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Friday, October 29, 2021

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Children


The Holiday Gift Guide is our largest project of the year! It's a large effort that we have been working on for months. We personally try all of the items and then share the best products and gift ideas in the gift guide. We hope that you enjoy this selection of gift ideas for 2021! 

Lazy One is a whimsical brand from our favorite town of Logan, UT.  You've probably seen pajamas and other items from this brand at resorts, retail stores, and tourist destinations.  This outdoorsy inspired brand is well known for their iconic humor on pajamas, boxers, and more.  In particular, let us share gift ideas that we love for our own children.  Our tween is difficult to wake in the morning, so the Don't Wake the Bear PJ set and Bear Bum Plaid Men's Funny Boxer are perfect for him!  He loves them because he is truly a grumpy bear in mornings and appreciates the humor! 

Our preschooler loves his Lights Out Kid PJ Set that includes an adorable reindeer wrapped in Christmas lights!  These are the ultimate pajamas to rock during memorable drive-thru Christmas Light experiences such as Prairie Lights. Of course, these pajamas are perfect for photos on Christmas morning!

In addition to the playful pajamas and funny boxers above, we also love Lazy One's cozy Grey Plaid Sherpa Throw Blanket that is perfect for little ones to cuddle in when they read books, watch movies, and other occasions!  Lazy One is a loveable brand for the holidays! Visit Lazy One to find cozy and whimsical holiday gifts here.

32 degrees offers comfortable and stylish basics that children will love. Parents will also appreciate the excellent prices, especially during the years of growth spurts. My tween son loves the ultra cozy Men's Cotton Terry Pullover Crew and Jogger Set. This outfit is great to wear alone or with layers.  He also loves the Men's Tech Fleece Jogger. These joggers are popular for boys right now. The midweight fabric has a  brushed fleece lining and provides a soft feel for comfort.  Our son is energetic, so we appreciate that this brand offers durable clothing. Of course, many parents have a tradition of buying basics for their kids for the holidays.  The Men's 4 Pack Active Mesh Boxer Briefs are made from a lightweight knit. The mesh texture makes them more breathable without being see-through.  While I have highlighted the nice quality an styles of these items, I should also mention the amazing prices! When you visit 32 degrees, you'll quickly notice that they have excellent prices that many parents will appreciate. Visit 32 degrees here.

kidpik offers curated boxes of children's clothing and accessories. This is a great time of year to refresh wardrobes, especially if you have energetic children who stress test their clothing like my boys! If you feel like it's difficult to choose clothing for your children, don't worry because the experts at kidpik have you covered! I am able to speak well to this service because my children have a large age gap, but overlap with their love for kidpik!  The experts at kidpik are talented with their abilities to select clothing and accessories that are tailored to your child's preferences. On top of that, parents will appreciate the excellent prices for the expertly curated boxes. The way that it works is that you complete a survey of size and style preferences for your child and then the stylists at kidpik work their magic to create boxes that are customized to your child.  The price varies slightly by box, but the average box is around $98. You have a week to decide what to keep or send back. They offer free returns and free shipping. If you keep the entire box, they charge you for the full box minus 30%. 

The box for my tween rocked his world! Not only did it include complete outfits, but this particular box happened to include a pullover, belt, and shoes. 

He quickly adopted each item in the box and feels special when he wears them.  It's sweet to hear him tell people that a stylist picked them out for him. That's exactly what I had hoped for when I learned about this service!

The box below is for my preschooler.  Similar to his older brother, he loved his box that included complete outfits and even a little bracelet and shoes. 

The items are excellent quality. He loves the colorful looks and feels special in his stylish outfits! Personally, my children love knowing that a stylist created a box based on their preferences.  Who wouldn't love this?! Visit kidpik here.

Heat Holders will help your little ones to stay warm outside with the Boys Performance Gloves.  These comfortable gloves are for ages 5 to 10 and include a plush lining and outer high performance nylon outer. Parents will love that they are machine washable. We love the Heat Holders brand! If you aren't familiar, Heat Holders® was developed by a talented product development team in house. The challenge was to make a sock that would be the warmest sock ever and comfortable and practical to wear in daily life. It wasn't easy, but the team came up with Heat Holders® in 2008. This award winning brand started with their iconic socks and has since expanded to other products such as the performance gloves that we mentioned above. You'll also see that we featured this brand in our gift guide for moms too!  Check out Heat Holders here.

Osmo is one of our favorite brands because their experts know how to make learning fun! My children sometimes complain about doing school work. However, when it comes to Osmo, they find it fun to learn and don't view it as work!  To give you some history, our oldest son loved Osmo when he was little. He raved about it so much that our PTO bought Osmo sets for the kids to use at school.  While he has aged out of Osmo, if you ask him or his friends, they will instantly smile when you mention Osmo and that it was fun in elementary school! Now that I have a younger son, he is in all of his glory with his Osmo phase. When he gets home from school, the immediately asks to play Osmo. It's fun to see him happy, but even more so, the results are apparent because is a little math rockstar that is ahead of schedule with his ability to count, add, subtract, and multiply! He "wins" games by learning math! That's why we included Osmo in this gift guide -- it's not only the gift of fun, but also the gift of giving a child educational advantages!

