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Thursday, April 8, 2021

5 Bedtime Activities for Preschoolers this Summer

5 Bedtime Activities for Preschoolers this Summer

If you have an energetic preschooler like me, your bedtime routine may take hours. In today's post, I'll share some tips for bedtime activities that make my son giggle and that provide a routine for him to eventually fall asleep for a good night of rest.

1. Tire them out!

We go on a run to the park in the evenings. he doesn't run the entire time, but he puts in a lot of effort. He walks and runs for almost 2 miles.  I think that exercise helps with his sleep cycle.

2. Eat a healthy dinner and avoid sugar.

We give our son dinner, but follow his lead on how hungry he is. If he eats too much, it may be hard to sleep. If he doesn't eat enough, it may be difficult to sleep. We let our little Goldilocks tells us whet it's just right.  We don't give dessert or sugar in the evening because our particular little preschooler sleeps better without sugar.

3. Make bath time part of the routine.

My husband and I take turns helping our little one with his evening bath. It's great to add bubbles and to have toys to make bath time more fun.

4. Use cozy pajamas.

Cozy pajamas are a must-have for bedtime. There is a brand that we liked since our son was a baby - ergopouch. They have really nice pajamas for preschoolers. In particular, we love the 2-piece Pajamas 0.2 TOG (ergopouch.com) The ergoPouch 0.2 TOG Shortie Pajamas are the ideal next stage once your little one grows out of their Layers (onesies). Designed to support toddlers who have started toilet training and self-dressing, who need a simpler solution than our zip-up Layers. The 0.2 TOG rating in a shorts and t-shirt set makes these Pajamas a light layer for warmer nights, and are slim fit to ensure comfort when wearing underneath a sleeping bag, or on their own in a big bed with blankets. A drop-hem at the back of the top helps keep backs warm and prevent riding-up. These organic pajamas are amazing! (Visit www.ergopouch.com for where to buy.)

5. Read books.

We allocate almost an hour each evening to reading books together.  Early childhood literacy is tied to increased exposure to reading. Evenings are a great time of day to make reading fun and engaging. Our son usually wants to continue reading after the hour, so he's allowed to quietly flip through books in his bed until he falls asleep. I quietly sit next to him and work on my laptop until he falls asleep.

I hope that you enjoyed these fun bed time tips for preschoolers!


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