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Friday, October 26, 2018

I Saved 1,765 Minutes/Year on Shaving My Legs After Laser Hair Removal: How Much Time Could You Possibly Save?

Today's post is for those of you who have been considering laser hair removal, but go back-and-forth on whether or not to give it a try. You'll love the fact that my Mom/Engineer personality often causes me to analyze things in excessive detail. This even includes experiences with beauty products and routines.  In today's post, I will share my qualitative and quantitative assessments of my laser hair removal experience. (Spoiler alert - I love my results and recommend that you try a free session if you are on the fence!) 

Let me give a quick recap.  I visit spa810 in Dallas (Preston Center) for laser hair removal. I chose this spa because they have fantastic reviews and use the FDA-approved Alma Soprano ICE laser which is a gold standard for laser hair removal. I've had a great experience at spa810 with this laser and am happy with my results.

Let's start with numbers. I used to spend 5 minutes shaving my legs every morning. According to an article in Glamour Magazine, I'm quick when it comes to shaving my legs as the average woman in their survey spends 10.9 minutes.  I guess that I have had decades of experience with my routine and became fairly efficient over the years. The same article reports that women will shave an average of 7,718.4 times in their lifetime and spend $10k on supplies. In another article, "Wax Vs. Laser Hair Removal,"  they estimate the cost of waxing as $23,000 over a lifetime and that laser hair removal saves $20,000. It seems that waxing is even more expensive than shaving. (Read my post about why I chose laser hair removal over waxing. It's not just the cost!) Whether you have been shaving or waxing, the time and cost certainly adds up if you stop to think about it!

For my personal situation, consider that there are 365 days/year x 5 minutes/day for shaving. That is approximately 1,825 minutes/year to shave my legs.  Now that laser hair has been so successful, I have a dramatic decrease in hair and only shave once a month.  Seriously, once a month!  That is approximately 60 minutes/year that I spend shaving my legs for an annual time savings of 1,765 minutes. It's also fascinating that the hair that is left is quite thin and not very noticeable. It's much easier to shave.  (Visit my post that shows examples of hair reduction.)

Another quantifiable savings is that I no longer need to spend as much on razors or shaving gel.  I save 97% on razors and shaving gel now that I only shave once a month.  Of course, as you continue to read, it's not just the numbers that make me happy about my results, but rather the way that it has changed my day-to-day life.

Let's move on to my qualitative assessment. As someone with pale skin and thick dark hair, the results have been dramatic. I've quickly adapted to my easier lifestyle. I take for granted that my morning routine is quicker and definitely appreciate the extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning!  My skin feels better since I don't shave and cut myself as often. I used to get razor burn around my knees, but haven't had that problem lately since my hair is no longer as course or thick.  I am thrilled with my results.

If you haven't tried laser hair removal yet, I encourage you to consider it because the experience has been life changing for me. If you like to analyze situations closely, try this one-month challenge and extrapolate the results to compute the estimated possible benefits for you:

  • Record the number of times that you shave for one month
  • Record the amount of time that you spend shaving for one month
  • Record the number of razors and cans of shaving gel that you use during the month, including the price
  • Record the number of times that you cut yourself with a razor
  • Record the number of times that you experience razor burn and the location(s)
Once you record this data for a month, multiply it by 12 to compute the annual time spent on shaving your legs and the cost of supplies. This is just an estimate for fun, but it's still quite revealing.  (Of course, there are no guarantees that we each spend the same amount of time or that we will all have the same results since we are all unique individuals, but if you end up with similar results to me, you will appreciate sleeping in for an extra five minutes on the mornings that you no longer need to shave your legs!)

In addition to the numbers, I also think that some people are hesitant to try new things. I recommend trying a free sample laser hair removal session so that you feel more comfortable in your decision. Most spas require you to pay up front, but I found one spa that will give you a free session on a small area so that you are able to see if you feel comfortable. It's the spa that I visit - spa810 in Dallas (Preston Center). I know that some people worry about whether it hurts. Personally, I find it tolerable and worthwhile, especially with the Alma Soprano ICE laser that they use.  However, it's always nice to have the option to try it yourself!

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