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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How I Installed the GE C-Start Smart Switch and C-Sleep Lightbulbs

In today's post, I'll tell you about the new GE C-Start Smart Switch and C-Sleep Lightbulbs that I installed. It was a quick and easy DIY project that I recommend if you don't already have smart lighting features in your home.

Let's start with the GE C-Start Smart Switch because it is nice to install for Valentine's Day. I installed it in our kitchen since we plan to have a lovely Valentine's dinner at home and the lighting provides a special touch.  I was surprised by how easy the instructions were to follow and that I could install it so easily.

I started by turning off the electricity to our kitchen and then followed the instructions.  While you should refer to the instruction booklet that comes with the switch, I'll show a few photos to show the highlights.  (Be sure to carefully read the instructions that come with the products since we skip some steps in order to keep the post at a high level.)

I removed the face plate for our current set of switches.

I then checked out the wiring and carefully reviewed the instruction booklet to make sure that I followed the steps correctly.

I followed the instructions to swap the old light switch with the new smart switch.

I then started to put things back together.

Now we enjoy our GE C-Start Smart Switch!  My favorite thing about this smart switch is that it offers motion detection so that it automatically turns on when I walk down the hallway to the kitchen. I also like to use the dimming feature. My husband loves to use the app to control the lights. If you have a Google Home Mini, you may also use the voice control feature.  It's really nice. It seems like the GE team sat down to think of every possible feature that a customer would want and perfected this smart switch!

Next, we installed C-Sleep Smart Bulbs. These were easy to install, similar to other lightbulbs. We also downloaded an app.  I initially wanted these bulbs because I liked the natural lighting settings. The lights support your natural sleep/wake cycle. For instance, the 6:30am setting provides vibrant morning light, the noon setting provides an optimal soft white light for the day, and the 8:45pm provides a softer and warmer evening light that for a calmer environment. The tech side is also impressive as the lights may be controlled via blue-tooth, use preset lighting scenes, or be controlled with voice control, out-of-home-control, or switches.  As a bonus, my husband realized that we could install them on a schedule in our oldest son's room. The lights now turn on when it is his "wake up time" and "lights out time".  Our son used to complain and try to negotiate extra time to stay up late, but the negotiations have stopped now that the lights are on a timer. (I'm sure that parents will appreciate this!)

In summary, if you are planning to slowly, but surely, add smart features to your house, these products from GE are a great way to make progress. We love the useful and convenient features.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions.  I am not an electrician and every home is unique. I didn't feature every step-by-step instruction because the purpose of the post was to give a high level overview of my experience. This was just my experience and you should carefully review the instructions for each product and seek advice as needed.

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