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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Universal Yums Makes It Fun To Celebrate Halloween With Candy From Around The World!

We recently came across an amazing Halloween idea -- the Universal Yums Halloween box of candies from around the world.  This trendy box is perfect little ghosts and goblins who are curious about other countries and who dream of traveling.  The Universal Yums Halloween box is also perfect for class parties since little ones love the whimsical experience of sampling snacks from around the world.  We also love this box for parties because the snacks from different countries help to start fun conversations.  In today's post, I'll tell you more about Universal Yums.

Let's start with the basics. Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box that surprises you with snacks from around the world.  The monthly Universal Yums subscription focuses on one country each month and sends a variety of snacks and information about those snacks.  Personally, we tried a special box -- the Universal Yums Halloween Box -- which is a bit different as it is themed around the Halloween holiday and specifically includes candies from six different countries. It also includes a special box with a very nice presentation to share the candies with friends, family, or Trick-or-Treaters.  For instance, the photo below shows that the box includes six containers that you embed into the compartments. Each compartment is labeled by country and includes the name of each candy and a high level overview of what to expect. As I mentioned, this is a lot of fun for class parties with children because it's educational, but also whimsical as children love to imagine what it's like to live in other countries.   It's also a nice design for adult parties because everyone loves to sample the unique candies and talk about their travel experiences. Of course, it's also a unique idea for Trick-or-Treaters or office parties! Here is a close-up of the different candies from Columbia, Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Spain, and Greece. 

Personally, as you see in my box, the curators of the box did a really nice job.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect and admit that I was a combination of intrigued and hesitant. I loved the concept, but wasn't quite sure if the box would contain things that I could pick up at a local store.  When the box arrived, it exceeded my expectations!  The selection was fantastic and everyone quickly found a favorite treat! They also learned trivia about the respective countries. 

In the photos above, you may not realize that the Universal Yums box is generously packed with 300+ pieces of candy. It was a good value. The photo below shows that I actually had more candy behind-the-scenes to refill the containers throughout the party.  It's a great value for something so unique.

I've tried many subscription boxes over the years, but Universal Yums is definitely at the top of the list.  The curators of these boxes seem to be perfectionists who pay meticulous attention to details. I feel like it isn't just a box of snacks, but also an experience that is fun and automatically helps to bond people together as they chat about their travels or wish lists. The curators of these boxes also don't skimp.  I've subscribed to other subscription boxes in the past that I quickly canceled because I realized that they were sending me low quality items. I appreciate that Universal Yums has better customer service and steps up to focus on good quality items.   Speaking of canceling subscriptions, you may cancel at any time with their one-step cancelation process.  That's right -- they make it easy to both subscribe and cancel because customer service is a big deal to this customer-centric company.  They really seemed to walk through customer experiences to create a reputable service.

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into our experience with Universal Yums!  Visit their website here.

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