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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5 Tips for August Allergies in Dallas and Fort Worth

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and our own.

If you live in Dallas, you are well aware that allergens are causing havoc throughout the metro. We enjoy a relatively nice climate, but the downside is that various plants bloom throughout the year and trigger seasonal allergies.  As a fellow Texan in the DFW metro, let me share 5 allergy tips that have helped our family.

1. Consult your doctor and take medication throughout allergy season. 

I know that "consult a doctor" sounds generic, but I think that it is important because we found that different medications have different affects on each of us. You may even find that siblings respond differently to a medication. If you try an allergy medication that doesn't seem to work well for you, work with your doctor to see if a different one works better. 

2. Use an air purifier with good reviews that fits your space. 

 I did a lot of research and came to find a brand with really good reviews - Airfree.  They offer a few different products in their line of air purifiers. Personally, I fell in love with the Airfree P3000 because it reduces microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. It also covers up to 650 sq. ft. which is perfect for our living room.  Let me share some information that I found during my research on this air purifier.  This information is from the Airfree website: 
"Airfree air purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen, and tobacco odors. SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, and dozens of other international laboratories have proved the effectiveness of Airfree air purifiers at reducing the amount of microorganisms and harmful substances from the air. The TSS technology used is an exclusive and patented technology used in Airfree’s air purifiers, is established in over 50 countries worldwide, and is completely silent. With no fans or turbines, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.
Only Airfree combines high efficiency with an award-winning design that beautifully complements the appearance of your home. Airfree air purifiers do not require any maintenance or replacement parts and generate no waste. There is no need to change filters or moving parts. It uses less energy than a 60w light bulb, is easy to transport, weighs less than 5 lb, and takes up very little space. 
Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms and allergens, destroying them in a fraction of a second. Depending on the model, between 4,000 and 6,000 gallons of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time.
The process works in much the same way as sterilizing water by boiling it; when water is boiled, the microorganisms it contains are eliminated. In similar fashion, Airfree continually draws in air, heating it to over 390ºF and instantly sterilizing it. The purified air is then cooled inside the device before being returned to the room. The entire process is completely silent and requires no maintenance, not even the occasional replacement of parts. All you have to do is switch the device on and leave it to get on with the job. All tests performed on the Airfree air purifiers are available on their website."

Personally, this air purifier has been great for us here in Dallas. As a long term allergy sufferer, I am grateful to the Airfree engineers that designed this air purifier because they seem to be perfectionists. This air purifier has been quiet, effective, and low maintenance for us.  We literally pulled it out of the box, removed the plastic, and plugged it in.  It's a self contained purchase since it doesn't require us to replace any filters. It works like a dream. I couldn't be happier!

3. Check your local pollen forecast.
Minimizing allergen exposure is helpful. Check pollen.com for the local pollen forecast in your area. For instance, grass pollens are particularly problematic for me, so staying indoors as much as possible on medium and high pollen days is helpful.  In addition, if I do need to go outside, I head straight for the shower when I get home. I also wear a new outfit after my shower. 

4. Avoid fragrance, fumes, or odors.
I used to love wearing fragrance.  It never occurred to me that fragrances were making my allergies worse until my allergist pointed this out. I would take scented bubble baths, generously apply scented lotion, and spray fragrance on myself. Eliminating fragrance has been helpful. I rarely use fragrance anymore since I realize that it has an impact on my allergies.

5. Run the a/c to help filter the air in your car.

Life has to go on despite allergies.  Personally, I have to drive places even if I have allergies.  Running the a/c in my car helps because this filters the air in the car.

I hope that these tips help those of you that are suffering from allergies.  We have lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro for several years.  Our first couple of years were the worst in terms of allergies, but then I learned the tips above and we have felt much better.  Let's hope for some low-pollen days soon!

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