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Monday, April 22, 2019

Candytopia in Dallas Offers the Best Childhood Experiences and Memories!

We all have our favorite childhood memories that feel magical and whimsical to us.  We treasure these memories for our entire lives.  In today's post, I'll tell you about Candytopia in Dallas because I believe that our visit will always rate at the top of my children's lists for happy childhood memories!  At the same time, I will try to strike a balance between telling you why it is so amazing without spoiling too many details.

Let's start with the location.  Candytopia is located in Preston Hollow (Dallas). Here is the address (and I linked it to Google Maps):
8021 Walnut Hill Lane,  Suite 2000, Dallas, TX 75231

What is most striking to me about Candytopia is the combination of artistic talent and how much thought must have gone into the unique experience.  The designers are clearly talented artists, but also perfectionists who seemed to think of the user experience from start to finish.  The creativity and attention to detail is stunning!  I've never seen anything quite like it before and think that it is something that everyone should visit with their family while it is still here in Dallas. 

There are several rooms that you visit throughout the tour.  Each room has a trendy theme with candy art and/or activities.   Again, I want to strike a balance between telling you enough so that you understand what to expect, but without spoiling too many surprises, so let me just share a few photos.

The candy sculptures are amazing! This dragon is one of my favorites!  Did they use any of your favorite candies to create him?

This lion is another one of my favorites! Are you able to count the cola gummies?

This snail is adorable. Are you able to count the gummy bears?

My children loved the ocean-themed room!  Who wants to eat who in this photo?!

We also love that Candytopia in Dallas has plenty of interactive art.  What's better than walking around in the clouds with a lollipop?

Each room also has a treasure chest for you to take candy samples.  This is a lot of fun for children!  (Adults seemed to love it too!)

My children's favorite experience was the marshmallow pit. Actually, my toddler continues to ask to return because he wants to play in the marshmallows again! It was a fun sensory activity that felt magical to him!

In summary, Candytopia in Dallas created some of the most magical and whimsical childhood memories for my children.  It was also fun for us as parents!  We definitely recommend Candytopia to everyone that we know because this one-of-a-kind attraction is unbelievably cool from start-to-finish. The Candytopia team truly created something special and memorable for families to experience together!

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