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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A 30 Day Challenge to Spot Clean Your House with 5 Minutes Each Day

A 30 Day Challenge to Spot Clean Your House
It recently occurred to me that there are hundreds of little things that I would like to do around our house. I'm usually too busy and never get to them.  In today's post, I'll share how our family spent 5 minutes each day on a 30 minute spot cleaning challenge that transformed our home.

The Rules:  We each spent 5 minutes or less for 30 days straight to complete spot cleaning tasks around our house.  (In our family, three of us participated, so that was a combined total of 15 minutes/day and 7.5 hours/month.)

Example Tasks:

  1. Clean the mirrors in a bathroom
  2. Clean the baseboards in a room (or multiple rooms as long as it is under 5 minutes)
  3. Clean fingerprints or other marks off of cabinets and kitchen appliances
  4. Clean windows
  5. Clean the bottoms and edges of doors where our kids seem to get smudges on them
  6. Touchup paint doors
  7. Clean doors around hinges 
  8. Dust plantation shutters in a room (or multiple rooms as long as it is under 5 minutes)
  9. Clean corners of floors and baseboards where dust accumulates
  10. Clean extra well around the base and sides of each toilet
  11. Clean the faucets and around their edges for each sink
  12. Spot clean furniture for any stains
  13. Touch up any furniture in need
  14. Clean around the fireplace
  15. Dust the mantle extra clean
  16. Clean the inside of the microwave, oven, or part of the fridge (as much as possible in 5 minutes)
  17. Clean the shower ledges
  18. Clean the corners of the shower
  19. Clean the shower 
  20. Use glass cleaner to clean the shower doors
  21. Clean the bathtub faucet
  22. Clean the area around the plug for the bathtub and jets
  23. Clean the inside of any cabinets (as many as possible in 5 minutes)
  24. Clean under beds or other furniture
  25. Dust fans (as many as possible in 5 minutes)
  26. Dust shelves, especially those with towels or other items on them
  27. Clean out cleaning supplies
  28. Clean the doorbell and door handle
  29. Clean door knobs
  30. Dust furniture
  31. Dust and wipe down light fixtures
  32. Clean the hood above the stove
  33. Clean small kitchen appliances extra well, especially if there is dust or coffee stains
  34. Clean around the bathtub
  35. Clean the banisters
  36. Clean the corners of each stair
  37. Clean out drawers or cabinets
  38. Organize a drawer or cabinet
  39. Clean under bathroom sinks
  40. Clean window sills
  41. Remove scuffs from walls, baseboards, or doors
  42. Remove scuffs from floors or fix any scratches
  43. Wipe down light switches
  44. Clean the outsides of the washer/dryer
  45. Clean the insides of the washer/dryer
  46. Remove any cobwebs in attic or crawl spaces (take multiple passes as needed)
  47. Rotate towels or sheets in linen closets
  48. Dust and/or wipe vents clean
  49. Wipe down kitchen and dining room chairs
  50. Clean the coils on the bottom of the refrigerator
These are just 50 examples, but each should take 5 minutes or less and your home will feel much cleaner after 30 days of family teamwork! In our experience, it was only a small amount of effort, but it added up quickly over the 30 days.

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