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Monday, July 1, 2019

How to Create a Doll House Makeover Project for Kids with Calico Critters

My family loves to watch HGTV shows. We love anything to do with home improvement.  We recently had the opportunity to tour the HGTV Dream House in Roanoke, TX. It's located about 10 minutes from our house, so this was an exciting opportunity.  In the meantime, the experience increased my children's interest in home design. They love to design doll houses and renovate their existing doll houses. In today's post, I'll share tips for a fun summer activity that will keep your little ones busy without breaking your budget -- Doll House Makeover Projects for Kids with help from Calico Critters!

1. Stock up on recycled supplies.

Give your kids cardboard, paper towel rolls, and other other items that they may upcycle into a house or home renovations to an existing house.  They will also need tape and/or glue.

2. Get the latest Calico Critters Red Roof Series home accessories for their houses
Your little architects and home designers will love everything from the new appliances, such as an adorable washer that spins, a “working" microwave that turns red when hot, to new curtains that make their Calico Critters home pop! 

Let me share a few photos. The little kitchen design below is adorable!

There are many intricate kitchen accessories. The Calico Critters team pays very close attention to detail! My children have spent many hours with the products shown below.

Check out these accessories for a laundry room.

They also have accessories that make it easy to furnish a bedroom.

As I mentioned before, the Calico Critters design team is very detailed.  Your children will even have hours of fun with the light fixtures and curtains!

3. Create design challenges.
Have your children compete in design challenges. For instance, challenge them to build and decorate a treehouse or an upscale hotel. They will be busy for hours as they try to create the trendiest design.

We hope that you enjoyed this sneak peek into our children's favorite doll house projects and supplies.  If you want to check out our favorite Calico Critters products, visit their website here!

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The products that we featured above include:

Kitchen Island Ages 3+/ $12.95
Kids can help their critters make delicious homemade food with the addition of the Kitchen Island. The Kitchen Island includes kitchen furniture and real-working appliances: a spinning mixer, changeable donut and waffle maker and a scale that moves up and down to weigh special ingredients.

Microwave Cabinet Ages 3+/ $11.95
Baking just got a lot easier with the Microwave Cabinet. Now, kids can use it to bake delicious pastries with their critters. The Microwave Cabinet includes a “working” microwave that turns red when hot, a kitchen cabinet, baking pan and pie.

Breakfast Playset Ages 3+/ $12.95
Using the Breakfast Playset, kids can enjoy a yummy meal with their critters while learning the importance of breakfast. Critters can get their morning meals ready with real-working appliances including the toaster and rabbit-shaped pancake maker. A blender, basket, fruit, eggs, plates and utensils are also included to complete the Breakfast Playset.

Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner Ages 3+/ $11.95
With the help of the Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner, children can keep their critters’ homes nice & tidy. The 2-in-1 convertible vacuum and “working” washing machine will clean wooden floors and clothes with a turn of a dial.

Wall Lamps & Curtain Set Ages 3+/ $12.95
Children can now add pops of color to the Red Roof Country Home with new specifically-designed decorative accessories. The Wall Lamps & Curtain set includes four gold detailed lamps, three small floral curtains, a large floral curtain, five rods and eight pink tiebacks.

Bed & Comforter Set Ages 3+/ $11.95
After a fun-filled day in the Village, children can give their critters a little break with the Bed & Comforter set. Critters can lay on the form-fitting mattress and pillow for a nap in the middle of the day. Children can also help them get ready for bedtime by tucking them in their beds with the matching comforter. The set includes a bed, mattress and matching comforter and pillow.

All of these products are available on the Calico Critters website.

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