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Sunday, November 14, 2021

We Reviewed the Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop - It's Truly a Dreame Come True!

Let me introduce you to our newest family member, Lulu! That's the name of our fabulous Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop that has quickly changed my family's daily routine for the better. Lulu has been zipping through our home to keep our floors clean.  She vacuums, mops, and even transfers the debris to a canister on the base station. In today's post, I'll share what we've experienced with this hard working robotic vacuum and mop over the past several weeks!

The Dreametech team deserves accolades because they clearly brainstormed every feature that anyone could want in a robotic vacuum/mop and then thought of real world challenges that customers may encounter in order to perfect their design for busy families. This overachieving robotic vacuum and mop works hard to meticulously clean  floors while adapting to avoid real-time obstacles that occur in our daily lives such as a little one leaving toys on the floor, someone leaving shoes near a door, and more. At one point, we even rearranged our living room furniture and Lulu efficiently adapted! 

We loved that the package arrived at our doorstep and was easy to pull out of the box to set up.  No tools were needed. We had our new best friend assembled and on the docking station to charge within 15 minutes.  We let it charge overnight and downloaded the app while we waited.  Our Bot Z10 Pro has been reliably keeping our floors spotless ever since!

As I mentioned, we let our Bot Z10 Pro charge overnight. The magic began next morning! We began by letting our Bot Z10 Pro explore our house to create a map of the first floor.  It energetically mapped our home while we viewed updates of the mapping on the app.  One nice thing about this model is that you may create up to 3 maps.  A friend of mind complained that he spent $800+ on a different brand/model of a robotic vacuum/mop and it only allows one map. When he moves it from downstairs to upstairs, the mapping process has to start over again. He was quite upset because it's not practical to have to remap an entire floor every time that he moves it from one floor to another. Thankfully, as I mentioned earlier, the Dreametech design team paid careful attention to scenarios like this and our model works perfectly even if we move it to a different floor since it stores up to 3 separate maps!

Once the mapping was complete, our robot was ready to work its daily magic and become our new best friend. We've been using it for a while and our floors have never been cleaner.  I was worried that my boys would drop toys or craft supplies on the floor. So far, it has been several weeks and our Bot Z10 Pro has expertly avoided obstructions. We haven't had any problems!  I should also mention that our floors may get dirtier than most because we have two energetic boys. 

Another thing that is impressive about the Bot Z10 Pro is that it effectively transitions between our hand-scraped hardwood floors, tile, carpet, and area rugs. For instance, I thought that the trickiest transition would be in our bathroom where we have a thick area rug. However, this was not an obstacle for our Bot Z10 Pro! It works smoothly between the different surfaces!

My back is grateful that the Bot Z10 Pro cleans under two of our king size beds!

The Bot Z10 Pro works very hard at our house. The proof is in the dustbin!  It's convenient that the Bot Z10 Pro has a feature where it uploads the debris into a large dust tank so that I only have to empty it once a week or every couple of weeks. 

In summary, we love our new hardworking Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop so much that we named it Lulu! Lulu is our only family member who doesn't complain about chores and happily zips around vacuuming and mopping our home. It was very easy to open the box, set up the Bot Z10 Pro and get started.  Our floors have never been cleaner! If you have a busy family, you will love the convenience of this amazing technology that makes life easier!

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