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Friday, March 1, 2019

The Best Books that Boys Will Love in Their Easter Baskets!

Easter is a just a hop around the corner.  We always include books in our children's Easter baskets.  In today's post, I'll share tried-and-true book recommendations that our 3rd grade son personally read and raved about. These cover all of the coveted book topics for boys, including LEGO the Movie, Star Wars, Pokemon, Fiesty Pets, and top video games.  All of the books are from our favorite publisher - Scholastic. We'll also tell you about our Easter tradition to donate lightly used books to Little Free Libraries in our town.

The first round of books focus on The LEGO Movie.   This movie was just released in February and is still quite popular.  My loves this movie, so I was excited to find books that he would read from cover-to-cover with enthusiasm.  There are four that he loved that we recommend: The LEGO Movie: Keeping it Awesomer with Emmet, The LEGO Movie: Welcome to Apocolypsburg, The LEGO Movie 2: Junior Novel, and The LEGO Movie: Epic Character Handbook.  The first book that I mentioned comes with a LEGO Mini Figure of Emmet.  All of the books are engaging and fun for junior readers!

The next round of books focus on Feisty Pets.  My children each have their own Feisty Pet. If you haven't seen them, they are both cute and disturbing. If the animal is sitting on a shelf or somewhere, it looks sweet.  If you squeeze the pet's head, it reveals fangs and the eyebrows move to an evil position. The books below show examples. My children love their Feisty Pets. They pretend like their Feisty Pets are sweet, but will protect them.  Scholastic has books that really bring these toys to life.  The first book that you'll want is the Official Feisty Pets Handbook. My son spent hours reading about the different pets. He really enjoys the various facts in the book.  The second is the Feisty Pets: Get Feisty book.  This book is geared toward little boy humor with plenty of jokes.  I won't spoil the book for you completely, but my son has been trying to get me to make a smoothie using a pretend recipe from the book that uses "green beans - the jellybean variety" and other silly ingredients.  I think that he has read the book so many times that he has it almost memorized.  (That's a complement to the authors!)

My son is obsessed with video games. We recently visited the National Video Game museum and he loved it. The 2019 Game On! book was the perfect follow-up book. He learned a lot about video games at the museum and then added to his knowledge with this book.  It seems like the ultimate book for little boys!

If you have a little boy, I'm sure that Pokemon is a big part of your world.  There are a few books that our son loves and has read multiple times.  The Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook and the Pokemon Classic Collector's Handbook contain a lot of information about the characters and game. My son often quotes things from these books which is a sign that he loves them. The Pokemon: Battle with the Ultra Beast  book is a fantastic junior novel. The Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Case Files is great because it makes readers think on their own about clues. Both of these books kept him up late at night because he couldn't put them down.  It's really sweet to see him enjoy books so much!

You'll never go wrong with a New York Times bestselling book from the Star Wars Jedi Academy series!   My son recently read a book from this series - Jedi Academy #7: Revenge of the Sis.  My husband reads to our son every evening as part of his bedtime routine before giving him time to read to himself. They read this book together over the course of a week and really enjoyed it. All of the books in Scholastic's Star Wars Jedi Academy collection are engaging and imaginative.  This latest release is great for young readers!

Finally, when my children receive new books, we donate their lightly used books to Little Free Libraries. There are actually a few in our area, so we plan to spend some time restocking the ones near our house.  It's a fun tradition for our family!

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