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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Stop Washing Your Hair Daily (Haircare Tips for Your 40's)

How to Stop Washing Your Hair Daily
I washed my hair daily for 40 years. Sometimes I washed it twice/day if I went to the gym or swimming. Three months ago, I set a New Year's resolution to stop washing my hair as much in order to see if it helped to increase the health of my hair.  This coincided with my transition into my 40's and my entry into the world of coloring my hair to cover gray hair that began to pop up. I quickly realized that I need to be extra careful about habits that dry my hair. I took an important step to reduce the frequency of washing my hair in hope of better hair health.  Three months later, I'm happy with my decision and find it easy to wash my hair only a few times a week.  Let me share tips that helped me to stop washing my hair daily.

1. Rinse instead of shampoo.
I have serious bedhead in the morning. When I shower, I use warm or cool water to lightly rinse my hair so that it is presentable. It would be ideal to skip the rinse, but still, I feel that it often helps me to feel cleaner.

2. Don't focus on a schedule as much as observing when you need to wash your hair.
Some people tell me that they go a week without washing their hair. That's not me. I guess that I have greasier hair, so I just see how I feel and wash as needed. I've found this helpful because I sometimes feel comfortable going a few days without washing, but other times feel that I need to wash my hair two days in a row.  Around my monthly cycle, I notice that I need to wash my hair more often.   I found that when I was initially obsessed with a schedule, it didn't work well for me. When I focused more on a day-by-day assessment, it was more manageable.

3. Don't load up on heavy hair serums or other products.
Try not to use too many heavy hair products. If you wash your hair and then load it up with hair products, this will weigh your hair down and you will probably feel the urge to wash it sooner.

4. Pay close attention to the area around your hairline to avoid breakouts.
The natural oil is good for your hair, but not necessarily for your face. I started breaking out around my hair line. I found that brushing my hair to help redistribute the oil a bit away from my face was easy for me.

5. Use a dry shampoo.
Try our DIY Dry Shampoo for brunettes. If you are a blonde, you probably want to reduce or omit the cocoa powder.

6. Braid your hair or put it into a bun.
I found that putting my hair into a bun helps to add an extra day to my willpower of holding out from washing my hair. 

7. Slowly adjust your routine.
Start off slowly. It gets easier with experience. Don't worry if you only cut out 1 or 2 days per week. Just try your best and do what is comfortable. I found that I wanted to wash my hair more often during the first month, but now I am able to go longer because I have more experience and know little tricks like those mentioned above.

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