The first game that we recommend is the Osmo's Coding Starter Kit. My tiny future tech mogul loves this kit! The Coding Starter Kit, featured in Amazon’s 2020 Toys We Love list, teaches various levels of coding to kids 5-10, combines bestsellers Coding Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo (no longer sold separately), and makes coding accessible and fun through hands-on learning games specifically designed for kids 5 to 10. Children learn basic coding concepts including problem solving, computational thinking, and coding fundamentals, in addition to more complex concepts, such as sequencing, looping, logic thinking, and pair programming. Coding Starter Kit features: novel packaging; hardware updates, such as durable, new coding blocks/game pieces which can be used across all 3 games, and the introduction of sequenced learning via 3 game levels--Coding Awbie/beginning, Coding Jam/intermediate, Coding Duo/advanced. You'll find the Coding Starter Kit on OsmoAmazon, or at stores nationwide.The retail price for this kit is $99.

Another game that is perfect for the holiday season is Osmo's Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck (launching November 2)! This game motivates my son to spend hours practicing math. It's amazing to witness! Part of Osmo’s new award-winning Math Wizard series that allows for fun, self-paced learning at home, Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck (available for iPad and Fire) focuses on teaching kids geometry through cooking using different shapes. Players become chefs who customize dishes using several available kitchen appliances -- and a dash of magic, their special ingredient to complete their dish for a magical reaction from their customers. Unique customers appear in various stages across Spellbarow Port, each with different food preferences and a variety of exotic dish requests--from pizza to sushi, sandwiches, pastries and more! Fantastic Food Truck features two games and the box contains: 1 Playmat, 1 Food Truck Manual, and 58 Geometric tiles. You will find Osmo's Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck on Osmo, Amazon, or at stores nationwide (follow here to get a code when it arrives). The retail price is $59.99.

Cats vs. Pickles is an award-winning brand that is at the top of my children's wishlists. This whimsical brand is perfect for the holidays because their silly characters have provide many hours of entertainment at our house!  If you aren't familiar with the history of Cats vs. Pickles, check out this fun video here. The brand offers playful stuffed animals and a fun app. 

We recommend their Huggers which are  approximately 16.5" tall x 8" wide. These are the perfect size for snuggling. My boys love Starla and Water-meow-lon. The Jumbos are incredibly soft bean-filled plushes that measure approximately 8.6" tall x 7" wide.  My boys love the Mint Chippie. Jumbos are super squishy and have a weighted bottom. The Jumbos are winners of the Toy Insider "12 Under $20" award. The Beans are perhaps the most iconic toys in the Cats vs. Pickles collection. We love their Beans that come in a variety of playful cat and pickle characters. The Beans are also award winning toys, but are approximately 4" tall x 3" wide.  They are fun to squish and hold. We have a 12-pack of Beans in the photo below. They are perfect for stockings or to decorate around your tree! As parents, we are always searching for toys that will occupy our children for many hours. These sweet little beans have inspired many hours of play for my children. Whether you are excited for the perfect Catmas, I mean Christmas, or celebrate the Christmas pickle traditionCats vs. Pickles provides playful stuffed animals that are fun to hug and love!

The Pokémon Surprise Attack Game by Jazwares is sure to provide many hours of entertainment. As a boy mom, I know that Pokémon dominates the toys scene right now and that this is a toy to buy early in case it sells out.  This engaging game allows your little ones to have head-to-head Pokémon battles with surprises at every turn! They may play with any 2" Pokémon figure, including the two Pokémon figures that come with the set. There are two Surprise Attack Poké Balls, and six Attack disks. There are three ways to play for kids of different skill levels, including Training, Junior, and Master Trainer rules. This set comes from the award-winning Jazwares company. You will find it at Target, Amazon, and Walmart for a retail price of $19.99.

The Pokémon Advent Calendar by Jazwares is another popular gift idea for little Pokémon fans. My boys tell me that this is the best advent calendar out there. I'm sure that many children will agree! 

This advent calendar is generously packed with 24 pieces, including Pokémon figures or accessories. The calendar itself is very cool because it opens into a holiday pop-up & play display. The 2" Pokémon toy characters include the loveable Pikachu, Carmander, Squirtle, Bumbasaur, Eevee, and more! This set pairs well with the Pokémon Surprise Attack Game that we mentioned above since children will receive many 2" Pokémon toy characters in the advent calendar  and then the separately available game is fun with extra 2" Pokémon toy characters! This set comes from the award-winning Jazwares company. You will find it at Amazon and Gamestop for a retail price of $49.99.

Zing's Air Hunterz Bow is fun for energetic children! The mini-arrow firing device is just what you need to make battling with friends easy and fun! With launching distances of up to 30 feet, your arrow will soar through the air! Follow #AirHunterzWristBow for fun posts about this toy. It's available on Amazon for $14.99.

