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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Best and Worst Advent Calendars of 2020 for Adults, Teens, and Children

As far back as I am able to remember, I've always had an advent calendar. When I was younger, I would look forward to a little piece of chocolate each day throughout the season. Now, fast forward to my 40's and I'll admit that I still have an affinity for advent calendars. I'm glad that they have exploded in popularity. However, some are good and some are, in my opinion, not so great. In today's post, I'll share the top advent calendars for adults, teens, and young children.

The Best Advent Calendar for Families
The 12 Pints of Ice Cream or 12 Days of Cookie Collection from eCreamery will create over-the-top memories for your family. The concept is brilliant because it's so unique and provides a special way to bond with your family as you create decadent ice cream cookie sandwiches together.  I'm sure that the lucky children who receive this gift with their family will treasure the memories from this happy childhood experience for their entire life! This gift idea was so incredibly popular this year that they sold out. (I'm sure that eCreamery's appearance on Shark Tank, Oprah Magazine, Today show, and the many rave reviews contributed to their popularity. They are pretty amazing!) However, the good news is that they still have their Ultimate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Kit that is packed with delicious cookies and ice cream. There is also more good news. I figured out a secret tip to share: (1) Santa's Stash Ultimate Collection and (2) The Assorted Cookie Collection are available. Do you see where I am going?  Order these two items to create your own holiday ice cream cookie sandwich package! The Santa's Stash Ultimate Collection may run out soon, so you'll want to order asap if you plan to go this route.  In my experience, eCreamery is excellent about shipping. I've received two separate orders from them. I'm convinced that they are perfectionists because, the  packages were absolutely perfect, arrived within the following day of when I my order was placed, and the products were phenomenal! In addition to ordering eCreamery gifts for your immediate family, you may also want to keep them in mind for last minute gifts that you plan to order this week!

The Best Advent Calendar for Adults
Our favorite advent calendar for adults is the Broadland Wineries Christmas Wine Advent Calendar!  This wine calendar is highly sought after and quickly sold out last year, so we recommend that you order quickly while supplies last. This year, the festive box offers a truly global selection of sparkling and still wines from some of the top wine regions of the world spanning nine countries including France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and the USA.  This was recommended to me by a friend who raved about it and we have to say that we are similarly impressed!

The Best Advent Calendar for Teens (Also great for adults and children!)
The best advent calendar for teens (which is also fabulous for adults and younger children too) is the Harry Potter Infinity Advent Calendar. The Harry Potter Infinity Box from YuMe Toys is surprisingly magical thanks to the infinity box of hidden compartments and the fun Harry Potter themed contents.  Your little wizards will love how this magical box rotates to reveal 18 to 24 hidden compartments that each contain a Harry Potter items. I don't want to spoil too many surprises, but I'll give you an idea of some of the contents. They include adorable plush ornaments, travel tags, washi tape, and more! It's a whimsical advent calendar full of surprises that children will love! You'll find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  (Spoiler alert - If you want a sneak peek of some of the magical contents, check out a video of the Harry Potter Infinity Box here.)

The Best Advent Calendar for Children
The best advent calendar for children (ages 3+) is the Orna-POP!™ Advent Countdown (from The Elf on the Shelf). This advent calendar provides a whimsical countdown to Christmas. This toy combines two interests that my children have - The Elf on the Shelf and decorating our tree. Each day includes a new bop and pop self-inflating mylar ornament and reveals a variety of jokes, riddles, and games.  The set includes 27 mylar ornaments, 27 silver cords to use in decorative displays, and keepsake poster featuring North Pole characters.  Personally, if you are like me and have some days where you aren't sure what to do with your elf in the morning, this advent calendar will give you some days off as you may just place the elf close to the calendar as he patiently waits for your child to pop the ornament of the day and read the jokes, riddles, or games!

The Runner-Up for the Best Advent Calendar for Teens and Children
While the Harry Potter Infinity Advent Calendar and Elf on the Shelf Orna-Pop Advent Countdown calendars are at the top of the list, the runner up to both of these is the LEGO City Advent Calendar. This one is fun because the kids get to build a large LEGO creation each day and add it to the snow themed backdrop. You'll notice that the little cardboard door has a diagram for each daily build. (They also offer a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar and LEGO Friends Advent Calendar.)

The Second Runner-Up for the Best Advent Calendar for Children
The Playmobil Advent Calendar includes little characters, animals, and accessories that your children may add to their collection each day. We love that this encourages pretend play and has provided hours of entertainment for our youngest son. However, my older son aged out of this set before he aged out of the LEGO Advent calendar which is party of why we rated the LEGO Advent Calendar slightly higher. It was a close tie though!

The Best Cheap Advent Calendar
The best "cheap" advent calendar is the 99-cent chocolate advent calendar from Trader Joe's. I love Trader Joe's and shop there every week, but I have to admit that I have outgrown the inexpensive chocolates that are inside of these calendars. However, what's important is that my little boys love them! The entire collection of chocolates in this calendar for the 24 days is 260 calories. 

The Best Advent Calendar Hack
My husband took the Trader Joe's advent calendar above and swapped the chocolates out with gummy vitamins. (These Lil' Critters gummy vitamins fit well.) Clever? Mean? Fun? It depends on your child's personality and whether they love their gummy vitamins! Don't worry - we don't steal their chocolates. We put a gummy vitamin in the previous day's compartment that was already empty.

The Advent Calendar that Disappointed Us
We love the concept of a cheese themed advent calendar. However, the viral Cheese Advent Calendar was disappointing to us because while there are 24 days in the calendar, there are only a half dozen unique cheeses in it. We liked all of the cheeses that were included, but would have liked more variety. It was disappointing to only have six unique surprises and then repeats for the rest of the calendar. 

We hope that you enjoyed this peek into our family's fun tradition and obsession with advent calendars!  

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