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Friday, June 12, 2020

The 2020 Father's Day Gift Guide (Updated TODAY on June 19th!)

Father's Day is on Sunday, June 21st this year.  In today's post, I'll share trendy Father's Day gift ideas that are sure to be popular this year.

The Husqvarna Automower is a game changer! We recently received this hard working robotic mower that reduces my husband's weekly chore list. He saves over an hour each week now that he doesn't have to mow our lawn in the Texas heat and humidity. We've been testing it out for a few weeks and love it. T
he Automower's advanced technology also improves the health of our lawn. We are already starting to see a difference! We'll share more details soon, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to recommend it to you as a wonderful Father's Day gift. Visit here to learn more about our favorite robot who happily mows our lawn without complaining about the hot Texas weather.

The iconic Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. brand offers cozy items throughout the year. Almost every father of young children treasures a good night of sleep, especially if their children wake up before the sun. The Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. has dads covered when it comes to a good night of sleep thanks to their incredibly soft and cozy line of bedding, blankets, pillows, and other home goods. We love the New Englander Reversible Blanket
This Sweater knit Sherpa blanket is reversible. Each side is incredibly soft and cozy.  The blanket is also heavyweight which is soothing for many people who like the sensory experience of  a heavy blanket.  

We use this blanket on our bed, but it's also fantastic to use in the living room for family movie nights.  Check out Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. to browse their cozy gifts for dads!

Bake Me a Wish offers delicious cakes, brownies, and other desserts for Father's Day.  This New York based company has been around for over a decade and has the sweetest story. The founder had just moved to Manhattan and wanted to send his mother a Tiramisu cake. He searched all over town, but no one provided the service to mail a cake.  After realizing the need to for a hassle-free service to send delicious cakes to family and friends, he got together with friends and created Bake Me a Wish. This company was created by perfectionists who pay meticulous attention to detail as they strive to provide a top quality service for sending cakes and other treats to loved ones. They use premium ingredients, amazing recipes, and decorate cakes with messages. The vanilla cake for my husband says, "Happy Father's Day!" It arrived neatly packaged and in perfect condition. This cake is two layers with creamy vanilla frosting. We loved the combination of the moist vanilla cake and creamy frosting. We could taste the high quality ingredients. You'll love their Father's Day line up here. Visit Bake Me a Wish!  

Baja Jerky offers unique jerky flavors that are sure to please many dads on Father's Day.  We love Baja Jerky because they are a health conscious company that offers lean protein snacks that are minimally processed and do not contain artificial ingredients, added hormones, preservatives, added nitrates, msg, or gluten.  They offer unique and crave worthy flavors such as Salsa Fresca (continuously rated as the Baja Jerky favorite flavor), Lime & Serrano Pepper, Traditional, Sweet Orange, and Churro.  They come in 2.5 ounce and 1 ounce bags that are great on-the-go snacks.  

We love all of the Baja Jerky flavors, but my husband's personal favorite is the Sweet Orange variety. He's obsessed with it!   

They offer a variety of sizes that are great for Father's Day. The Baja Jerky Variety Pack contains 2.5 ounce packages of each flavor so that dad is able to have fun sampling the different varieties. We also recommend the Snack Packs that contain ten of the 1 ounce packages because they are great for active dads to enjoy on-the-go!

The MEATER combines my husband's love for technology and barbecuing with their brilliant wireless smart thermometer for meat. My husband is a Texan who loves to grill, so I knew that he would love this invention.  I initially thought that it was a wireless thermometer, but there is actually more to it. Their design team seems to have thought of everything. This thermometer works with an app. The device itself has two sensors and one probe. The dual temperature sensors are able to monitor the internal meat temperature and ambient heat. Now this is where they really surprised and impressed me - the guided cook system walks you through every step of the cooking process to help you with good results.  The advanced estimator algorithm also estimates how long to cook and rest your food. This is really helpful when preparing food for our family and managing time.   Between the Automower mowing our lawn and the MEATER helping my husband to optimize his grilling experience, my husband is going to be more efficient than ever!

Zuru offers fun toys for fun dads who enjoy water battles with their children.  The Zuru X-Shot Water Warfare Fast-Fill Water Blaster will give dads an advantage thanks to a clever design that makes it easy to refill the water blaster in a second! The rapid sealing technology is really cool! The reservoir holds up to 24 ounces and dads are able to blast water up to 30' feet.  

Of course, the Zuru Bunch-O-Balloons are another must-have gift for dads. As a Boy Mom, I know that some of my children's favorite memories involve water battles on hot Texas evenings.  We love the convenience of the colorful Zuru Crazy Bunch-O-Balloons. It's nice to be able to fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds.  These balloons are self sealing and really easy to use. If you haven't tried them, check out my post with tips for preparing water balloons. I wrote the post last year and it is quite popular with traffic coming from Pinterest. I didn't realize that this parenting hack would be so popular, but in retrospect, it makes sense that parents don't want to spend time tying individual water balloons and love using Bunch-O-Balloons to help create fun and whimsical summer memories.

Hats from Alchemi Labs  feature technology from the space industry so that they reflect up to 80% of the sun's heat waves. While most other hats absorb heat, Alchemi Labs understands the extreme heat and humidity in Texas and the need for hats to reflect heat.  These hats from Alchemi Labs block 99.8% of skin damaging UV and offer aggressive ventilation and moisture wicking sweatbands to keep Dad cool, comfortable, and protected. My husband is a runner, so he appreciates the Sun Hat on his runs.  At the pool, he wears the Expedition Hat that gives good coverage and keeps him cool. He also loves the Bucket Hat for nearby hikes. (My son also borrows this hat for runs and hikes!) Check out Alchemi Labs here!

Poptime Snacks offers healthy snacks, including options that are free of dairy, nuts, cholesterol, trans fat, GMOs, preservatives, gluten, or artificial flavors. We are obsessed with their delicious popcorn and pop chip varieties. 

The Poptime Creations Popcorn is their most indulgent line where they blend two flavors that complement each other. These include Truffle Herb & Parmesan Cheese (my husband's favorite), Chocolate and Vanilla, Sriracha & Lime (perfect for Texans), and Marshmallow & Cinnamon (my personal favorite).

The Poptime Kettle Cooked Popcorn offers healthy snack options in crave-worthy flavors such as Sea Salt, Sweet & Salty, White Cheddar, Spicy Jalapeno (my husband's favorite and the ultimate flavor for Texans), Butter, and Honey BBQ (my son's favorite). The Big and Bold Popcorn comes in large bags that are perfect for families and includes flavors such as Sweet & Salty Kettle, Sea Salt, Butter, and Salt & Pepper (another one of my husband's favorites).

Poptime Potato Popped Chips disappear quickly in our house.They come in savory flavors such as Jalapeno (perfect for Texans), Sea Salt, BBQ & Honey, and Truffle (our entire family's favorite). They are great for family movie nights!

Flathau's Fine Foods is an award winning Southern gourmet cookie manufacturer that is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. You may have heard of their award winning Key Lime Snaps, Peppermint Snaps, Cheese Straws, or other snacks that have received honors.  Their products are perfect for Father's Day! They bake different flavored shortbread cookies that are covered in powdered sugar and contain crushed candy inside for a nice crunch. Dads will love a variety of these special gourmet cookies!  Personally, my husband's favorite is the Key Lime variety. Their award winning Cheese Straws are also amazing. These are a traditional Southern favorite, but you'll be surprised that they are blended with a tiny kiss of Chipotle.  Dads are sure to love these unique and award winning gourmet treats!

We hope that some of these gift ideas provide inspiration as you shop for Father's Day and that you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your family!

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