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Friday, March 8, 2024

Tips for Easter Egg Hunts for Teens and Tweens

We love a good Easter Egg Hunt! Even if your children no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, it is still fun to continue Easter traditions.  It can be a lot of fun to organize a challenging Easter Egg for older children! Here are some tips to increase the difficulty of an Easter Egg Hunt for tweens and teens.  

1. Use Hard-To-Find Easter Eggs

Wonka makes fantastic plastic Easter Eggs that blend into the terrain. For instance, they include eggs that look like rocks, tulips, and eggs that blend with the grass and trees. These are perfect for older children that are up for a challenge. For instance, check out the photo below where we hid Wonka Hard-To-Find Easter Eggs that look like rocks in our rose bush.

This Wonka Hard-To-Find Lady Bug Egg blends into a bush.

Here is another example where we used eggs that blend with grass or trees.

Our flowers haven't bloomed yet, so we added Wonka's Hard-To-Find Eggs shaped like tulip in the plants.

2. Make it a GPS Egg Hunt

Another fun idea is to turn the Easter Egg Hunt into one that uses GPS. Give clues that make the eager hunters creatively solve problems in order to find the locations of eggs.  The level of difficulty is easy to adjust based on the age of your children. You may even want to get multiple families involved for extra competition!

3. Make it a Haunted Egg Hunt

If you have adventurous children that love surprises, move your egg hunt to evening and make it a haunted Egg Hunt!  We wrap eggs in glow sticks which is popular and memorable for children.  This is a great way to excite children.

Here is an indoor egg that we wrapped with a glow stick.

Here is another for outside.

4. Make it a race

Another option is to make the Egg Hunt a race between children.  "Ready, Set, Go!" Let them race to find the most eggs. The winner receives a special prize and bragging rights. The winner also gets to pick what we eat for breakfast.

5. Make it a Nerf theme.
Finally, check our our Nerf themed Easter Egg Hunt here.

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