPF 20.  I have used this 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer almost daily for several years. I never leave the house without it.  My skin is very dry and suffers from uneven skin tone with some pinkness. I've had photo facial treatments that have helped, but still have uneven skin tone. Miracle Skin Face is amazing because it applies smoothly and makes my skin tone look even.  It also complements my light freckles. I feel so beautiful when I wear this product that I rarely leave home without it.  Plus, it provides UVA/UVB SPF 20 protection which is essential here in Texas.

5. Something that sparkles.
Moms love things that sparkle.  My recommendation for Valentine's Day is the Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight.  (Are you noticing a trend that this is my favorite brand and that I browse this brand at Nordstrom and Sephora often?) This trendy BB & Beyond product hydrates, primes, enhances, illuminates, and protects skin.  I love that it helps to diminish uneven skin texture and appearances of hyper pigmentation. It helps a lot with my issues of large pores, uneven skin tone, and freckles. My skin looks much smoother and even toned when I use this product. Plus, I love that it adds a shimmery sparkle!

6. Breakfast in bed.
Present mom with breakfast in bed.  Personally, my favorite breakfast food is steel cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries and cinnamon.  My husband added a special touch to my favorite breakfast by also adding a strawberry that was cut into the shape of a heart.

We hope that you enjoy some of our special Valentine gift ideas and that you have a wonderful holiday that is filled with love.  

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Visit Miracle Skin Transformer's website here.
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