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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

DIY Star Wars Light Saber Bubble Wands for Halloween Parties + Party Supplies from Zak! Designs

DIY Star Wars Halloween Light Saber Bubble Wands

Similar to most other boys, my sons and their friends cannot get enough of Star Wars. I am starting to think that they dedicate 20% of their brains to Star Wars.  In today's post, I'll share how to DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands for class parties and tell you about Star Wars themed Halloween products by Zak! Designs that are also perfect for parties with little ones. (Spoiler alert - the plates and cups are spooky and adorable, but equally important is that they are sturdy for parties where little hands may accidentally drop things!) I'll also tell you about their Harry Potter Halloween items that my oldest son and his classmates love!

DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands
  • One dozen Big Bubble Wands
  • Colorful Masking Tape Set
1. Select your favorite color roll of tape and bubble wand. 

2. As shown in steps 2 and 3 of the photo below, wrap one piece of tape over the bottom edge and then a second piece in a perpendicular position over the bottom edge so that the bottom is fully covered. 

3. As shown in steps 4 and 5, wrap tape around the handle until it is fully covered.

4. As shown in step 6, use the red masking tape to create a button for the light saber. My son and his friends will tell you that while flexibility is allowed for the colors of the bubble wands and handle tape, the button must always be the color red. Optionally, add stripes to the handle for extra fun.

5. Add the DIY Light Saber Bubble Wands to a pretty basket. Now that you have the final bubble wands, blow bubbles for the children and let them use their trendy Light Saber Bubble Wands to chase and pop the bubbles!

This is a fun project for Halloween parties, especially class parties at school!

In addition to the trendy DIY Star Wars Light Saber Bubble Wands, let me also share that Zak! Designs has the best Star Wars Halloween party supplies, including cups (with lids!), leak-proof water bottles, and plastic plates.  Our favorite items below include the Star Wars Halloween Mealtime set from Zak! Designs.  

These trendy products from Zak! Designs are a great way to dress up a class party. It's fun to see the children excited about the Halloween twist on their favorite characters. We also love that the items are sturdy for younger children who may accidentally drop items. (I know all about this as a Room Mom and the tears that flow if a cup spills or breaks!  Cups with lids and leak-proof water bottles are so important for younger children.)  

Finally, I should mention that Zak! Designs has many other fun Halloween themed products, including everything from Harry Potter to The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Personally, my oldest son loves Harry Potter.  Zak! Designs has a Harry Potter Mealtime set that he loves. The cup with lid/straw, leak-proof water bottle, and plastic plate have our favorite Harry Potter characters and phrases. You'll notice the whimsical design of the characters for Halloween.  In addition, they also have trendy ceramic mugs. The one on the left below will change colors when it's warm. The one on the right has a festive cauldron design.  These products are fun for spooky Halloween celebrations!

I hope that you enjoyed these fun ideas for Halloween parties. Visit the Zak! Designs website to learn more here.

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