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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tips for How to Buy Clothing When You Plan to Lose Weight (Post-Partum Weight Loss)

In today's post, we'll talk about the awkward fashion stage that comes with working on weight loss and anticipating that your clothing size will change in the coming weeks and/or months.  Most people don't want to go on a shopping spree when they are planning to lose weight, but a few nice items to wear during the transition makes a big difference. Let me share my story and tips.

After I gave birth to my son, my weight did not return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was in a stage where my maternity clothing needed to go, but I couldn't comfortably fit back into my regular clothing. Whether your weight gain was from pregnancy or the extra pounds creeped up on you over the years, I know the feeling of putting off buying new clothing until reaching a target weight, but sometimes missing the goal and feeling lost in your wardrobe. There are fashion tips to help you as you work to shed the weight.  Here are some tips.

1. Buy loose fitting dresses that don't accentuate your waist.
We love loose fitting dresses that provide room to shrink. For instance, Jill Yoga has some great options such as the Ladies Stretch Cotton Tunic Dress that is casual and stylish. This stretch french terry dress is comfortable. I love the front kangaroo pocket that refocuses my stomach a bit. You'll notice that it has a trendy design that will also fit for a while as you continue to lose weight, especially around your waist. The photo below shows how the dress continued to fit throughout the process of losing 16 pounds!  I love how forgiving the dress was in the beginning when my weight was quite heavy and that it continued to look better and better as I lost weight. It was perfect during my weight loss journey! It's still one of my favorite dresses.

2. Buy casual joggers made with good quality stretchy material.
Pants are the hardest item to purchase during a phase of weight loss because you may easily go through many pairs of pants in different sizes throughout the process. Casual joggers are great solution! They are in style right now which is great for those of us who are working to lose weight and worry about changing sizes as we shed the pounds.  The important key for this purchase is to buy joggers that are made with a good quality stretchy material so that you get extra mileage out of them as you lose weight. We love the Ladies Stretch Cotton Joggers from Jill Yoga because they use high quality fabric and the design for these pants are cozy and  flexible.  They actually only sell them in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. This is a clue that there is flexibility in the sizing compares to numerical sizes. Personally, I've found them to be fantastic as I have lost 16 pounds.  I love that these pants were so accommodating through my weight transition.  I received many complements on them as people noticed my weight loss.  I am now 16 pounds lighter and they are my go-to pants for evening walks with my family. 

3. Buy comfortable shoes that provide good support.
If you are working to lose weight, you have probably spent a lot of time on runs or at the gym. Personally, I take daily walks and runs, so good quality shoes are important. I  replace my running shoes after approximately 300 miles of walking/running. I just reached this goal recently and picked out the ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 24 shoes below.  (Check back soon because I have a lot more to say about these shoes!)

In addition to athletic shoes, my everyday shoes are Arcopedico’s Sec V. This is one of my favorite brands because they focus on good support in their trendy designs. These shoes are particularly amazing because the Nylon knit upper provides controlled freedom and promotes healthy circulation. They fit my relaxed summer style and are very comfortable. When I was losing weight, these were ultra comfortable. Now that I've met my weight loss goal, I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and these are my go-to shoes.  I've received many complements on them too!

4. Buy comfortable cooling pajamas.
The postpartum adjustment extends beyond weight issues. Personally, the combination or postpartum hormones and working hard to lose weight really threw me off. I often woke up sweating at night.  Thank goodness for Cool Jams moisture wicking pajamas.  These pajamas are very popular with women going through menopause, but they also have stylish designs for younger women.  Actually, it's not uncommon for women to experience night sweats after giving birth. Our hormones take time to adjust back to normal.  I'm so grateful for my Short Sleeve Button Front Moisture Wicking Pajama Set that keeps me more comfortable. The Cool-jams™ wicking technology - absorbs moisture, keeps skin cool and comfortable all night long and eliminates body odor-causing bacteria.  Plus, the stretchy waist was perfect for me as I lost weight.  I still where them now that I've reached my target weight. They are my favorite pajamas and were seriously amazing while my body adjusted back to normal. Now that I've given them a try, I'll continue to wear this brand of pajamas!

Good luck as you work toward your weight loss goal. I know that being is the process of losing weight is a vulnerable phase. Many people are hesitant to stop and buy new clothing before they make it to their final goal, but I hope that the items that I featured above are helpful since a few nice items helps with comfort and confidence.  I actually bought several other pieces of clothing during my weight loss journey, but not everything worked out so well. The items above were my 

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