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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Register Your Child for Camp Invention!

Thanks to the National Inventors Hall of Fame for providing the photos in this post.

In today's post, I'm excited to tell you about Camp Invention!  This trendy camp is perfect for curious children who learn through hands-on experience. The camps are for grades K-6 and help children to become innovative thinkers. I'm a big fan after my son attended a Camp Invention. Let me share more details.

Camp Invention offers camps nationwide.  The camps are perfect for children who are creative, curious, and enjoy problem solving.  My son attended a Camp Invention a few years ago and raves about the camp. It was fun to pick him up at the end of each day so that I could hear about his experience.  I loved hearing that he learned new things and had actual hands-on experience to build creative projects.  In fact, he built a little robot dog during that camp! It was amazing that he learned so much and actually built a little robot in one week. The teachers and kids made it a truly memorable experience for him. I'm glad that it was part of his childhood! 

The past year has been tough with virtual schooling and canceled camps/activities. Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, it's time to catch up on those missed childhood experiences and educational experiences!  Camp Invention is the perfect place to start. When I heard that Camp Invention was offering camps for summer 2021, I knew that I wanted my nephew to have the same experience!   He's a curious child who does well in school and enjoys building things. I knew that his parents would be thrilled for him to do something educational and fun for the week too!  

To get started, I visited the Camp Invention camp locator here. There are camps in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico. For instance, I searched for "Dallas" below.

You'll notice that they sort the results by distance and include the dates of each camp.  Simply click on the camp that you want for the full details. 

The curriculum may vary slightly by camp, but the one near us has a "Recharge" theme. This is the description:

Fuel the imagination of your future world-changer with our innovative and FUN hands-on STEM experience. Plus, your child will love what's in store this year! Read more about our new 2021 program lineup below:


Campers find their own unique voice and discover sound waves in action through reverse engineering, then market their extraordinary inventions with friends as creative entrepreneurs.


In this high-energy adventure, kids build and test a launching device to overcome challenges while exploring fun physics concepts like trajectory and velocity.


Kids experiment with circuits and energy to create a robotic, solar-powered cricket inspired by biomimicry, then use empathy and creative problem solving to build fun-filled custom habitats.


Children learn how to adapt as they design and prototype a nature-inspired morphing vehicle to submerge, soar or sprint in Super Road Rally!

There is also a quick video about the camp here:

The camp that my son attended provided experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. My son still smiles that we made up a cheer that we sang every morning on the way to camp: "Invent it. Invent it. Go Camp Invention!" He also fondly remembers the activities, friendships, and little robot dog that he created. I am excited for my nephew to have the opportunity to attend Camp Invention this summer.   (I'm also glad to know that it cheers his parents up. They are excited for him to attend an educational camp after everything that he missed during the pandemic.)

I hope that your family is doing well now that we are coming to the end of the pandemic. I also hope that your little ones have the opportunity to be part of a fun and educational Camp Invention

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Visit Camp Invention here.

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