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Friday, October 29, 2021

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

The Holiday Gift Guide is our largest project of the year! It's a large effort that we have been working on for months. We personally try all of the items and then share the best products and gift ideas in the gift guide. We hope that you enjoy this selection of gift ideas for 2021! 

eCreamery offers holiday gifts that foodies will love.   We thought that we should start this Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies with a fabulous over-the-top foodie gift that foodies are sure to remember for years to come - The 12 Pints of Ice Cream & Cookies! This gift includes 12 festive pints of ice cream and 24 made-from-scratch cookies for your gift recipients to celebrate the holidays together. Each pint is labeled with a number to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. The gift is not just a treat, but also provides a fun bonding experience as gift recipients make special ice cream cookie sandwiches together. Each variety of ice cream is rich and creamy with a festive twist. Your favorite foodies will also appreciate that the eCreamery team perfected their made-from-scratch cookies that are delicious alone or as part of an ice cream cookie sandwich. We aren't the only ones who feel this way -  eCreamery has been featured in Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, and more. You may have also learned about this brand on one of my favorite shows - Shark Tank! Once you try eCreamery's rich ice cream and cookies, you'll quickly understand the hype! They currently have one of the most memorable holiday gifts that you can imagine. Visit eCreamery here.

Wilton has been the go-to bakeware brand for decades! Their extensive line of bakeware and curated decorating sets for baking are second to none. They are constantly innovating, but their latest release is a true game changer - the Wilton Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Navy Blue bakeware Line. This line is all about luxury and perfection! Have you ever heard the phrase - Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Well, Wilton brings diamonds to the foodie world with their diamond infused bakeware! The Wilton team deserves accolades for the diamond-infused non-stick navy blue bakeware designs. The products in this line are beautiful with the navy and gold color theme, but even more impressive is the durability of the items thanks to a non-stick coating that is infused with diamonds. Personally, we have a few items from this line. We love the sparkling gold and blue additions to our kitchen! For instance, the Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Large Navy Blue Cookie Sheet with Gold Cooling Grid Set, Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Navy Blue Oblong Pan with Cover, 9 x 13-inch, and Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Navy Blue Loaf Baking Pan, 9 x 5-inch are staples in our kitchen. They are easy to use from start to finish thanks to the durable non-stick diamond-infused coating that is great for cooking and then dishwasher safe. These are perfect for daily dinners throughout the week. They are also wonderful for holiday baking!

Our family also relies a lot on our toaster oven for quick side dishes and snacks. The  Wilton Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Navy Blue Toaster Oven Baking Set has quickly joined the ranks of our most used items. I love this set for myself, but also for my entire family! We've found dozens of uses. My husband makes avocado toast every morning with the crisper pan. My boys love after school snacks like quesadillas (in the crisper pan), little frozen pizza (in the pizza pan), pitas (in the crisper pan), various veggies (in the oblong pan), leftovers to heat up (often in the square pan), and more. I keep extra cookie dough in the freezer for my oldest son to make a few cookies in the toaster oven with the little pizza pan. My husband roasts eggplant in the deep oblong pan. We love that Wilton created this set that makes it convenient for all of us to use the toaster oven. It's perfect for busy families. Plus, everyone will love that these items are dishwasher safe and safe for most metal tools thanks to the durable non-stick diamond-infused coating. The items even come with a 10-year warranty! Visit Wilton here.

Tropical Fruit Box offers fresh tropical and exotic fruits from around the world!  It's such a treat when fresh tropical produce arrives at your doorstep! We recommend their customizable boxes of tropical fruit because they offer over a dozen fruits and spices that are hard to find locally in the winter months. We chose tropical avocados, PinkGlow pink pineapples, persimmons, and red dragon fruit. The tropical avocados should be at the top of your list because they are enormous and incredibly creamy!  They are approximately 4x larger than the Haas avocados that I've seen in our local stores! The PinkGlow pink pineapples take 20 to 24 months to grow and come from carbon neutral farms. Not only do these pink pineapples have a pretty color, but I find them extra sweet and juicy! The red dragon fruit and persimmons are also fruits that I haven't been able to find locally at this time of year. They are similarly fresh and delicious like the other items in our box.  We also love that they offer flavorful spices! We chose turmeric and ginger to spice up some of our winter recipes. A generously packed box of tropical fruits makes a lovely holiday gift! Tropical Fruit Box offers pre-selected boxes or you may choose your favorite items for a customized box. 

