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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Get Basic is a Subscription That You Need in Your Life! (June 2021)

If you follow regularly, you know that we are a few months into our Get Basic subscription. This includes a Basic Man subscription for my husband and a Basic Woman subscription for me.  When I initially heard about this subscription, I thought that it was a nice concept because we can always use high quality basics. After we started to receive our monthly packages, I realized that this subscription is even more awesome than I realized!  

My husband and I get excited when we see the Get Basic package in our mailbox each month. We laugh because it sounds weird. Why would we be excited to open a package with new shirts, underwear, and socks?  If you subscribe, you'll get it.  The curators of these monthly basics find incredibly soft fabric and nice styles. We crave the soft fabrics and can't wait to wear the new items!

I really love the concept behind Get Basic where they send a new set of basics each month.  It's always nice to rotate new items into your wardrobe on a month basis so that you always feel like you have fresher items that you are excited to wear. Of course, the financial side of this subscription is part of the equation for why you will love Get Basic.  The price is scaled based on the number of months that you subscribe. You will probably want the 12-month subscription because that is the best deal. Don't worry though - if you go on vacation and want to pause your subscription, they make it super easy.  The 12-month subscription is just $19.99/month for both Basic Man or Basic Woman.  You really can't beat this deal because the price for each subscription includes ALL of them items that I mentioned - a shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks!  The items are excellent quality and we absolutely love the fabrics.  For instance, my husband's Basic Man package for June 2021 included:

Oxford Athletic Runner No Show Socks × 1

Oxford Tan Crew Neck Shirt Cotton × 1

Columbia Performance Boxer Brief × 1


My Basic Woman package for June 2021 included:

Angel Blue Crew Tee × 1

Wasabi Bikini Bottom × 1

Wasabi Low Cut Socks × 1

The Get Basic designers are perfectionists who think about every detail.  We are a few months into our subscription and have found that every delivery included flattering designs that look good on us. We also adore the fabrics.  It's very nice that they focus on sustainability when they source their high quality fabrics.  Of course, my favorite thing about Get Basic is that the fabrics are super soft. My husband also raves about the soft fabrics.  

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into our June 2021 packages from Get Basic!

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We love Get Basic so much that we became an affiliate.  If you order from Get Basic here, you'll receive the same low subscription prices and we will receive a small referral bonus. It doesn't cost you anything extra to use our link and we appreciate the support.

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