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Sunday, July 28, 2019

What you need to know about laser hair removal in your 30's and 40's: Why I am having laser hair removal before my hair goes gray

If you follow regularly, you know that I promised to share my journey with laser hair removal.  I recently had my first appointment at spa810 Dallas in Preston Center and it went smoothly (pun intended!) I'm still taking notes about my experience and will share the details soon. For instance, I had the laser hair removal session and am observing the results, especially over the next couple of weeks as the hair sheds. In the meantime, let me tell you why I decided to have laser hair removal at 40 years old and before my hair goes gray!

Prior to starting the laser hair removal processed, I had many questions.  One of my biggest questions was whether it was too late to start laser hair removal at 40 years old. Fortunately, for my situation, I am still at an optimal stage for the experience since my hair hasn't turned gray yet.  Let me share a few questions and answers that you may find interesting.

Why should you have laser hair removal before your hair goes gray?
The way that laser hair removal works is that it targets the melanin or color in the hair follicle.  If you have gray or white hair, the laser is not able to effectively destroy the hair.  At 40 years old, it isn't too late for me and I am excited to experience the results of laser hair removal!  

When does body hair turn gray?
Everyone is unique and will experience gray hair at different ages, including on their bodies. For many people, the hair on their head will typically turn gray before their body hair turns gray.  What is really interesting is that you may notice gray hair on your head, but may not notice it on areas such as your legs as quickly.  For many people, it's a gradual process where the body hair thins and turns gray or white. I've read that some people actually have gray hairs on their legs and don't notice it until they have laser hair removal. The darker hair may stand out, making it difficult to notice the lighter and thinner hair that blends in with the darker hair. Since the laser hair removal process targets the melanin or color in the hair follicle, the lighter hairs are not effectively removed. In those cases, they may have had better results from laser hair removal if they would have had it done before their hair started to turn gray or white.  Personally, at 40 years old, I have not experienced the gray/white body hair yet, so I am lucky to start early enough!  

Is there still a benefit at age 40?
Personally, I felt that it was incredibly worthwhile to pursue laser hair removal at age 40. I wish that I would have done it when I was younger, but it was better late than never.  There are a few reasons that I value laser hair removal:

  • Improved quality of life without razor burn and ingrown hair: I have thick hair and have never been a pro at shaving. I often experienced razor burn and ingrown hairs, especially in my bikini area and on my lower legs. I think that the thickness of my hair and the awkward locations made it tricky to shave. The laser hair removal has made life easier. While I am still going through treatments and haven't finished all of my sessions, I have found that having less hair to shave has made it easier for me to minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • Cost: At 40 years old, let's say that I live to be 90 years old. I know that it's a crazy thought to imagine how long you will live, but my point is that there is still plenty of time to benefit from the results. In my hypothetical scenario, that is 50 years of savings on razors, shaving gel, and occasional waxing. (As an engineer and mom, I can't help but divide the cost of the laser hair removal by 50 to conclude that it's a good deal! Of course, the value extends beyond monetary benefits.)
  • Comfort and confidence: As a mom, I am often stretched thin. This includes rushed showers in the morning. There have been times when I told my children that I wouldn't take them somewhere because I didn't shave well enough to wear a bathing suit on the spur of the moment.  The laser hair removal is a game changer as I am bikini ready at any time!
While I wish that I would have had laser hair removal when I was younger, I am happy that I started before my hair turned gray or white so that I could still experience good results.  Laser hair removal is such a game changer!  

I hope that you will continue to follow along as I chronicle my experience with laser hair removal at spa810 Dallas in the Preston Center.   If you want to try laser hair removal too, check out the spa810 Dallas locations in Preston Center or Uptown. I am a big fan!  They even offer a free laser hair removal session on a small area so that you are able to try it before you commit, so take advantage of the risk-free opportunity.  Plus, our readers will receive 20% off of one service (excluding injectables, coolsculpting or retail; this cannot be combined with any other discounts or promos) with code Trendy Mom Reviews.  I think that you'll be glad that you invested in yourself!  

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