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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Take a Glimpse at Several Natural Products that We are Using #NewHopeBloggerBox

Thanks to the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op for sending us the natural products featured in this post.

Take a Glimpse at Several Natural Products that We are Using #NewHopeBloggerBox

I recently joined the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op. I am excited about this program because they send a few boxes of natural products each year. Examples include natural foods and supplements.  My first box arrived this past weekend and was a wonderful surprised! My has a mix of dietary restrictions, so it was nice to find this bundle of natural products. Spoiler alert - I love the curators of this box and have found some new favorite products!

The package included

  • 34 Degrees – Umami Snaps
  • Be Well Nutrition – Carnival Kids Protein Drink
  • Her Royal Hempress LLC – Absolute Glow Face Serum
  • Human Power of N Company – SuperGrapes® Chews
  • Innovix Pharma Inc. – OmegaVia Kid's Omega-3 Chewies
  • Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC – Collagen Coffee+ Coconut MCT Individual Packs
  • Youtheory – Immune+ Daily Wellness
  • Zubiate Foods – ZUBI'S Organic Queso de Jalapeño; Crema de Jalapeño; ZUBI'S Salsa
The list above is in alphabetical order, but let me share my experience by category. I'll start with vitamins and supplements.

Human Power of N Company – SuperGrapes® Chews
These chews are packed with grape seed extract from the Loire Valley in France and state that they promotes energy, normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle, and antioxidant support.  I love these sweet chews. They are vegan, so my husband is able to take them too. We take a few supplements in the morning and this is one of the first ones that we each grab since it's fun to eat.

Innovix Pharma Inc. – OmegaVia Kid's Omega-3 Chewies
My husband, oldest son, and I have always been hooked on liquid Omega-3's and would probably have continued taking our favorite liquid version that we've taken for the past two decades.  However, my youngest son won't touch the liquid Omega-3's that the rest of us love. So, this was the perfect opportunity to see if he would try a chewy version.  I will confess that I bribed him that we would play his favorite game if he gave it a try. He was hesitant, but he gave it a try and then smiled that it was like candy!  It was funny to watch. He loved it and finally takes Omega-3's every morning. Kudos to Innovix Pharma Inc. for making this cool formulation!

Youtheory – Immune+ Daily Wellness
My husband and I were excited to try this product because we are trying to maintain strong immune systems during the pandemic. This product includes full-spectrum mushrooms + Wellmune as a dietary supplement.  

Next is a skincare product.

Her Royal Hempress LLC – Absolute Glow Face Serum
Don't you love the name of this product?! I have laser treatments in the fall/winter and don't want to change my routine since my skin is sensitive, but my husband gave this one a try.  He loved that it gave his skin a glow. He's vegan, runs daily, and drinks plenty of water, so his skin is already great, but we realized that a good serum like this one actually gives him more of a glow. He loves it!

The next two are drinks with added nutrition.

Be Well Nutrition – Carnival Kids Protein Drink
I put this in the fridge and then split the sample between my children. I really like that it is packed with nutritious ingredients such as kale, broccoli, and more. My oldest son absolutely loved it!  He said that it tasted like a milkshake, but my husband and I thought that it tasted more like a protein shake. To each their own though -- everyone loved it!

Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC – Collagen Coffee+ 
I'm not a coffee drinker. I actually gave up my vice of diet coke a while back and no longer drink anything with caffeine. On the other hand, my husband loves coffee so much that he roasts his own coffee.  However, his grinder is set to the optimal setting for espresso and he doesn't want to change it to grind coffee. So, when I showed him this product, he was excited to try it. I didn't expect him to be enthusiastic about it because he is picky about coffee. He gave it a try and enjoyed it! He said that he would like to stock up on this when we have a road trip or visit family because it's convenient and delicious.

Finally, I saved the food items for last. Spoiler alert -- I am going to gush over how much we love these products!

Zubiate Foods – ZUBI'S Organic Queso de Jalapeño; Crema de Jalapeño; ZUBI'S Salsa
As Texans, we love spicy food!  My husband switched to a vegan diet a while back, so it was exciting to see these items in the New Hope Blogger Box!  We had a sampling after dinner. My husband and I appreciated this vegan snack.  My children are not vegan and will eat anything. These dips were a hit with everyone!  The small containers disappeared quickly. As a boy mom,  I'm used to my family eating quickly, but these were so good that my husband had to tell them to slow down.  It made everyone laugh.

34 Degrees – Umami Snaps
I was intrigued that these are made in part from chickpeas.  We had a sampling after dinner and paired them with the dips that I mentioned above. At first, my children tasted the seasoning on them and gave them a thumbs up.  Then they started to pop them into their mouths like it was a race. It made us laugh.  My husband and I do not eat as quickly and enjoyed savoring these thin and crispy crackers. It's surprising to me that these are made in part from chickpeas.  Someone should have invented these sooner! We will definitely buy these in the future. 

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into our New Hope Blogger Box. This was a fun experience for our family to slow down and try new things together. The curators of this box did an awesome job because all of the products are natural and things that we like, but everything was new to us. We had never tried any of these in the past, so the box was a serious treat!   

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