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Sunday, April 19, 2020

My Monthly Nadine West Subscription is Here! (This is a Texas-based Company!)

If you follow regularly, you may have read my previous post about Nadine West. This Texas-based company uses their fashion expertise to send monthly customized surprises to customers. The packages contain clothing and jewelry that is customized to each customer's profile. The stylists are amazing and have done a great job for me.  Plus, I have to rave that they keep everything budget-friendly so that customers are able to wear the latest trends without spending a fortune. It is a perfect subscription service for busy moms who want to stay on top of the latest trends. 

The Nadine West team pays careful attention to detail to make sure that customers have a great experience.  They make it easy for you to enter your profile information. They definitely read my profile and have put a lot of thought into the items that they have sent in my recent packages. 


I love their attention to detail.  For instance, they clearly thought about how customers will feel when their package arrives. Nadine West sends the items in a bright pink padded envelope that you will be excited to see in your mailbox. I appreciate the special touch of a pretty envelope that I recognize as soon as I see it!

This month, my package was quite comprehensive as it includes two shirts, two pairs of pants, one cardigan, and earrings.  Personally, I prefer more neutral colored clothing, but with special touches. I also love super soft fabric for my tops and dress.  I could tell that they read my profile and used their expertise for my package.

Let me start with the earrings. They are a pretty design and will go with almost any outfit.

The next items were my favorites. The brown shirt with lace sleeves is super soft and comfortable. I gravitate toward it when I go into my closet to select an outfit in the morning. The stylist who selected this top did an amazing job because I didn't even realize that I would love a shirt like this until it showed up in my trendy pink envelope! 

The brown pants are also nice. The photo below zooms into the pretty design on the waist. 

I also received a nice pair of green pants in my package. Again, I love that they customized the package to my personal style preference.  If you look closely, you'll notice the nice design near the waist.

I zoomed in so that you are able to see the attention to detail closer.

I also received a soft and stylish summer shirt with a flattering design. I prefer tops with high necklines, so this light blue shirt was perfect for me. A gray cardigan in the package was another nice surprise. I wish that you could reach through your screen to feel the soft fabric.  This is another one of my go-to items. I love the buttery soft fabric. Plus, this cardigan looks great with many of my outfits.

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into my May 2020 Nadine West package.  This Texas-based company has the best stylists who stay on top of the latest trends, but are also respectful of reasonable budgets. Their subscription service is perfect for busy moms.  It's also a great subscription service to have right now during the quarantine.  They send you the customized package where you keep what you like and then return any items if they are not a good fit for you.  I love this feature, especially since we are social distancing at the moment.  I hope that you will give this Texas-based company a try because we love them!  Visit Nadine West here.

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