The Gift Box Ornament Decorator by Hey Buddy Hey Pal is the perfect DIY craft to to put your family in the holiday spirit!  This family friendly kit makes it easy for adults and children to create hand-decorate ornaments for the tree.  It's fun and easy to use, plus parents will appreciate that it's a relatively low-mess project. Place one of the three different ornaments included with the kit on top of the gift box-shaped decorator and let the fun begin! The machine holds and spins the ornaments, while the included markers are used to create bright colorful ornaments with stripes, lines and other designs! Each kit comes with one decorator, three different ornaments, caps, hooks and eight colorful non-toxic markers.  Available on Amazon for $24.99.

The Quarto group's Too Cute Crochet: Baby Owl and Too Cute Crochet: Kawaii Kitty Cat kits have everything that your little crafter needs to crochet their own sweet amigurumi animals from start to finish.  This self-contained kit has everything that you need from an illustrated color instruction book that walks you through the pattern to the tools and materials. Creative children are sure to love this fun craft and the lovable animal that they create! offers customized Visas and gift cards to many popular stores. It's fun to upload a photo for a customized gift card. I created one with a photo from my son's childhood where he had his face painted like a reindeer. He loves having his own Visa. I love that he feels a sense of responsibility to track his spending with the gift card.

Brickloot offers a monthly subscription service that is perfect for little ones who love to build. Each month includes a fun theme that encourages children to use their imaginations. The most recent box had a Game On theme which was epic!  My boys enjoyed building the sets and then spent many hours playing with the creations such as a little air hockey game and retro pinball game. This is a subscription box that rocked their world! A fun gift idea is to create the subscription now so that you are able to wrap the November and/or December boxes and then add a note that they will receive additional boxes each month throughout the coming year!

Zing Air's Go Go Bird Butterfly will make your little ones flutter with excitement. This remote controlled butterfly is fun from take off to landing. My children have a large age gap and both love this toy. It has created magical childhood memories for them! You'll find it at Target and Amazon.

The PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Advent Calendar Christmas Manger (70259) makes it fun for little ones to create the story of Christmas. They will look forward to a daily surprise for the 24 days leading up to Christmas! The items include six figures, manger with star, horse, cow, sheep, and other accessories. We love that this set has a bright and colorful design and large and rounded pieces. It's perfect for toddlers that are developing their language and social skills. This set is recommend for ages 1.5 to 4 years old. The retail price is $24.99.  

The Spybots Roboear is epic if you ask my boys! This is so much more than yet-another-robot toy. This robot allows my little spies to listen to conversations that are up to 100' away. My husband and I find it really funny and especially love all of the giggles that this toy has caused at our house. This toy is sure to be a hit this holiday season! You'll find it at Target for a retail price of $19.99.

The Super Wubble 2-pack is a toy that my boy mom heart loves because I have energetic boys that love their Wubble toys! My boys stress test everything, so I appreciate the Wubble quality. Super Wubble is such a simple concept, but what stands out is the large size and durability.  If you want a gift that gets kids off of the couch and encourages them to move around, this is a good pick!  You'll find the Super Wubble 2-pack at Target for a retail price of $19.99.

All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback is another gift that helps kids to be active! This toy will keep your little athletes busy as it throws the perfect spirals and lets you practices many different plays. I love that it provides hours and hours of fun and encourages kids to exercise! You'll find it at Target and Walmart.

The HP Envy 6055e printer is a great gift for creative children. My boys love to print paper craft projects. They are obsessed with making intricate paper craft characters and have even made an entire paper craft chess set!  The HP Envy 6055e printer is the perfect gift for crafty children like mine.  This versatile printer and scanner is packed with features such as double-sided printing. You will want to sign up for HP+ for 6 months of free HP Instant Ink and an extra year of the HP warranty. If you aren't familiar with HP Instant Ink, this is a handy service in which you are able to sign up for an ink or toner subscription. They offer different options. My favorite feature is that they track when my ink or toner is low and automatically ship you new ones so that I never run out! They also offer prepaid labels to recycle my old cartridges. They make it easy to cancel or change your plan at any time. If you don't use all of your pages, they automatically rollover to the next month!

Every Man Jack is probably a brand that you've heard of before, but did you know that they have Marvel themed kits that are perfect for kids? Your kids will enjoy getting Super (Hero) Clean with high quality products that have Marvel themes such as Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. We love that their sets include Body Wash, Shampoo+Conditioner in one, and Deodorant. Visit Every Man Jack here.

pediped shoes are amazing for little feet because they provide good support. This is a great time of year to buy new shoes and boots. One thing that I've never skimped on is good quality shoes. I believe that shoes with good support are important for my active and growing children. At the same time, pediped has a hack that happens to make their good quality shoes more appealing than most. If your little one has a growth spurt, it is easy to remove the insert to make more room. It's a brilliant design, especially during the younger years when little ones grow so quickly. Visit pediped here.

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