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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Failed My Pregnancy Glucose Test But Didn't Have Gestational Diabetes

I did not have gestational diabetes!
If you have taken the gestational diabetes test where you drink the orange glucose drink, I'm sure that you never want to have to drink it again. I had the misfortune to go through this testing twice during my pregnancy.  The good news is that further testing revealed I didn't have gestational diabetes even though I failed the first test.  Let me share what happened.

I started by chugging the disgusting orange glucose drink. I felt nauseous after I drank it. I was afraid that I would vomit, but I was fine.  My doctor's office notified me shortly after that I needed to come back in for another round of testing. 

The second round of testing was stressful because my mind raced with different clues that I thought were signs that I had gestational diabetes.

Sign 1: A waiting room of obese pregnant women
I arrived at my doctor's office and there were 3 other pregnant women that were also there for the testing. No offense to obese women, but my anxiety increased because the other 3 women were obese and my mind started racing that they probably had gestational diabetes because they are overweight in addition to pregnant, so I must have gestational diabetes too if I was called back with them.  They were super friendly and two of them told me that they had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy and it was manageable. So, ok... breathe...

Sign 2: I got dizzy and had to lay down during testing
After chugging the glucose, I because dizzy and had to lay down. It wasn't just nausea this time. I was very dizzy and actually did vomit.  I thought that I must have gestational diabetes.

Sign 3: My husband had to come pick me up
I was in terrible shape. One of the nurses called my husband and he came and picked me up since they said that I shouldn't walk by myself or drive.  

Finally, the results were back and I did NOT have gestational diabetes.  I was happy!   I still don't know why my body struggled so much with those glucose drinks, but I am glad that I never have to go through that again.  My doctor doesn't know why they made me so sick either, but then again, I also had nausea and vomiting throughout my entire pregnancy and had difficulty eating much, let alone something as extreme as a glucose drink.

Here is my baby bump after surviving the glucose tests!

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