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Monday, August 16, 2021

Tips for Buying Athletic Clothing for Your Family + Jed North has a BIG Sale!

If you follow regularly, you know that our family loves to go to the gym and run together.  If you have an active family, you realize that this requires a lot of clothing.  I'm a fan of high quality workout clothing that lasts a long time for my family. Of course, it also needs to be stylish and functional!  In today's post, I'll share tips for buying athletic clothing and tell you about one of my brands, Jed North. I'll also tell you about a big sale that is going on now!  (Spoiler alert - They have excellent quality athletic clothing at great prices!) 

Let's start with a few tips that we have for buying athletic clothing for your family.

1. Shop on sales. There is no need to spend thousands on a round of athletic clothing for your family.  Watch for sales and stock up when the time is right.  For instance, Jed North has their Birthday Sale with savings as high as 40% to 80%.  I'll tell you more about this sale shortly.

2. Focus on quality.  My energetic family members truly stress test their clothing. I won't skimp in this area because I want items that last.  

3. Watch for trends.  While my husband is flexible when it comes to his athletic clothing, my tween and I prefer to have the latest trends.  Browse your favorite brand websites and Instagram to browse the latest trends. 

4. Stock up on mix and match pieces for each family member.  Personally, I love whites, grays, and light blue clothing. My husband generally prefers black colored clothing. My tween loves blue.  While we encourage a few fun pieces for each family member, be sure to stock up on a base supply of athletic clothing that allows each person to easily mix and match.

5. Hang athletic clothing to dry instead of using the dryer. Most athletic clothing will last longer if you hang to dry instead of using the dryer.

Now that I've shared some tips for buying athletic clothing for your family, let me tell you about our favorite brand of athletic clothing!

As I mentioned earlier, Jed North offers stylish athletic clothing. If you plan to have an active lifestyle during the new school year, you'll love this  Toronto-based athletic and lifestyle brand. They offer nice quality clothing at competitive price points. Personally, we have a family gym membership and visit our local gym at least 5 or more times each week.  Our youngest son plays in the childcare area while the rest of us take classes, use cardio equipment, run on the track, visit the weight machines, or join pickup games. My husband and son additionally go to a running club on Saturday morning. Jed North is great for our family because we love a variety of activities and stress test our athletic clothing. 

Jed North has us all covered so that we feel confident during our gym visits!  For instance, I love that their women's leggings and joggers come in a variety of styles and provide nice compression and coverage. Jed North sports bras are also popular because they have comfortable designs and offer a variety of support levels. They have pretty and functional tops too. The Back Twist Muscle Tee Tank Top is my favorite! You also won't want to miss their Wanderlust Headband

My husband and tween love the men's shorts and joggers because they are comfortable and stylish.  Both are perfect for running outside and activities around the gym!  

As I mentioned earlier, Jed North has a big sale right now.  It's the Jed North Birthday Sale with deals as big as 40% to 80% off.  Plus, there is free shipping in the U.S. and Canada when you spend a minimum of $75.  Hurry while the sale lasts because it is an amazing time to stock up.  Get the full Jed North Birthday Sale details here!

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