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Sunday, September 15, 2019

We Love that Yowie Makes it Fun to Learn About Ecological Conservation!

You've probably noticed Yowie treats at stores such as World Market. (They've also handed them out at the Dallas Zoo in the past!) Perhaps their whimsical packaging caught your attention. There are a lot of reasons to love these trendy little treats, including everything from the delicious taste to the educational fun of learning about ecological conservation.

In mid-90’s Australia, a confectionary company named Yowie Group introduced the mission of educating children about the natural world. Decades later, Yowie is making a comeback in the United States with their same mission: empowering kids and their parents to make a difference in ecological conservation. Each treat includes a delicious sweet treat with a surprise collectible animal and full color leaflet. Even better, They can learn more about the topic by scanning links on the leaflet with a mobile device to download the free YowieCollector app on the AppStore or Google Play as the brand has quickly adapted to the interactive, tech-focused world that children now live in. Yowie makes it fun to learn about ecological conservation. Who doesn't love a good treat and engaging educational fun?!

Let me share a few examples of our favorite Yowie products.

Yowie currently has a limited edition collection of Yowie Chocolate Surprise Eggs that contain Wild Water creatures.  For instance, you'll see that we broke one open below and it contained a beautiful seahorse. I won't ruin the surprises for you, but I will share that it came with a nice full-color insert and then we were able to use their app to learn more. My oldest son is obsessed!

Yowie Gummies are my personal favorite. They come with generously sized gummies, a collectible animal figure, and a full color insert about the animal. Again, you are able to use the app to learn more! The gummies rock my preschooler's  little world!

Yowie Bites are also a lot of fun. They come with two delicious chocolates, an animal figure, a full color insert about the animal, and a puzzle piece. Our family loves these treats, plus we are excited to work on the puzzle together. Fingers crossed that we are able to build it soon!

We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into the whimsical and educational world of Yowie treats!

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