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Monday, December 24, 2018

The KANO Computer Kit is a Must-Have Toy for Kids Who Want to Be Future Tech Moguls!

Our favorite STEM toy this year is the KANO Computer Kit.  This trendy set is perfect for future tech moguls. The kit is very detailed and organized in a way that we found to promote a successful experience for our son! 

Let's start with opening the box.  The Kano packaging shows that a lot of care went into the design. The components are arranged in a clean and attractive manner.

The kit includes several pieces, including: a Kano manual, stickers, Raspberry Pi, Kano case, the Kano light shield for the Raspberry Pi (with button), HDMI cable, power cable and adapter, Kano software on a micro SD card, and a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

After assembly, the HDMI cable, the USB power, and keyboard USB adapter must be connected to the Kano.

When Kano lights up for the first time its time for the fun to begin!

The Kano developers provided a fun way to experience Kano for the first time and learn some Linux commands at the same time:

Going down the rabbit hole...

Next, the Kano setup allows you to create a personalized avatar.

Then, its time to dive right into several of the pre-loaded apps that also include a story mode to guide you through the different apps.

The story mode allows you to control your avatar and to explore the world of Kano.

The Kano code app starts with a guided series of tutorials to learn coding techniques.

We had a fantastic time programming a street graffiti program that teaches how to control the size, position, and color of drawing shapes.

We also had fun with the app to program Kano's lights.  Learning how to control LEDs vs high level commands to draw to the screen in the graffiti program gave us greater appreciation for different programming techniques and devices they control.

We are glowing about this trendy Build Your Own Computer Kit from KanoThe designers of this set deserve accolades for their fabulous design and attention to detail. They set my son up for a successful experience that encourages his interest in computers and coding.  If he grows up to be a tech mogul, we will definitely send a thank you card to the Kano design team because this kit helped to cultivate his interests!

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