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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Tips for Buying Clothing and Shoes During Pregnancy

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time to buy maternity clothing and new shoes earlier in my pregnancy. I waited until I was four months along to learn that it is so much more comfortable to wear good quality maternity clothing and breathable (but stylish) shoes. Actually, the comfort of some maternity clothing is one of the best things about being pregnant! I also learned about Arcopedico shoes which are amazing both during and after pregnancy. In today's post, I'll share tips about buying clothing and shoes during pregnancy.

1. Look into the brands that your favorite celebrities wear. Let's be honest. There are days when your baby bump is cute and other days when you feel uncomfortable. You may even feel like you are waddling. Pick up your spirits by finding fashion icons who you love and go for some of their looks. Special fashions may help to lift your spirits during pregnancy, especially if you are having morning sickness or other symptoms and need a boost. Search for what pregnant celebrities are wearing and splurge on one or two of your favorite looks so that make you feel special too!

2. Order the right sizes for your frame. Sizing varies by company, so be sure to read their sizing guides. However, most maternity sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy size. For instance, I was a size 6 before pregnancy, so I ordered according to this size. The designs then fit my frame with extra accommodation for my growing baby bump.

3. Buy shoes and boots that accommodate swelling. Swelling ankles and feet are a common complaint during pregnancy. Luckily, Arcopedico offers stylish shoes that are designed to help. Their stylish designs are comfortable and use a fundamental design principle of constructing shoes to have a “barefoot” upper, a soft, non-binding design that conforms to the top of the foot to allow circulation and all-day comfort, and the patented, metal-free twin arch-support soles (made from molded polyurethane), which protect the foot arch and allow the distribution of body weight through the entire plantar surface. Personally, I recommend a pair of their boots and a pair of dress shoes for your maternity and postpartum wardrobe. For instance, I am in love with the Arcopedico Milan II boots.

The boots provide excellent support, but the uppers are soft and flexible and forgiving of my swelling ankles and feet.

The beautiful knit upper also has a soft warm synthetic fur lining that is perfect for cold winter days. I feel like it also distracts a bit from my swelling which is nice.

As for my daily shoes to wear to work, I love the Arcopedico Vitoria shoes because they are stylish, but also offer amazing support and breathable uppsers. These shoes are a stylish variation of the traditional Mary Jane style with asymmetrical elastic straps, leather uppers, and contrasting color options for a special touch.  

Of course, pregnant and postpartum moms will appreciate the patented twin-arch support system for comfort throughout the day.

These shoes come in several trendy colors. Mine are in pewter. Really though, any of the Arcopedico styles of dress shoes are perfect for work because they all offer their patented support system and breathable uppers that are great for pregnant and postpartum moms. Even if you aren't pregnant, you'll love them!

As a mom of young children, I appreciate that their boots and shoes are relatively easy to slip them on and off while creating a secure and comfortable fit. My children keep me busy and active, so I also appreciate that the support system promotes an even distribution of weight over the entire plantar surface. I also appreciate the barefoot upper that promotes circulation and all-day comfort. They have been such a lifesaver for me. Visit Arcopedico!

We hope that you enjoyed our tips and that you have fun in your hunt for the trendiest maternity and postpartum fashions. It's so important to enjoy your pregnancy and to make yourself feel as good as possible!

PS - You may notice that the collage above and below shows my boots and shoes in different tilted positions. That was my artistic touch to remind you that we all have days where we feel off during pregnancy and to hang in there if you are bummed about swollen feet, nausea, or other pregnancy ailments. The end result is worth it!

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