Wine Insiders curates wines that are perfect for the holiday season. This holiday season, we recommend Wine Insiders Warming Reds Half-Case  as a gift for foodies. You may even want to order this gift for yourself because it is nice to have on hand for holiday visitors.  Let me start by telling you about Wine Insiders. This 5 star company has impressed thousands of customers with their expertly curated wines that include 40 crowd-pleasing varietals from 15 top wine regions. The direct relationships that they created with wineries provides a business model that allows them to avoid typical markups associated with marketing, advertising, and store operations. Their efficient business model combined with their ability to identify talented wineries with high quality wines makes them a leader in wine market. Personally, I often stare at the grocery store wall of wine and wonder how to select a bottle of wine with limited information. If I make a bad choice, I swallow the cost both literally and figuratively. However, the Wine Insiders team understands the dilemma and offers their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They curate good quality wines and offer a Satisfaction Guarantee that you will love every bottle you try. If you are not completely satisfied, they promise to make it right. Wine Insiders is a very customer friendly company. Everything that we have tried from Wine Insiders has been wonderful. We especially love the Warming Reds Half-Case which is a 6-bottle wine set that includes wines from top red-producing regions. Your guests and gift recipients will love these rich red wines! Visit Wine Insiders here.

Busker Irish Whiskey gives an ode to the Irish who first brought whiskey into the new world while forging their way West from the coast. The Busker honors its heritage, but goes beyond the limitations and lines of history to write a new story, just as the pioneers did in the 19th century. My husband's Christmas wishlist item was whiskey. I was happy to find the four varieties of Busker Irish Whiskey for his perfect gift!

Tropical Moscato fruited wines are perfect for foodies who enjoy pairing a good Moscato with brunch (or any other meal)! These Moscatos are bright and lightly effervescent. Each variety contains fragrant wine with a splash of fruit juice and no fake flavoring agents or dyes. They contain pure fruit and are available in a variety of flavors, including mango, peach, passion fruit, and strawberry. They SRP is $17.99 which is perfect for those looking for a gift within a $20 budget. In addition to gifting, Tropical Moscato, this is also a great item to stock up on before the holidays so that you have special fruited wines to serve guests! Visit Tropical Moscato here.

Geyser Peak Winery offers two wines that capture the essence of Sonoma for foodies who love to pair wine with dinner. The first is Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc which has a fragrant aroma, displaying grapefruit and grassy characteristics with a touch of melon. It has crisp, lively acidity with citrus flavors that include lime, lemon and tangerine. This crisp wine is sure to be popular this holiday season. The SRP is $13.99.  The second that we recommend is the Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon which is for those who want a rich and decadent wine. In this wine, blueberry and black cherry meld into a finish of vanilla with a hint of mint. This is sure to be popular at many holiday parties! The SRP is $13.99.  Visit Geyser Peak Winery for these wonderful wines and to browse their full collection here.

NEFT offers award winning vodka that is crafted in the Alps of Austria with of pure ingredients such as oxygen-rich spring water and four different types of non-GMO ancient rye grains – Amato, Askari, Pollino and Rasant. The overachievers at NEFT created this vodka that has a 98-point rating from The Tasting Panel magazine; named one of the Best 20 Vodka Brands of 2020 by VinePair94 point rating and Double Gold Medal from Best Tasting Spirits92 points & Gold Medal from the Beverage Tasting InstituteConsecutive Double Gold medals at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, becoming one of only three vodkas to win that recognition; and significantly, won “Best Vodka” in 2018 also from the SFWSCNEFT vodka comes in their iconic black or white barrel designs with three size options: 1L, 750ML and the “double-shot” 100ML. This gift is extra special because you are able to tell your gift recipient that it's an award winning vodka made from pure ingredients. Of course the barrel design packaging also stands out! NEFT is available in CA, TX, NY, NJ, FL, SC, UT and WY and through online outlets including Drizly, Reserve Bar, Cask Cartel, Caskers, 1000 Corks, Saucey, Minibar and Visit NEFT here.

