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Saturday, June 1, 2019

You Will Be Blown Away with ZURU Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons + DIY Alien Balloons!

As a mom of two boys with a large age gap, I have blown up my share of balloons, inflatable swords, swim wings, and pool floats.  I won't lie - blowing up balloons, inflatables, and pool toys is one of my least favorite tasks, even if it's only a few at a time, so I was happy to find a new product that steps in to take the lead for me - Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons! This game changing product actually makes me excited to blow up balloons and inflatables!  In today's post, I'll tell you about this easy-to-use and versatile product.  I'll also share a fun DIY project to create Alien Balloons for space-themed parties!

The way that it works is that you use the special Bunch O Balloons Self Sealing Party Balloons that come with stems attached to them.  You attach the stems to the unit. (You may attach more. I just used one set of 8 balloons so that it's easier for you to see how it works it's magic.)  

You then push the button and the party pump quickly fills the balloons.  It is able to fill up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds.  Each balloon already has a ribbon attached to it too!  (Yes, class parties!!  I'll volunteer for balloons now that I'm able to handle an entire class in 40 seconds.)

There is literally no more blowing, no more tying and no need to add ribbon or string! You simply attach the balloon stems to the Electric Party Pump and press go! Within seconds, ZURU Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons will fill and self-tie with ease and convenience.  Check out the video below:

The party pump is versatile as it is also comes with the attachments shown below so that you are able to use it to blow up inflatables and pool floats.  I feel like it's an amazing deal. Not only do we use it to blow up balloons, but we also use it to blow up all kinds of kids stuff such as beach balls, pool floats, and more.

The ZURU Bunch O Balloons Party Starter Pack comes complete with the Electric Party Pump, 48 Self-Sealing Party Balloons, helium tank adaptor and fast-fill hose attachment for other inflatables, priced at $29.99 plus postage and is available now at

Finally, it's possible to hook the balloons up to a helium tank with the special attachment.  The ZURU Bunch O Balloons Party Pump Starter Pack with attachment accessories and two balloon stems (16 balloons) will be available for SRP $14.99 and ZURU Bunch O Balloons 3 stem (24 Balloon) packs including a helium adaptor will be offered in various colors for SRP $9.99 each.   If you have an upcoming space-themed party, try the easy DIY Alien Balloons as shown below. 

To create these alien balloons, just fill your Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons with a helium tank and the special Bunch O Balloons attachment.  Then draw faces on them with a black marker!

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