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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tips for Traveling Through Airports with Children

In today's post, I'll share tips for traveling through airports with children.  While these tips are helpful for parents of boys and girls, let me tell you that they come from a mom of very energetic little Texan boys that seem to think that the world is a big rodeo. I've somehow managed to tame my little cowboys on numerous trips through the airport, so let me share what I've learned.

1. Bring good quality carryon luggage that makes it easy to stay organized.
My husband and I travel a lot for work and have experienced more than our share of lost or delayed checked luggage.  This is not the end of the world for us as adults traveling for work, but when our children are involved, it's a completely different story. There are so many moving parts when it comes to traveling with children, including the need for diapers, snacks, toys, and other essentials.  The best solution is to pack at least 1 to 2 days of essential supplies into carryon luggage just in case there are problems with checked luggage. TSA guidelines limit carryon luggage in terms of size and weight.  

We use the Chester Minima Carryon-On Spinner Suitcase because it is lightweight and meets TSA and IATA cabin baggage guidelines. The lightweight design is really nice because I don't feel like they sacrificed design quality by making it so lightweight. It's not only easy to move through the airport, but the lighter suitcase allows us to pack more items within the permissible weight limit. It's also nice to know that the dimensions of the suitcase are within the TSA and IATA cabin baggage guidelines.

Another reason why we chose the Chester Minima Carryon-On Spinner Suitcase is that it has a nice internal design that makes it easy to organize. For instance, the photo below shows the different compartments. Personally, I am guessing that the designers of this luggage must have children. I also think that they must be perfectionists because they gave such careful consideration to the design of the organizational features. The different compartments are a lifesaver for busy and preoccupied parents. For instance, if one of our children needs a diaper change, I know exactly where the supplies are located.  It's also easy to separate clean and dirty clothing during your trip. 

The luggage has a TSA approved lock.  This is nice because while I try to supervise our luggage at all times, I am not perfect, so it's nice to know that there is a convenient combination lock on our luggage.  Let's face it - the people next to us on the airplane are strangers. If our luggage is under our seat and we run to the bathroom, it makes sense to have a lock on our suitcase.

2. Bring a travel booster seat.
My next recommendation is to get Bubble Bums for your children. This inflatable little booster seat is easy to tuck into my oversized purse or carryon suitcase. You simply inflate by blowing into the tube.  It is easy to inflate. Of course, you deflate when you are ready to pack it away. It is amazing that these portable little booster seats meet all U.S. safety testing standards. It simplifies traveling so that you don't have to rent a booster seat at an airport (if they are available) or carry a large booster seat through an airport or check it with your luggage.  I'm all for simplifying when traveling with my boys. When you don't have to check a full-size booster seat, you  minimize risk of baggage handlers potentially losing or damaging your booster seat. 

3. Bring an inexpensive umbrella stroller.
We would be devastated if our expensive stroller were damaged by airport baggage handlers, so we take a cheap $15 umbrella stroller with us when we fly.  These strollers are not luxurious, but they work and then we don't have to stress about a fancy stroller potentially being damaged.  Inexpensive umbrella strollers are also easy to fit into trunks of rental cars.

4. Bring snacks.
You will want snacks for the trip in case your child is hungry.  Don't forget snacks for take off and landing to help their little ears to cope with air pressure changes.

5. Bring entertainment.
You'll want to make sure that your child has some form of entertainment on the plane. Personally, we go with Netflix and download shows in advance of the flight.

6. TSA rules may change at any time so check their website before you travel.
It's hard to keep up with TSA's constantly changing rules.  Visit the "TSA Traveling with Children page" before your trip.  At the time of this post, some highlights are that children do not have to remove their shoes, they will not separate you from your child, and you can take baby formula through security.  However, these rules seem to be a moving target. One thing that has been consistent for many years though is the size of carryon luggage which is why we think that an investment in Chester Minima Carryon-On Spinner Suitcase is worthwhile. It is lightweight and meets TSA and IATA cabin baggage guidelines.

7. Make a photocopy of passports to keep in multiple places.
Sometimes airlines lose checked luggage or people are unfortunately victims of theft.  We keep copies of our family documents in my purse and copies in my carry-on luggage that doesn't leave my side.

8. Give yourself extra time.
It's better to give yourself extra time in case your child has an accident or other problems.  Traveling with a young child is certainly more work!

9. Write your cell phone number on your child's arm.
This tip is not only for the airport, but also for tourist areas. Write your phone number on your child's arm so that they can share it with a security guard if they accidentally become separated from you. 

10. Pack extra clothing in a carry-on for each family member.
Whether it is a potty accident or spilled drink, you'll be grateful for an extra change of clothes.  If the airline loses your luggage, it's important to have extra clothing and essentials in your carry-on. 

We hope that these tips help you to have a smooth and enjoyable trip through airports!

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