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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The 10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

1. Charmin's Forever Roll of Toilet Paper
As a mom and an engineer, I usually love a good math problem, but toilet paper math is hard! Seriously, my husband and I have stood with blank looks on our faces in the toilet paper aisle as we read labels such as double rolls, mega rolls, and more. I don't even know how to process that 12 super duper awesome rolls of toilet paper = 36 regular rolls and is 9.8-cents per unit.  I can't even. I have no idea if the units are by length, ply, weight, fibers, wipes, or what. I have no training in toilet paper math and throw in the towel. I typically just buy whatever is on sale and that seems to work for us. I'm going to venture a guess that I'm not the only one who refuses to figure out toilet paper math and finds it annoying. That's part of why I love that Charmin created the new Forever Roll that contains approximately a one month supply of toilet paper for two people. Is it the cheapest option? I have no idea, but it seems reasonably priced at $10 for a supply that is estimated to last a month for two people. More importantly, I love the concept of cutting back on trips to the grocery store and that humbling feeling of the defeat that I feel in the toilet paper aisle.  So, secretly or not-so-secretly, I think that the new Charmin Forever Roll is an awesome invention. Each roll is a whopping 12" in diameter and is estimated to last one month for two people. The design also eliminates 100% of plastic wrappers and reduces 80% of inner cores per pack compared to their equivalent Double Roll size. (Sorry to throw that tp math out there, but 80% fewer cardboard tubes is something that I'm able to follow and I thought that you would too.)  It's perfect for White Elephant parties because (a) everything is bigger in Texas and a giant roll of toilet paper will make people laugh, (b) you may just start a conversation about the perils of toilet paper math, and (c) you'll get to know who takes it home with them. You'll find the Charmin Forever Roll on the Charmin website here. 

2. 365 Days of Dad Jokes
I'm a mom, but I love dad jokes!  A gift with 365 days of dad jokes are sure to be a hit at the White Elephant party and at your office throughout the year.

3. Golden Girls Shot Glasses
Is there anyone who doesn't love the Golden Girls? I used to watch this show with my grandmother when I was younger. It was the best.  Golden Girls gear is fun for White Elephant parties!  For instance, consider Golden Girls Shot Glasses!

4. Socks with saying on the bottom
We love socks that say funny things on the bottom. Our favorites are socks that say, "If you can read this, bring me wine!"  They are available on Amazon here. They also have many other variations.

5. Prunes
I know that it's rude, but some people find it funny, depending on who opens the package. Don't skimp - go for a canister of name brand pitted prunes. The canister feels like a nice gift when it is wrapped and someone probably thinks that it will be a nice holiday food item until they open it. They will then open it. Boom. Prunes.

6. Exploding Kittens
The Exploding Kittens game is funny, but it's actually a lot of fun. It's nice that it's funny, but also something that I think someone will enjoy playing with friends. Cat lovers will probably try to steal this gift!

7. The Awkward Family Photos 2020 Desk Calendar
The Awkward Family Photos 2020 Desk Calendar will make you cringe. However, it will probably also make people laugh during the party and throughout the year in your office.

8. Chia Pets
An Emoji Chia Pet is a fun gift that will probably make people laugh and hang out in your office throughout the year.

9. Grinch Socks
Nothing says Christmas like Grinch socks!

10. Bacon bandages
Everyone needs something to cheer them up when they get a paper cut, right? While I prefer Hello Kitty or hearts, Bacon Bandages just seem perfect for a White Elephant party.

We hope that you have fun with these trendy White Elephant gift ideas!

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