Amora Coffee offers specialty coffee beans that are freshly roasted  with a 9 step process and then quickly delivered to your doorstep.  This gift is perfect for foodies who appreciate good quality coffee. If you typically buy roasted coffee beans at your local grocery store and wonder why the coffee doesn't taste as good as your local coffee shop, it's probably because the roasted beans are often older. They may have had a long journey from their origins at the roaster and then through the distributor to store shelves. In some cases, the beans may sit on store shelves for a while. Amora Coffee not only uses high quality beans and an impressive roasting process, but they skip the middleman and promptly deliver roasted coffee beans to customers. Foodies will love the quality and freshness! Visit Amora Coffee here.

Feed Your Soul is an upscale bakery that not only creates incredible cookies and bars, but also has a big heart. Personally, we love their Vegan Brownie Gift Tin because these decadent brownies are truly delicious. They use high quality plant-based ingredients, including 100% coconut oil, agave, premium cocoa, vegan chocolate chips, and pecan bits. (Texans will love the special touch of how they sprinkle pecan bits on top of these brownies!) Plus, for each gift purchased, it's double the giving when you consider that the bakery makes a donation to help feed people in need. Since their inception, the bakery has donated more than 100,000 cookies and 185,000 meals to feed the hungry by partnering with organizations such as the Coalition for the Homeless in New York, Feeding America, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Visit Feed Your Soul here.

The Spice Lab is an award winning company that you may have noticed in O, the Oprah magazine, on NBC's Today Show, in Cosmopolitan, or other venues. The Spice Lab is a foodie's dream when it comes to holiday shopping. They offer award winning seasonings and rubs, premium spices, peppercorns, natural sugars, Himalayan salt shot glasses, regional blends, custom blends, and more. Some of our favorite products include their high quality spices - Apple Spice, Mulling Spice, Organic Ground Coriander, Organic Hand Select Bay Leaf, Organic Basil, and Organic Whole Dill Weed. We also love their Premium White Pepper Grinder. The white peppercorns are native to southern India and have a strong, intense flavor. These spices are sure to make cooking extra fun for foodies!

Elda's Kitchen knows that food has a way of bringing people together! Their small batch artisan made cooking and grilling sauces make it fun to bond over flavors from around the world. We recommend the East Meets West gift set ($36.00)  which contains a unique combination of Eastern, Asian inspired flavors perfectly complimented by traditional Western, American classics. This flavorful set includes six 8oz bottles – Ginger Teriyaki, Korean Sesame, Black Pepper, Theo’s Steakhouse, Hot Wing, and Kentucky Bourbon. Foodies will love transcending borders and indulging in worldly flavors from the comfort of home! Visit Elda's Kitchen here.

The MeatStickMini is a high-tech wireless meat thermometer for foodies! This thermometer pairs with their mobile app to allow foodies to monitor the temperature of steaks, turkeys, chicken, and more. It's a luxury to monitor the temperature of foods from a phone instead of constantly opening the oven or grill to check temperatures. This is one of those inventions that make you wonder why it wasn't invented sooner! The MeatStick Mini is available at and Amazon.  

FILLO'S is perfect for holiday foodies who love healthy meal options with unique twists on on flavors! My Texas heart loves this brand that is bursting with flavor. Their 10 unique flavor varietals include everything from Cuban Black Beans to Peruvian Lentils to Tex-Mex Pinto Beans. Foodies will enjoy sampling the FILLO'S Variety Pack throughout the holiday season. In addition to the variety plack, the Magico Sofrito Spice Variety Pack enhances meats, veggies, dressings, sauces, cocktails, and more! Visit FILLO'S here.

Copina Co. has worked their botanical magic to create an incredible line of vegan collagen-boosting lattes and creamers. You may have noticed Copina Co. products at Urban Outfitters, Juice Press, Goody, and more. If you are wondering how it is possible to have vegan collagen products, don't worry because I wondered the same thing. They use organic tremella mushroom extract in all of their vegan collagen boosts. It's a brilliant vegan solution! Their herbalist-approved blends help to support increased collagen levels and vibrant hair, skin, and nails through plants.  Visit Copina Co. for health conscious gifts here!

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