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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Tips for Buying Prescription Eyeglasses for Tweens

In today's post, I'll tell you about Pair Eyewear - the trendiest place to order prescription eyeglasses for kids. This brand is extremely popular. You may have heard about them from CNN, Oprah, other news outlets, or even from friends. Their glasses are amazing for fashion conscious children who want to look good in their glasses. (Parents will also appreciate the reasonable price tag!)  

When my oldest son was a transitioned to Kindergarten several years ago, my husband and I may have done a little happy dance because we no longer had to pay for daycare. At just over $10k per year, we felt relief with our lighter budget. This relief lasted for a few years, but if you have a tween, you know that there is another surge of expenses when they are tweens. They may need glasses, braces, and tutoring in addition to the basic expenses of healthcare, school supplies, club fees, camp fees, and so on.  Plus, if you are like us, you may have younger children who are in daycare. (We are back to paying hefty daycare fees for our youngest.)  So, when our son needed new prescription eye glasses and was self conscious about the idea of wearing glasses, I knew that this was something that I needed to research. My top goal was to find glasses that he would feel confident wearing. Secondarily, if I could find a reasonable price, that would be nice too.  Luckily, I came across Pair Eyewear - an online store that is perfect for children like my son who are hesitant to wear their glasses.  Pair Eyewear figured out a way to make glasses fun!

The basic concept is that your child selects a base frame and then top frames for when they want to change their look.  It's really nice because they are able to wear the base frame with prescription lenses alone or they may change the look by applying a top frame that attaches with magnets. (They also have blue filter lenses and sunglass lenses if your child does not need prescription lenses.) The top frames come in a variety of different colors and patterns that kids will love because they will be able to change their look to match their mood or different outfits.  

Placing the order is easy. We just measured our son using the instructions on their website and sent his prescription with the order.  Less than a week later, a package arrived with his glasses and top frames. It was a quick and easy process that he enjoyed. The eye glasses are great quality. They lenses are scratch resistant. The price was $135 for everything, including the base frame, prescription lenses, and three top frames. My son is happy and we are happy!

Now that we've been through the process, I have to say that we definitely recommend Pair Eyewear. They made it easy to order stylish prescription eyeglasses that exceeded our expectations!   Here are some tips that I learned along the way for buying eyeglasses for tweens.

Tips for Buying Prescription Eyeglasses for Tweens 
1. Consider shopping online.
The prices for a single pair of eyeglasses with prescription lenses at my son's optometrist's office was a bit shocking. I was able to find excellent quality prescription eyeglasses for half of the price by shopping online at Pair Eyewear.  I'll also add that I noticed a similar issue with contact lenses for myself. Our optometrist charges more than double for my contact lenses compared to online stores. In Texas (and probably most states), the doctor is required to give you a prescription to use elsewhere, so don't be shy to ask for the prescription. You won't be the first parent to ask for a copy of the prescription since it adds up quickly when you are buying glasses and/or contacts for your entire family.

2. Involve your child in the selection of their glasses. My son casually tried on frames at Target and Costco. He doesn't like too much attention when he tries on frames and was self conscious at first, so browsing on his own with me nearby to ask for advice worked best for him. This gave him the opportunity to identify styles and colors that he liked.  We then browsed online, including at Pair Eyewear, for him to choose a base frame and top frames.  It was actually fun and he was thrilled when his package arrived.

3. Don't skimp on scratch resistant lenses.
Even as an adult, I prefer scratch resistant lenses. This is a must-have for children's lenses too.  This was included in the price of our son's glasses from Pair Eyewear. Some places will charge an extra fee. Be sure that you don't overlook this option!  

4. Focus on fashion.
In some regards, it's tough to be a tween. Your child may be self conscious about wearing glasses, so make sure that you respect their preferences and give a lot of encouragement. The Pair Eyewear website is great because they offer nice base frames and then your child may select a variety of top frames in different colors and patterns that match different outfits and moods. My son loved shopping on their website.

5. Give encouragement.
Offer encouragement that they look great in their new glasses.  Don't we all question how we look at different times?  When kids get new glasses, this is often one of those times!  Positive words go a long way!

I hope that you enjoyed these tips and enjoy shopping for prescription eyeglasses for your child.  We had a fantastic experience with Pair Eyewear and definitely recommend that you check them out.

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